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4 Reasons You Should Never Be Bored.

You hear people all the time saying, “I’m bored” “there is nothing to do” and to me in today’s world especially living in NYC. In a city that never sleeps means there is always something to do. Even when the pandemic first hit people were still trying to find a way to hang out, go out, and even party. So, when you say you are bored because of a lack of things to do. I say let your creative minds wander for a bit. So, in today’s blog, I want to point out 4 reasons I feel no one should ever say they are bored.

You Have Family, Friends, and Billions Of Strangers

There are 24 hrs. in a day the average person could only use 8 of them, in theory. This is because 8 hrs. are generally used for sleeping 8 hrs. is used for either school or work. As for the last 8 hrs. it is considered your downtime. Here is why you should be bored with only 8 hrs. you have to take time out for a basic living. Like using the bathroom, including washing up and brushing your teeth. Then you must factor in time for three meals a day. The time it takes to get a dress for some it is a few minutes process others it is a production.

Let us discuss the statement I made earlier about your downtime, technically you only have about 5 or 6 hours a day. Well, the average person has about 5 to 10 family members and 10 to 20 friends. When was the last time you were bored you said I will go spend with one of them? The ones that lived a distance away pick up the phone and had a nice long overdue talk with them? You will be surprised how fast the time will fly by. You just went from I am bored to me must go I have to get up in the morning. Times this by the 20 to 30 friends and family you will never be bored again. If by chance none of your people are available just head to your local coffee shop. You will never run out of new and interesting people. The best part of talking with strangers there are 8 million in NYC, so you will never run out of people to keep you busy.

Your Brain Is The Best Tool For Boredom

Did you know all these technological devices and inventing were made to make life easier and hopefully keep them from becoming bored? The is why computers were put in everyone’s hands in the form of a cell phone. The fact all these were invented by something every single person in the world is born with, a brain. Your brain is busy at work even you are sleeping. If your dreams give some people, the best ideas they ever had just think about what it can when a person is wide awoken? With a brain working 24 hrs. seven days a week picture all the things you could read, build, and create. Take it from me a person that stayed on punishment confined to my bedroom. We could play our video games or watch tv. I had to do something to pass the time. It did help that my older brother was on punishment just as much as I. I remember making up games to play sometimes with just as little as pen and paper. Other games were us using our memory and our wits. We had a board game called dungeon and dragons all the game consist of were a few playing pieces, a set of dices, and a pack of question cards. The way you win is what number you roll on the dice and a series of decisions you made of how you wanted to proceed.

Now to switch the subject a bit of boredom is why I started the company What to Do Entertainment. I was sitting at home one summer saying to myself why am I am bored. I am not working today it is the weekend it is 80 something degrees, I have a car with a nice amount in my savings account. I refused to spend another weekend like this. I made sure I had plans for each weekend in the summer my friends started noticing I was always gone. They started to join me on whatever I did or wherever I went. Each summer the group has gotten bigger, 20 years later we are going strong. Now I have a fan base of over 800 people, and we welcome all newcomers sitting at home bored.

You Might Have Room For Improvements In Your Life

If you ever find yourself idly sitting around and you are not completely happy with every aspect of your life, you do not have the right to be bored. Improving your life could take of much of your time. Depending on how much improvement you need will give you somewhat of the time frame it might take to fix. It could days weeks months even years to improve just one area of your life what if you are looking to improve multiple areas. So, when you saying you are bored why are you not working toward becoming a better version of yourself. When you get home from work what is the first thing you do? Do you turn on the TV or sign into your social media page? Or do you read a self-improvement book or go online and teach yourself a new useful skill? I am not talking about every minute of the day I am just speaking of the times you are bored. The best part is when you are working on improving yourself you get to pick what you want to fix and how much time to give it. Maybe an hour or maybe until you go to sleep it is all up to you. Since this is something you want to change it should be something you are looking forward to doing. So be bored and then fix it.

You Have Money

They say money cannot solve everything, well I am willing to bet the person that made that statement did not have any or enough to solve some of the severe problems in life. Of the millions of things, money can solve there are only two things I think cannot fix pain and death. Let us look at how money can fix boredom. It can buy you anything you want for entertainment. From live performance to gadgets to entertain you. With money, you have fewer restrictions. Money buys freedom, freedom to never be stuck at a dead-end job. Freedom to travel when and wherever you want to go. When you are sitting home watching your favorite tv show usually a commercial comes on. These commercials are very enticing when you are sitting on the couch anything that pops up might be something you need or want. These are things that will occupy your time when you are bored. You could place an order for the product before the commercial goes off. The more money you are willing to pay the faster your delivery will get there. A lot of money can get you same-day delivery. So, if you are extremely bored pull out that credit card. Sometimes the commercial will deal with travel and be a destination instead of a product. Again, your wallet can fix that, if you are rich you can book a private jet and leave in less than an hour. To add to all this if you have the money you can invite friends over to share in the fun or places you are going. Get a group of people you like and take them all out. I know I did this a few times in my life and I can honestly say it will not be the last time.

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