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6 Things About Putt Toxey

This week's blog will answer a lot of questions that people wanted to know about me. How do I make a living? How can I live without television? Why do I dress the way I do? Why am I single? How do I come up with these ideas, and why?

1. My Time Management

Time has become my most valuable asset. For years I've been running around chasing money. I made a lot of money and spent it as soon as I made it. Do you know how much time I wasted of my life doing insignificant things? Do You know how much time you waste each day, each week, each year? How many times you couldn't decide what to eat or to wear? That is why I buy the same outfit when I shop. You think I'm wearing the same thing. I hate thinking about what to wear each day. Just like Steve Jobs's black Turtle neck. What about how many times did you have to run back to the store because you forgot to get something? It is said if you plan for 10 minutes you will save an hour. Imagine you plan for an hour each week, it will save you maybe a few days of wasted time. So for me, I now plan my entire month out. I know what I will eat 7 days a week. I even know what I am going to being from the time I wake up until the time I go to sleep each day. Yes, there are times I have to make changes but for the most part, the discipline is on point. Below are my daily charts so you know what I'm doing at any giving time or day.

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2. What Are My Talent And Skills

One of my Talents is being able to meet new people. My skill is building a connection where they trust me. I have the talent of being able to teach myself almost anything. My skill is being able to teach others how to learn the same thing in a fraction of the time it took me. My talent is being able to adapt anywhere I go. My skill is being able to obtain revenue with whatever the surrounding has to offer. I have the talent of paying attention to what people are telling me. My skill is finding a way to make them happy, even if they don't realize how for themselves. My talent is dreaming big and outside of the box of the normal. My Skill is what I use to make all my dreams come true, no matter the obstacle. My talents help me get this blog started. My skills have me writing my third book, a seminar, plus a screenplay.

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3. How Do I Feel About Friends And Family

Let's just the way I feel about my friends and family might be unconventional from most people. I consider a friend is someone you talk with hang out with and things of that nature. They are supportive and also there to help when you need them. Your friends are the ones you call to make you laugh. Your friends are people you look forward to giving your time to. Your friends are the ones that symbolize the type of person you are. You heard the saying you are the sum of the five people you hang around. If your friends are immeasurable; people will feel you are a good person as well. Everyone I know is not considered my friend. I know plenty of people but I have a small group of friends. Now moving on to our family they should be the ones that understand you. They are the ones that will help you when you are in trouble. If you ever fall, they will be there to pick you up. These people are the ones that should only want the best for you. They are ready to put your needs in front of their own if need be. They are there on your birthdays when you are in the hospital. They are at your graduation or any other milestones in your life. Not that you asked but they are willing to put themselves in harm's way just so you could be safe. Your real family will call you out the blue just to say hi, not because they want something. Family is the most powerful influence on your life. Do you have a supportive nurturing family? A unit that has honorable values, it would be easier for you to excel in life. If they are pessimistic and very negative you might want to put some distance between you and them. You can still accomplish everything you ever want and become highly successful it just might take a bit longer. People say you can pick your friends you can't your family. I don't believe this is true you can make anyone your family if they have the value that you are looking for in a person. I myself have about 10 non-biological brothers and sisters and you can't tell us otherwise.

4.Why Did I Start The What To Do Entertainment Company.

The reason I started the What To Do Entertainment company is I felt there was a void that needed to be filled. Growing up in East Harlem, there were no outlets. People were only going to places other people took them too. Since where we lived that didn't happen too often, people rarely got out. Children that wanted to try new and different things were being ostracized. We were told everything was too dangerous to try. Or if it was a place it was too scary you will get hurt. The fear taught that leaving your neighborhood something bad will happen to you, so stay home. Me as a young child, I always wanted to go out and explore anyway. Plenty of times, no one would go with me they would wait for me to come home safe, then they wanted to try it. I did get out and tried almost everything I possibly could think of. Not to mention all the wonderful places I traveled too. I have tunnel vision if I made up mind I was going to do something nothing or no one was going to get in my way. So the company was created for everyone that wanted something different. It with a name people know and trust if you travel with us, you will have a safe fun time. Running 20 years strong and to the best of my knowledge, everyone is completely satisfied. If you never flew on a helicopter or taken a cruise, come with us. If you never jumped out of a plane (skydiving) or went to a gun range, we do it all. From parks to beaches, from the USA to Europe we travel everywhere. This all happens from joining the website to see what we have coming up next.

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5. What Are The Goals For Myself And The Company

I will be financially free by 2021. The aim is for the company to be known and talked about in other continents by 2022. The goal is to take entertainment to the next level. We want people everywhere able to have enjoyable, affordable entertainment. We know inflation affects everyone, but it shouldn't cost hundreds or thousands of dollars to see a performance for 1 to 2 hours. To attend a live show is something everyone should have a chance to see at least once in their life. That's my goal I want a way the whole world could have an experience that only we could provide. When we offer you a free trip it means free no paying this fee or that tax. If you win something you won't need to worry we will take care of you. That is my goal if you are doing the right things in life we will find a way to reward you. I understand how one good deed changes a person's whole outlook on life. My goal is to teach people to reach for more; it's worth it. Finally, I want the company to get a Hotel, Bus, Theater, Plane maybe even Cruise ship. This way there is no middle man and we can charge whatever we want without the overhead biting us later. If you know me, You know I will find a way to make it happen. Putt Toxey Changing the way to be entertained.

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6. What Advice Would I Give My 20 Year Old Self

I would have taken more risks. I would have trusted my gut, I second-guessed myself too much. I would have saved and invested 10% of everything I earned. I would have listened more and talked less. I wish I would have read much earlier. I wish I would have been more into technology sooner. I would have told myself to take care of our body. I would have gone out more often and network with the right people instead of hanging on the block. I would tell myself not to waste time each day could change my life. I would tell myself to increase my skill set more. learn to become the best salesman ever. Last but not least enjoy life, smile be happy, travel and don't let anyone distract me from creating What To Do Entertainment.

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Bonus Video

Today's Call Of Action. Tell Me A Time When I Might Have Helped You Or A Time You Feel I Hurt You. I Want To Become The Best Version Of Myself. I Need Your Help.

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