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5 Reasons Most People Are Not Happy

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1.Your Finances

The top of all this list is your Finances. Finances make more people depressed than the other four put together. It's doesn't matter how much people have, or make they are still not happy; it will never be enough. When you earn more you tend to spend more. You start to chase a number but that number will never make you happy. What will make you happy is learning to manage the money you have now. Rich people don't care about the money they are more concern about time. They make money so it could free up time once you learn this rule you then will look at your finances different.

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2. Where You Live

Two examples of people not liking where they live. Is being comfortable and afraid of change. Content is not always happy. It is just a form of settling, so you don't have to try new things. Think about history for one moment. If none of the great explorers ever risk going out finding new places, we would only know where we were born. Most people watch T.V and movies and see all these wonderful places they would love to visit or move too. Their wanting and acting or reacting don't line up quite right. So 80% of the time, you just stay where you live. The worst of the two is fear; fear of the unknown stops many important life decisions. You sat down and for years you said to yourself if I want to have a better life I need to move. Every time you hear about someone moving their life ends up in the turmoil. When you see the news and it talking about a place you want to move to something bad always happens. Not realizing that's what the new is negative things happening around the world. You are hating where you live, but you feel like you have too many anchors on you to leave. You don't want to change the kid's school. You are afraid to leave your job, what if you can't find a job like the one you have now? You are too old to start over, or you don't want to make new friends. You even like the stores where you live. All of these things are excuses. You have to remember the whole purpose for you to move is because you are not happy. All the reasons never make up for you and your family's well being. If you feel that it would improve your life go for it. Take a vacation or time off go to the area you are wanting to move to. Rent a room or hotel extended stay for about 2 weeks to a month. Meet the people, shop in the stores and check out the activities for the children in the area. If all these things make your "I Should Move" list cross them off save some money and just move.

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3. Your Relationship

People are often fearful of the thought of being alone. That is why they take on a relationship that is not compatible with them. Depending on how long they were alone the more desperate they will be in choosing a companion. Most people in a relationship are looking for the other person to make them feel good. They are not considering what they could do to please the other person. If you want to be happy you have to one, become happy with yourself. Two go out of your way to make the people around you happy. Being happy is a selfless act. To sum this up if you are not happy by yourself, you will never honestly be happy with anyone else.

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4. Your Health

I know most people will disagree with me on this one. Your health depends 80% on the way you live your life. How you eat, what you eat and how much you eat. What type of exercising you do. Are you sleeping enough each night? What are you putting in your body, are you smoking drinking? Your skin is very important as well, so what do you put on your skin matters. Let's look at your body as the most valuable expensive machine you ever will own. Like any important device, you will take extra special care of it. When you first purchase something you will maintain it. Follow all the instructions step by step. Only giving it the best care as far as oil or cover from the weather. Top of the grade fluids just like the way we would take care of a newborn child. Somewhere down the line, you start eating junk food. You get older and buy a car now you never walk anymore. Instead of just drinking water and all-natural squeezed juice you drink sugary drinks. To the point where you no longer eat healthily or have time to exercise. The things you would not dare to feed your child you would eat why is that? Now that your machine starts to breakdown you then try to give extra attention to get it running like new again. You have it working but it will never be the same. Your health will never be the same so take care of yourself and watch how happy you will be.

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5. Yourself

You are ok in my opinion and don't need to change you only need to adjust a bit. You need to become a better version of yourself. If every morning when you wake up you tell yourself you are not happy then do something about it. Instead of looking for things that make you sad look for things about yourself that you love. Make a list of ten things that you love about yourself and then improve on that. If you don't like your looks try different clothes and hairstyles. If you don't like your weight; gain or lose a few pounds. If you like your body odor learn new ways to wash up or find soaps plus smell goods to help you. You really don't need to cover your natural beauty with make-up. As far as wrinkles and grey hairs embrace it everyone has them sooner or later. You don't have to change your nose or get your breast and butt done. With almost 6 billion people on this earth, about 1000 people are looking for someone just like you. Tomorrow when you wake up go to your mirror and say to yourself I am beautiful (handsome for the men) the way I was meant to be. Even better with this hat on lol.

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