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5 Ways To Build Your Community.

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1. Learning Why Good Communities Are Important.

The first issue we should address is why having a great community would be beneficial? The reason I feel is people grow with their community. How the saying go? "You are the sum of the five people you surround yourself with." You want your kids to grow up around a positive environment. When they walk out the door, you want them to be safe. When you are at work, you want your neighbors to keep an eye on them. If my job has a peaceful atmosphere, everyone would be happy to come to work and help each other. Not to mention the commute to work will be pleasant. In a great community, people pitch in to keep the area nice and clean. If a family in a good community falls on hard times, people will assist them until they get back on their feet.

On the flip side, if your community is horrible, there will be more crime, jealously, envy, and no one taking accountability for their circumstances. Instead of a loving family, more people will turn to gangs for support. Everyone seems more for themselves. The family units; are usually divided. Instead of building together, so they all win, it's every man for themselves. This type of place is no longer a community; it becomes just a place you live.

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2. Crime

Crime is a choice, and I'm so sick of these communities blaming the government. The older people are blaming the kids. Now it's the police's fault for not doing a good job. When does the community taking responsibility for the problem? It's the older people in the community kids and grandkids that are doing the crimes. If they would have been better role models or spent more time with them, crime might go down. As for the police doing a bad job, it is not their job to prevent crime; they are there to punish the ones that commit the crimes. They cannot do the job efficiently if the community seeing the crimes, being committed won't tell the cops who did it. These are the communities that were not taught the difference in protecting your community and snitching. For crime to go down more people in that community needs to work. For people in that area to get jobs they need to learn more traits and skills. This starts with turning off the tv's and reading more books. Stop staying up all night so you can get up earlier. Find hobbies to do, the more time you are busy doing something constructive the less time you have to get in trouble. To wrap up this section, crime starts in your home. If you are not teaching or showing the people in your house a better way it will spill out in the community.

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3. Support

Support from the communities comes in numerous ways. Some people feel support is only financial. Support; can be a meal to a hungry family, support; can be a shoulder to cry on. My favorite type of support is sharing information when we tell each other where the good deals are, or who is hiring, or what free programs are being offered for the area. We need the type of communities that we had back in the 70s'. Times; when people helped ladies carry their bags home. Times; when the neighborhood kids made store runs for the adults. Even the times when a child got caught doing anything wrong, another adult could discipline them then tell their parents. Support in a good community is when a person would stop and help a person fix a flat tire, strangers would stand up for someone getting bullied. Plus most of the people knew each other on a first-name basis. The police officers are friendly. The store owners give back to the community, usually during a block party. Everyone might not have been happy 24/7, but they still made time to be helpful. I would vote to live in this type of community again; what about you?

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4. Business

Businesses, for the most part, are in communities to help them grow, not just to make money. I touched on this in the support section above, where businesses give back in a good community. Two reasons for this one if the community grows so does the business. The other is most of the owners lived in the community as well. They grew up there; their kids are still growing there, they have roots in the community. When you support these types of businesses the money stays in the community. The business owners would take some of their profit and donate to whatever the community needs. Some times it could be a program for children to have an after school program. It could be the community that needs new benches for the elderly people to sit down. Most stores offer credit to the families that fell on hard times. Plus they would hire anyone from the neighborhood that need work, not because of their resumes or experience but because they knew that person's family and they wanted to help. Without the community, a business wouldn't last. So support your local mom and pop business and not big business.

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5. Mentors

Even though I'm writing this one last, I feel it might be the most important of all the topics today. Mentors and let us add role models as well. Every good community has a strong leader. People need advice on things like finance, parenting, and learning. With time most people could figure these things out on their own, but it is better to have someone show you their life's experiences. A mentor is like reading a book. You will get a lifetime of mistakes and achievement all in a matter of hours or days. What makes them better than a book is they are there to answer any questions you might have after reading. Plus, they will guild you around many of the mistakes they; themselves made. Kids want to become who they feel are successful. If your community only has gang members and drug dealers, this is who they strive to become. On the flip side, if your area; is filled with business owners, entrepreneurs, and college graduates, how do you think the children will turn out? If these successful people took some out of their busy lives, to mentor others, it makes any community flourish.

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