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6 Reasons Why Women Are Winning In Business Today

Did you know that women today own over 11 million businesses? In 2017 these businesses generated over 1.7 trillion in revenue. The numbers are growing every year. There are many reasons for this. I feel that numbers will double in the next ten years. These are my views and opinions so let's check out "6 Reasons Why Women Are Winning In Business Today".

1. They Put Their Family Before Their Own Needs.

Most women I know are very selfless, they make sure everyone in their household is good before they tend to themselves. Most wives or mothers fix everyone's dinner plate and eat what's leftover. Making sure everyone has enough first. When the family is getting ready for work or school they make sure everyone has what they need before she leaves the house. Now relate this to that same person running a business. They will make sure the people she provides a service to; is happy before they leave her place of business. Taking extra time with the customers that are not sure about what they need. They will open early and stay later to accommodate others not just for business, but because that is in their nature. Overall the point I'm making is women want to make the people around them completely satisfied, and that my friends; are the type of people I would love to do business with.

2. Most Women Will Seek A Solution For A Problem That Will Help Herself And Others

A few years back, I watched a movie called Joy. It was about a young mother that began inventing things to ease her hard workload. In the movie, the men she pitched the ideas to couldn't relate. So naturally, everyone turned her down. She didn't give up, Joy believes there was a huge market for her ideas for many other women like herself that needed help as well. After being rejected, laughed at, abused, cheated she kept going. She raised her own money and lost it or let's say it was stolen to be exact. Joy knew that this project was no longer about her it was to help 100's, 1000's or even millions of other women. She was right and she got her products on t.v and the world saw it and loved it. Now, Joy is a respected entrepreneur that made over dozens of inventions that are making the lives of women across the globe that much easier.

3. They Are More Passionate About The Businesses They Choose To Open.

In my opinion, most men are money and toy driven, and women follow their passion. That is why when a woman opens a business, most of her friends and family saw it coming. Most men look for the new trend and try to jump in. Men have a very competitive nature, while women like to turn a hobby or interest into a business. When was the last time you heard of a woman trying to open up a sneaker store or selling men's coats? Plenty of men opened up stores that cater to women only because there was a market for it. That is another reason why you see men switching businesses all the time. Once a woman starts a business, she will stay on that train until it stops or breaks through a wall.

4. They Are Natural Born Protectors.

Most of the women I know that own a business put health concerns before profits. When they shop or support a new business, they check how the products are being made and if it's being harmful to the environment. For example, will it harm children in any way? When it comes to the care of an elderly family member, they want them to be well taken care of not just dropped off at a nursing home. If their children have friends they would treat them like family. So when it comes to business that potentially could negatively affect the community, they are the first ones trying to shut it down. Shopping at a women's business you will get somewhat of a warmer welcome. As a consumer, you want someone that will have your best interest at hand. Providers and Protectors go hand and hand. Just think when you were a child and you got hurt who did you run to your mother or father? So if you are shopping and have a family at home who would you think would be a better person to shop with a man or a woman?

5. They Are Not Afraid To Ask For Help.

The greatest thing I've learned in all my years on earth is that women approach things opposite of men. Most women love to learn from men, other women, and even children. While most men have big egos, they would only consider taking advice from certain people. They won't listen to anyone younger than them, less successful, or feel that a woman's advice or opinion is important mainly because some men feel that women are inferior. Women want to learn so they can be the best in whatever field they work in. The difference between men and women asking for help is that men tend to perceive this as sign of weakness; however, women see and accept help as a way to satisfy the needs of both herself and those she helps. Women love to see a group of other women growing together while men view this as a competition, and wonder who can make it to the top first. Even when a woman is the smartest in the room she still welcomes any advice that is helpful. Women rather ask for help then to get things wrong, men will keep trying until they figure it out or quit. That is the main reason women-owned businesses are so successful. When they are in trouble or just need help they will ask on top of doing all that they can to make things work on their own.

6. They Have A Better Support System.

I truly believe women have a better support system than men. This enforces what we stated is reason five. People extend their hands more when it comes to a woman needing help. Did you ever see the study that was done a few years back? During this study, a man and woman both dressed up as homeless people while asking for change. Most of the people gave the woman without even looking at the guy. A few people even went as far as to insult the guy while giving the woman money and told the guy to go find work. One person got in his face and let him have it. This goes the same in life and business. If a women breaks down and cries people rush to help her and provide aide or assistance. If a man does the same people tell him to get a grip or pull it together. When a woman loses some money people will try to come together and help her with a plan to save her business. This is different when a man loses some money as he is told he shouldn't have taken on a risky investment. Women tend to extend themselves to have a larger pool of friends or investors who will believe in them and help when trouble arises. Take for example social media, it is easy for women to get followers than men. Men have to have some type of talent to become well known or famous. Women just have to be at the right place at the right time with the right outfit on. When was the last time you heard men getting dressed up to go to a popular spot looking to find a famous star or athlete? How many wives that had money did you hear about getting their husband a business started? Not saying it doesn't happen just not as nearly as much as men do it for women startups. This includes cars, houses, and full wardrobes. If you ask me this is a great support system for any woman trying to get her business off the ground.

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Dec 21, 2020

Yes, woman are passionate about anything we set our hearts to. In my opinion running a family household is a business. Great apps shared😉 I’m gonna share 2 apps for people like me who like to shop, Receipt Hog and Fetch Rewards. Whereas you can scan your receipts to earn points and convert them into $’s and send to your PayPal. There are always limitless ways to earn $ on top of your $ and the $ you spend ...... (From Unknown)


Apr 26, 2020

Testing Comments sections


Putt Toxey
Putt Toxey
Apr 14, 2020

@Schnedia and I know when my sister starts her company I will be looking for it on the fortune 500 list


Schnedia Batey
Schnedia Batey
Apr 14, 2020

So true..woman are very passionate about anything we step into especially starting a business. Our intuitive and nurturing abilities is what makes us thrive in business. Thanks for the points.


Putt Toxey
Putt Toxey
Apr 13, 2020

@Kevin thank you

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