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CoronaVirus Updates What Is Our City Doing Now?

What Is Happening In NYC After One Week Of Shutdown?

This week's blog will be a little different. I will show a bunch of video's and links with experts. All of these have actual facts, not rumors. As of now, there will be no quarantine. Keep in mind depending on the spread of the virus this could change any day. Only about two weeks we are in panic mode. Food running out, supplies running out and all our businesses shut down. I hate to see it after a whole month. So keep your house fully stocked with supplies.

How Is The City And State Assisting The People?

Before you go spending happy not everyone will receive these funds. It says MOST AMERICANS you still have to meet certain guidelines.

Please keep in mind this bill has not yet been passed. This mean continue to pay your rent or call your landlord to try to make a deal.

What About Money And Investing?

This is the best time to invest in stocks if you know what you are doing. If you don't know find a book or hire someone that can teach you. Plus there are millions of advice on youtube. The five people I trust are Warren Buffet, Nate O'Brien, Graham Stephen, Gray Vee,

If you going to join please ask me to send you a link so I can refer you so we both can get a free stock.

Please, Everyone, Be Safe Out Here And Build Your Nest Egg And Invest Because It Might Get Ten Times Worse Before It Gets 50 Times Better.

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