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5 Ways That The Coronavirus Has Impacted NYC

In today's blog, we will try to give some information about the coronavirus. This virus is pandemic which means it's on a global level. Too many people are in fear because they take the advice of second-hand information get the facts first. This virus is airborne, so the risk of catching it great. The best way to protect yourself is to research it. What has me baffled is everyone buying all the toilet paper and medicine in the stores. These can not help you in any way you are just spending extra money. There is no cure for it yet, why buy medicine that won't work, your only option is to try to prevent it. Wash your hands frequently, wear a mask if you are going in a heavily populated area. If you cough or sneeze cover your mouth. People with weak immune systems should avoid going out as much as possible. If you are feeling under the weather get tested. Headaches, shortness of breath, even a dry cough. Don't reuse face mask, change your gloves often. Make sure to avoid touching your face unless you wash your hands first. The virus can take up to 27 days to show any symptoms. This goes for protecting your love ones. If you have any elderly or sick people at home, change your clothes and shower before interacting with them. The videos and links will provide you with additional information. Please take the extra 15 to 20 mins to learn more.

1. Closed Businesses And Public Meeting Area

New York City is a city of small businesses. There are approximately 220,000 businesses located in the City, The issue I feel most people are clueless about what it takes to run a business. Yes, the lost revenue is the main factor. Just like the Coronavirus, you won't feel the full impact until a few months later. Let's say you had to close your doors for a few weeks. Do you realize, most businesses, especially new ones, depend on every day, cash flow? What if the business sells perishable good when your doors open you need to restock? Then there is the matter of monthly expenses, rent, lights sometimes gas. Then there is payroll and just because you reopened does not mean your customers will be storming down your doors. It could take another few weeks for your business to get back on track, and that's if you are lucky. So here is where the bull crap comes in with our city. A State of emergency is declared no business can operate that holds 500 or more people. The M.T.A is still running all they telling people is be careful. People have to get to work, why are the parking rules still in effect? They are using extra manpower that doesn't need to be on the streets as we speak. Let the city send their employee home with pay. Come on mayor Lead by a good example. This brings us to our next predicament "LOSS WAGES".

2.Loss Wages

Loss wages is just that LOSS; they can't be made back. Now the city officials want people to try to work from home as if that was really an option. There are 620,738 blue collars workers and 533,935 government employees, how many of them can elect to work from home? Then we have to speak about the amount of tax dollars that are collected each day how is it dispensed in time of need? They say SSI money is for when you retire. What about all the people that will pass away before 65? Where is all that money going? The only thing NYC seems to offers in time of crisis is extra food stamps. This only helps the people that receive EBT. There are so many families that don't qualify for these benefits. What about helping pay a month's rent or mortgage or even two months? They are discussing suspending payments if you qualify. People will settle for any bone tossed their way when they scared. Suspend means we won't collect now you can pay it later. I want you guys to pay it with all my tax dollars, so I'm not digging myself deeper into a hole. How about the interest that the banks collected for the past 5,10 or 20 years. It won't hurt them to forgive a payment or two. How about taking that money from my retirement fund now, I'm pretty sure I won't get to utilize all of it anyway. The next great idea I heard they were considering is to pay everyone unemployment benefits until they go back to work. This could work if they could manage an agreement with our creditors. Car payments, rent, credit card companies, Con Edison plus give emergency food benefits to everyone. Why should I have to try to convince these companies when we know the government has the power to make deals like this. Let the city work for their cut for a change. Just because a person earned a lot does not mean they have a lot left over after living expenses. So me showing you what I made should not matter when getting help. It would be different if I have a lot in my savings or checking accounts. Not my IRA or 401. So you plan to give people a fraction of their salary and then expect them to cover their full amount of bills each month? This to me is a recipe for destruction. I just hope the people that witness Sandy learn to prepare themselves and families. Everyone should have had a surplus of supplies in their homes. As well as money to the side just in case. This will be your second warning, please get ready it will get worst than this.

3. Public Transportation

For most people, this is not even a choice. If you have no other means of transportation and you need to travel, this is it. Unless you are fortunate to have enough money for uber or a friend/ family member that can take you, this is your only option. Do you know how terrifying it is when a person is watching the news and, they hear how fast this virus is spreading? Your job is still open and, you have to take MTA to get to work. The scariest part is the government and mayors office is encouraging people to stay in and not use public transit if possible. At least in China, they are giving away supplies to keep their people safe from spreading it even more. The businesses and people out here in NYC are making a huge profit which is disgraceful. Why are we not coming together to help each other? Where is our help, What happen to the Red Cross in NYC? When do we get help from our national guards? Bring some of our troops home to help the USA. Now more then ever we need to focus on helping out the home front. When are our businesses going to get together and donate to help the community? We as consumers are spending billions with these Costco, Bj, Banks, and Pharmacies. For the banking industry forget them candies, pens and dog treats, for now. Is Citi bank offering free use of their bikes so people can travel? They took over the city. These companies can't donate a few million to provide free face masks, gloves, and sanitary supplies to keep our people clean and safe? If they can't help contribute to a safe way to get to them and conduct business why spend our money there?

4. Food Industry

You might not know this most of our food is imported from other countries. So now that the Coronavirus is affecting our international food trades, it will be hard to get foods that we now take for granted. I just learned while researching for this blog, America ship food to China to have processed and sent back to us. This didn't make sense to me. All of the food we shipped is now sitting in quarantine rotting away. Pretty soon the food prices might begin to shoot up. Plus you need to look at how many people come in contact with our food before it is delivered to our local stores. People are very skeptical when it comes to the handling of food. It is another case where this will affect us in stages, we are on about stage three now we won't notice it until it too late. Right now we have our normal supply of food. In a few weeks, it might be another story. I'm not trying to cause panic I want people to get through these times with minimum stress. Being home all day with the whole family, and your food supplies runs low is not a good feeling. You don't want to be the person wishing they took this more seriously when things are scarce. Buy only the food you know you will eat. Buy the food that has a good shelf life. Make sure to purchase healthy food to keep your immune system high. Please try not to waste any food. I went shopping on Thursday and I'm going again tomorrow. I have food but I need my surplus to last a few months. #beprepared #shopwise

5. Stock Market And Investments

The disease originated from Wuhan, China back in late 2019. Today 03/15/2020 China is the second-largest economy in the world behind the USA. With a 19.3% GDP, it will definitely change the world on a global level. The stock markets will be affected. I really can't tell you about the in's and out's with the stock market. Since these areas, I'm still unclear about I didn't want to give you false information, so I provided you with some great videos that can explain in detail.

Today's Call Of Action If You Are Scared Or Want To Know Everything You Can Do To Protect Your Family And Yourself. Contact Me On My Website Or Email And I Send You Up To Date Information. Please Be Safe

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Apr 06, 2020

Another informative article..keep up the great work man, we need this more than ever!


E.F.C. Bey™
E.F.C. Bey™
Mar 16, 2020

Informative well done again Putt. Another great post brother. Will be passing this one along to everyone I Know

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