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3 Things About Time You Should Consider.

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Time is the most important asset to every single person existing today. I used the term existing instead of living well you will see what I mean later in this blog. Each day everyone has the same 24hrs no matter how wealthy or poor you are healthy or sick, where you were born or whatever your race is. When you feel some people have accomplished more in life than you it is not because they got lucky. The fact might be they either fought harder, smarter or stayed focus on their goals. Let's look at three reasons you need to respect time more than anything else in life.

1. Consider Your Time is Your Money

Let's say you make $20 an hour that is the average in today's economy. Of course, many people make way more and some make much less, this is just for this example. You would not walk down the street and give everyone that ask you $20.00. So why would you stop and talk to them for an hour? What if you stopped to talk to four people for 15 minutes each. It's the same hour and we do this over and over again each day. This goes for the long phone calls as well. You might not have realized this but every time you go on social media you are giving the creator more of your money I meant time. You keep asking yourself why it is so and so is rich? The reason is every time you watch them talk about them which by the way is promoting them you are the one helping them to become rich. I know what you are saying this is not true I didn't spend any money plus I only looked for 5 minutes. Imagine how many people are giving up the same 5 minutes at the same exact time now translate that to currency. Think about it even the people in scandals are gaining wealth. The reason being is vast amounts of people is giving them so much of their time (money) to find out what is going on with them. The Love and Hip- Hop cast would not be rich and famous if you didn't sit and watch the show half the people don't understand why Kim Kardashian is even on t.v. People are giving up all their time to see what she is doing with her life instead of living their own. By the way, the time used for watching your favorite shows you could be spending on yourself becoming your own favorite show. This is what successful people call Minding Your Own Business. So the next time you want to stop and talk to a friend, pick up the phone or sit in front of the t.v, ask yourself how much money do I want to hand this person today.

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The Value of Time: How Much is Your Time Really Worth?

2. If You Had 24hrs To Live

If you only had 24hrs to live, what would you do? Would you go to work? Would you hang at the bar or sit at home and watch T.V? Most people would normally say spend time with their family. The second group would try to do all the things they ever wanted to try in life. This includes asking out someone you been crushing on for weeks months or maybe years. Taking your first drink or smoke or trying a dish or dessert you deemed too exotic or expensive. Another great one is telling everyone how you really feel about them and confessing to everything thing you did in life. Some will live like a king or queen for the day not worrying about the cost of anything. Plenty will try to travel to a place they always dreamed of going to. Many people would be happy just holding their loved ones for the remaining hours. My favorite would be when people just do the things that they feared most in life. I, myself went skydiving years ago being afraid of heights it wasn't easy but very satisfying. It could be something like public speaking. Whatever it is people will attempt it knowing how much time they have left. Let's look at this real quick. If these are important to you and this is your go-to why are you people not doing these things now? If you were able to do these things now and for the rest of your life do you know how happy you would be? Yes, most of these things take money to happen. The point is to increase your income save and invest, stop wasting your money on things you don't want or need. One day maybe not tomorrow you will achieve financial freedom. This in turns equals your time becoming free. working to pay off bills is modern-day slavery. Buy some assets and it will pay your bills for you. Now that your bills are paid you will be able to live every day like you only have 24hrs to live. #LIFEGOALS

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3. 1 hour of planning saves 23hrs of wasting.

Planning, as we say, helps you save so much time. Here is an example that should make sense to everyone. A friend calls and invites you out. The first thing you ask is, where do you want to meet? The next thing most people do is plan out the best way to get there plus factor in how much time it will take. Do you know what would happen if you just left your house without knowing which route to go? This is how most people live their lives. They get up, get dress, and walk out the door. In the hopes that everything will fall into place by the end of the day. In 2020 technology is so amazing with helping you with your time there is no longer an excuse for wasting any. You know how bad traffic is when you turn on the news. There is an app that tells you what time the next bus or train is coming before leaving your house. You can preorder your food or packages so when you walk into any store your items are waiting for you. There is even an app so you never have to walk into a bank or meet someone to get money. You don't even have to leave your house with live streaming you can have all the big events in your house live pay per view. With the sizes of today's T.Vs, you can have a real movie night right in your home. You need snacks, call for a delivery. Most people can do their jobs from their homes saving them hours of wasted commute time. You can even go to school anywhere in the world as long as you have internet access. Yes, you can get a master's degree while hanging at your favorite beach. So think about all the precious time wasted on insignificant things. Put all that time together and realize you actually lost months and years off of your life.

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Weekly Planning Saves You Hours of Doing

Bonus Video

Now reflect on how you are spending your time. Is every day just passing by or are producing something to make the days hours minutes count? Are you doing things you enjoy with the individuals you love to be among? Or are you just operating as part of a system like 80% of the personalities today? That is the distinction between living and existing. Living is having the ability to tackle new things to travel to various places. Living means to me being around people and elements that bring you joy. Not to be confused with trying to have things that other people feel you need. This is a term called Keeping up with the Joneses. Most people are unhappy because they spend their time trying to accomplish or own what other people have. You should do what will improve your circumstances, be careful that it doesn't consume your quality of life.

Today's call of action Please let us know if you have issues with time. Do you feel there are not enough hours in the day? Do you make time for what you love? , , ,

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