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6 Things To Declutter And Help Improve Yourself.

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1.Your Desk or Work Station

Your workspace should always be organized. If you are trying to get your tasks done, you have to have a system in place. The reason why most people only work on 40-60% is that they are not prepared. Before you begin to work, you should have all the tools you will need before you start. If your work station is in disarray, how will you know what is missing? On top of having things clean, it should be very comfortable as well. You figure the average workday is at least 8 hours. Who can get anything done when they are uncomfortable? Plus, you don't want any distractions once you get started. Clean Is Just Better In My Opinion!

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Tired of a Messy Desk? Try These 7 Tips to Declutter

2.Your Home

Now that I am maturer and more rational, I appreciate the statement less is more. When you think about the things in your home, how much of those items enhance your life? How does having a bunch of pictures on the wall brings value to your home? I guess that would be different if it were painted by famous artists. How many footwear and attire do a person need? Most people wear the same few outfits to work every day and don't change after work. They have a closet full of clothes that they don't have time to wear. Let's look at it another way most people buy new clothes when they go to a special event (that might be the only time they go out anymore). The clothes usually flashy plus very expensive, but then your pride won't let you wear that same outfit around the same group of friends next time you guys meet up. So that means more clothes piling up. This includes the excess amount of undergarments most people own. The average person does laundry every two weeks, so why do you own over 30 pairs of socks, tee-shirts, and draws? Now if you are anything like how I was a year ago, I kept all my old phone chargers and useless items just in case. In case of what? I get the old phone back. I always purchased things on sale because I knew one day, I will need it, which rarely happens. You said to yourself I will save money if I buy it now, but it never gets used. I remember one time buying two phones just in case one broke. By the time it did break the phones were outdated and I still had to buy a phone. It just sat in my house collecting dust. So now if it's in my house and it doesn't help my business or improve my life I will get rid of it. OH WAIT IT'S ME TALKING. I'm selling it now that sounds more like Mr. Toxey don't it lol.

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How to Declutter Your Home Without the Hassle

3.Your Phone

Your phone, the device that has the most impact on people's lives, has the most junk on it. A phone combine with the internet has become the most useless tool in the world today. So if that is true, don't you want it to operate it's best at all times? You have apps on there you no longer use. You have many numbers in your contacts that you no longer call anymore. Not to mention all the crap you downloaded since the first day you had the phone. Then there is a matter of all the pictures and videos that you took. If your storage is running low, it will affect your phone operating abilities. So that means even your phone needs a good cleaning every once and a while. Before you have to buy a new one. Unless you did the same thing I did and purchased two at the same time SMH.

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7 Tips to Declutter Your Phone or Tablet

4.Your Life

Decluttering your life while it is simple, it's not easy. Note there are so many factors to consider when it comes to your life, you only need to focus on a few. Let's start with your job or career, Your financial obligations, and retirement plan. Two more important things are your health and family.

A pair of things I feel that can help everything in your life is continued education and increasing your wealth. These two things solve about 90% of your life's problems. In my opinion, it would create the freedom that's can't be measured. It all starts with planning out what is important to you and letting go of all those non-important tasks that you been doing over the years. If you look at how you been living or your daily task schedule you will see it. You will find that you are wasting at least 20 hours or more a week. With simple adjustments like leaving 10 minutes earlier to avoid sitting in rush hour traffic for 30 minutes to an hour longer each way. How about doing your food shopping with a complete list so you only need to go to the market once or twice a month. Like I said before, ten minutes of planning saves you an hour of doing. If you feel I didn't express enough on this topic. Please check out the video and link I provided to explain my point bit more.

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How to Declutter Your Life and Reduce Stress

5.Your Mind

Your brain is the biggest computer on earth. Just like every machine, you need to upkeep maintenance. Which means cleaning, allowing it time to cool off, and always updating. Meditation is the best way to do this. Vacations away from technology is another great way. Wholesome food Providing the right fuel that means eating what we consider brain food. Most people don't know how to turn off their minds for a few minutes, let alone a day or two. This exercise is what helps the brain recharges itself. Then after clearing it from the old negative thought, you have to replace it with positive thinking. There are so many videos and books on how to declutter your mind. The video above will get you started in the right direction.

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How To Declutter Your Mind

6.Your Personal Relationships

This one might hurt a bunch of people's feelings. The game plan is not to offend, but some will get salty no matter how you deliver the news. Just like your home, phone and, your desk you need to get rid of distractions, and uselessness. Your childhood or high school best friend might not be into the same things you are into now. That doesn't mean he or she is no longer your friend. If you guys haven't seen each other or talk as often, make room for someone new. It is said the older you get the smaller your circle will become. This goes for family as well. If your family members stop attempting to keep in contact with you maybe it's time to let them go. They will still be your family. At some point in your life, you need to understand the more time you make for others is the less time you have for yourself. In a perfect world, you will never have to lose a friend or stop speaking with a family member. We are not talking about perfect, we are talking about getting rid of things, and people that are cluttering your life. At some point, anything and everything gets full to make sure you have space for the new people you going to declutter your relationships plenty of times in your life.

The Harsh but Honest Truth About Friendship Decluttering

Today's Call Of Action Let Us Know If There is Any Decluttering Needed In Your Life. If So Tell Us About It. , , ,

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