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3 Reason Why You Earn What You Do At Your Job.

1. How Your Salary At Your Job Is Determined

First, they start with the range of paid for the position. They place a minimum and maximum pay for the field of work you are in. This is done by what is called market pay rates. There are studies performed by people doing similar work in similar industries in the same area of the country. This goes for jobs as well as careers. Keep in mind there are a few jobs that don't have a salary ceiling like sales and commission-based careers like marketing and advertising. At the same time, they don't have a bottom either so if you jump in that world you better be ready to work. So before you spend years on a degree and take out these student loans. Make sure the salary range is what you are looking for in the area you will be living in.

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2. Your Skill Set

Pay rates and salary ranges are also set up by individual employers and recognize the level of education, knowledge, skill, and experience needed to perform each job. It is said most people learn their job within the first year and then stop growing. So for the next 29 or 39 years, they will stay at the same level they came in it. Your education should continue every day or every week. Most people stop learning after they graduate school, just like when they are at work learning just enough to do the job and no more. Just for a second think like a business owner, you hire someone and they do the same job the same way for 20 plus years are you happy to keep increasing their salary because they were there for a long time? I can keep you on or I can hire new workers at the same rate you came in at. I know it sounds harsh but I did say think like the owner, not the employee. In some cases, the job will become more advanced and you didn't keep up with it NOW WHAT? Would it be fair if I decreased your salary?

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3. Worth vs. Value

Most people don't know their worth. These same people can never determine what value they bring. You ask your boss for a raise, what do you think his or her first question would be? Why do you feel you deserve a raise? The sad truth is most people will answer this with I've been here for this length of time. Or maybe I never called out sick, plus I'm never late. The next one will sound something like this; I get my job done all the time. Well, these are the things you got hired for, you want to get rewarded for doing your job? That is the reason you get paid every week or two weeks. What have you done to improve the business or increase sales? Did you find a way to be more productive? Are you completing your tasks and helping in other areas of the company? Did you solve any problems the company might be having causing us to lose revenue? Besides giving me your time what value you bring to the business and that my friend will determine your worth. When you can break down your worth, you can walk into H.R or the boss's office lay these things out and they will see your value. Congrats, you got your raise or promotions, this works 90% of the time.

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Today's Call Of Action tell us if you feel you deserve a raise. If you do is your value to the company worth you getting one today? Are you going to ask?

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