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6 Ways The Corona Virus Has Enriched My Life

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Today's blog is focused on my life. I will explain why the Coronavirus has improved some areas of my life. When some people see a devastation others see opportunity. I took an optimistic approach.

1. By Now Realizing Who Really Cares About Me.

The first thing it has shown me who really cares about me. From all the relationships I have built over the years, all the people I made money within the business only six Entertainers reached out. Jamie Roberts, Kenny Williams, Funnyman Kenny Ken, J.C Best, Gato and Marcus Madness. As far as friends a good 20 people sound like a decent amount, but if you did the numbers of how many people I helped over the years 20 is about 10% which is kind of sad. When you think about it people have more time on their hands than ever. So to shoot a text or pick up the phone to check in is not that hard. There is no excuse for not checking in on someone you care about. My friends all know I always reached out to check on them; time to time it didn't take something this extreme for me to tell them how much I care about them. Here is a list of people I want to thanks for checking in on me. Zoozie, Walt Dogz, Amir, Needa, Alisa, Claudia, Amanda, Jamon, Tylena, Bird, Cassandra, Curtis Mann, Dave Cuspert, Domo From A.K, Donise, Benny, Green, Gunner, Hector, Big bro Kyle, Jay Rell, John Jackson, J.P, Earl Clifton, Mar Q, Nabii, Omar Thomas, Perm, Roll Wit Rah, Sean Doe, Sharee, Shuni, and Tash. You people mean the world to me and if ever you need me you guys know I will move heaven and earth to help. All this shows is that when something like this happens you know who you can count on. The funny thing is there were some people in my life I wish that would have been on this list. Now I have to remove them from my list of people I would like to have around me. This is phase one of enriching my life.

2. Understanding How Messed Up The World Really Is.

The Coronavirus exposed how bad the world was really being ran. How many companies were barely staying afloat? There were being run like the average person living from paycheck to paycheck. If that wasn't bad enough the government is printing fake money just to keep the economy from crashing. There are so many underhanded things going on. With lying to the public to making side deals, if you didn't know the FED's (federal reserve)are positioning themselves like the mob world. They are going around lending out all this money that they made just to get a stake in most of these companies. When they find a cure for the virus and businesses open back up, everyone will be paying them. I don't know if the government is not thinking clearly or they have a bigger agenda to screw over the people. Why are they giving the people all this money to pay bills and survive and then give the banks money as well. If you give enough money to the people the banks will get their money anyway. So the banks are getting paid twice. Then you guys closed down 80% of businesses to protect the people. It seems like the business that was able to stay open was the businesses that generated high taxes for the states. Why are the liquor stores still open how are they essential? Why are they still selling Lottery tickets and scratch cards? Why is it a crime for a person to buy masks and gloves and sell them for a marked up price, but the stores are allowed to do it? How come the local supermarkets in low-income areas can overcharge for food? They are the only ones making money, why are they beating the people? In China, they have places where people can pick up free masks and gloves why not in the U.S? Or at least in New York City. People are more worried about how many likes and videos they post on social media instead of how many people are dying. People can wait to get outside even if it will kill them. People started protesting in different states to lift the quarantine ban. Hanging out is more important than being safe. Then you have all the families that complain they don't get enough time to spend with each other are finding ways to get out of the house. Not to mention while in the house everyone is on their electronic devices without communicating with family. I'm not taking any loans I have enough money to hold me for at least three more months. This includes me paying all my bills my lifestyle has not been affected I was a homebody in the first place. Now I can use the Coronavirus as an excuse not to be dragged out of the house lol.

