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5 Questions That Should Be Discussed!

1. When people are financially in a hole, Why do they spend more?

For some strange reason, when people are dealing with things, instead of finding a way out, they will dig deeper into the hole. Doing the exact opposite is sometimes the best course of action. When people are struggling with bills, they tend to create more. A lot has to do with a plan of action or lack of. When you are Stressing, just jumping into something is the worst possible solution without thinking things thru. When we are emotional, we make irrational decisions. The average person feels having more would make things better. More money, higher credit card limits, a bigger house, even a bigger Television. All these things are a temporary fix. Not realizing having bigger cost more to maintain. Even money your lifestyle increases as does your cost of living. If you live in NYC 80% of the people's rent is based on their income. Every time you get a raise so does your landlord not to mention Uncle Sam. You make more money you feel you need to buy better stuff. You never understand why you are getting deeper in the hole because you make $10,000 more a year. The reason being is now you spent $13,000 more than you did before. The trick is if you start making $10,000 more a year learn how to spend $13,000 less. You can do this by opening an investment fund and putting the extra $10,000 in there before it even hits your bank account. They have an App for that.

2. Why did so many people get locked in prison for selling weed, Now it's ok to invest and sell it? Is it no longer considered a controlled substance?

You all heard me make this point before; why is ok for the government to make something constitutional only after they find a way to tax it? Everyone is on the fence about the selling of marijuana. Is it still harmful and considered a gateway drug? All the years that the D.E.A was saying how dangerous it was, now not so much. Please explain to me what changed in the past five years. I remember they had commercials out claiming if you brought or sold marijuana, you were supporting terrorism. Is it ok to support terrorists as long as the government can make money off of it? Maybe, it was just lies; the government was saying to make the punishment more severe when they caught you with some. For most people of color Black, Brown, Red, and Yellow, there was jail time that made the states plenty of revenue. For most whites and wealthy there were huge fines and court fees. So in a way, the government was still making a lot of money off the so-called dangerous drug. I just think they found a way to make 50 times as much by making it legal the same way they did liquor. Let's not even get into the world of prostitution where they can tell people where it's ok to sell their bodies and how much they have to pay to do so.

3. When someone dies why do we celebrate by doing more of what killed them?

I had a friend that passed away from liver failure due to excess drinking. This was horrible to see the stages he went through before his last days. Then to see everyone mourning him by getting together and drinking all night, I felt is a smack in the face. Why do more of what got him messed up in the first place? This would only lead to someone else becoming sick, and the process will start all over again. I understand people need an outlet, but to inflict which seems to be the same punishment on one's self is insane. It would be the same as if a person is visiting someone in the hospital with lung cancer; starts to feel depressed and stressed then go outside and smoke a cigarette. You would think that person was crazy or reckless after what they just witness on the visit. The same goes for a person with diabetes you don't go out and eat a sugary and salty unhealthy meal. You try to go and eat something balanced and nutritional. What I'm saying is if someone is suffering from any type of ailment that person's friends, family, circle could be more supportive and watch the things they do around the person they care for. Help those that can't help themselves.

4. If we hate the way people treat us, why do we treat other people the same way?

Treat people the way you desire to be treated; this should be the number one rule plus the most uncomplicated rule of all. You know exactly what makes you happy or disrespects you. Keep in mind most people have some similar feelings. If someone lies or steals from you; they will lose your trust. If they hit you or cheat on you, they will lose your respect. If they get you in trouble or cause you to lose your job an apartment or someone you care about they will lose your friendship. There are so many examples of things you won't like to be done to you, stay extremely mindful of what you are putting out there karma is ugly. Enough of the negative let's explore some of the positive. If people call you just to check-in it will be nice to do the same. If you remember your friends and family special days like birthdays and milestones, it would be great if people remembered yours as well. If you offer to lend a hand if needed you would want the same (maybe help with moving or just a difficult project). If someone borrows money from you time to time it would be great if the shoe was on the other foot you have someone to turn to. You would want people to support you when you find something that you are passionate about, ask yourself have you been supporting others? The goal is this if you say to yourself I would love if somebody would do this for me; make sure you are willing to do the same for them. Yes, I Putt Toxey makes sure I help as many people as I can especially the ones I care about on a daily basis and I do it because I love to see other people happy. Be the mirror reflection of the type of people you require around you.

5. If we do something by our own neglect why do we try to sue other people?

Question 5 has to do with accountability. Too, often people get mad when they don't get their way. When this happens, they want other people to be punished for their neglect. I have seen people get mad and punch or kick something. They will cut themselves or break their body parts and now wants to sue where ever they got hurt or whatever they hurt themselves with. Someone sued McDonald's because their coffee was too hot and received 20 million in a settlement. Plenty of women took their children's father for child support just because he hurt her by finding a new girlfriend. Slip and falls, speeding running a light, starting a fight and then losing. So many reasons people are suing for things that could have been avoided. How many cases where workers sued the jobs because they wanted more benefits or a raise? Instead of these people finding jobs where they will be happier they would rather close down the company with the risk of more people losing their jobs. O.J Simpson was found not guilty of a murder trial but the family was still able to sue him and win money just because he was accused. At the end of the day, most of these people feel like victims and they feel someone should pay for their unhappiness. The sad part if any of these people ever got sued they would feel like the world is against them and it's not fair. So before you call a lawyer ask yourself whose fault is this. If you caused this pain to yourself take the high road and find a way to make your situation better besides hurting anyone's else livelihood.

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1 Comment

Needa Bee
Needa Bee
Feb 05, 2020

In my opinion not a lot of adults are taught as children the definition of accountability. In fact most adults can't give you an example that he or she experienced that's falls under accountability. Adults think saying okay it's my fault is taking accountability.

You hit home for me with the various examples of self destruction! I can't tell you how many times I've witness people loose their lives to lung cancer and all I could do is go smoke a cigarette after seeing them. The addiction is real but I realize I had to go to the beginning of why I started smoking in the first place if I am to ever stop smoking. Truth is I lack a…

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