3. Investing In Myself And Not Looking To The Government For Help.

Investing in myself, this was an easy one for me. It's crazy that I waiting so long to do this for myself. While so many Americans are waiting to see what the government is going to help them. As a grown person over the age of 30 in America, you should be able to stand on your own without help. America is made for entrepreneurs, even with a job there is still an opportunity to start a side business. I have invested over twenty years of my life investing in someone' else dream (everyone I ever worked for). Every time I paid a late fee or paid interest on a credit card I invested in their business. Leaving my money in a savings account or having money in my house I supported some other business. Each time I stopped at the corner store and paid a higher price I invested in that store. I didn't realize there are stocks out there that cost less than a dollar. So every time I brought a candy bar or a juice I could have invested in a stock instead. Wendy's stock price right is under $20. so every time I took the family to eat there I should have brought the stock it would have been cheaper. Every time I make a dollar I put a dime away in two months I saved $400.00 you do the math. Not too many people I know have $400.00 in their life's savings. Even though they make over $6000.00 a month. I realized this was not just sad but also alarming. Now everything in my life is a potential investment. Another check for Corona on enriching myself.

4. Get To See How Local Businesses Really Feel About Its Customers.

What is sad is now that most people are forced to shop at their local stores, the stores are treating people like sh*t. Ok, we understand that there are some adjustments needed to be made. Like the store, hours waiting on lines, some places are not posting the information to warn us ahead of time. Every few days after these stores put a rule in place it changes. I can go to my local supermarket today and it closes at 7 p.m go back tomorrow at 6 pm and the sign will say we close at 5 pm. The bank branches are even worse. It seems like all the branches in the low-income areas are closed for people in Manhattan you have to go to midtown. I saw a laundry mat that is making its hours up each day I guess when they feel like coming in. No sign when they will open or closed you just have to catch them when the gate is up. Now back to the banks they were supposed to give loans to businesses in the order of filing come to find out they gave it to the big companies to make more in profit. Now the funding ran out. A lot of the stores are not accepting credit cards or cash back when people really need it. It is a lot of people living off of credit during this crisis. On top of all of this the service is lousy they know that people don't have a choice so they can treat them this way. Let's see if the people remember when all the businesses open again I know I will.

5. I'm Now Seeing Why The Low-Income Areas Stay That Way.

Time to time, I might mention someone's action that I feel could have been handled differently. Moreover, when it has to do with the ways they treat their income. This time it is apparent why some low-income areas stay in their financial situations. When the outbreak started in China no one took it seriously. America had a few months to prepare everyone in the low-income areas kept living life like nothing was going to happen here. Then late Feb the outbreak started on here. No one was prepared everyone was in a panic mode. People were spending money on what they considered essential items. Without planning for the long term they planned for a few days or maybe a week. Now two months later people want things to go back to normal after the government gave everyone $1,200., and freeze on, most bill payments. If you throw money and a few gifts at people without financial education they will think they hit the lotto. Now people are walking with $1200. in their pockets and can't find a way to spend it. Now step two they are giving people extra unemployment benefits. I have seen a surge of deliveries in my neighborhood. The lines at stores are around the corner every day. The money is getting spent as fast as it is hitting their hands. How many people you think are paying bills, how many do you think is investing. What about building a nest egg just in case? Today with all the craziness going on all people really only need to purchase is a few hundred dollars worth of food and personal items. What is going to happen when the government says they can't give anymore? What if the government start asking people to pay some of it back? What if we get hit with inflation so high that the middle class will become part of the poor? You do know all the smart investors will become even richer. What I did was started reading a bunch of books on savings and investments. Plus with all the useful tools on the internet and apps. I am now able to understand and trade stocks. My 2020 goal is to read a book a week. That's 52 and with being home I'm able to knock them out. Learning something new every day makes my life better, what you doing to with your time?

6. I Was Able To Stop Procastingnaing.

I am not speaking for anyone else. My life appears like it hit a reset button, to rethink all the mistakes I made in the past 20 years. I now appreciate how precious every day is. I no longer procrastinate, if I said I want to do something, I commence right away. We all heard the saying tomorrow is not promised. With the Corona pandemic, we see how valid this is. Plus, there were so many significant things I wanted to do and places I wanted to explore before I leave this world. Let's just say I took numerous things for granted and that changed almost two months ago. I make sure every time I shop I buy enough for at least a month save time instead of standing on a line for 1/2 to an hour each time. When I leave the house it is for a good purpose it could literally be life and death when I walk out. I'm on the phone less, on the computer less, I do read and cook much more. I downloaded an app called Clam which teaches me how to meditate. As you know I'm currently writing a blog, books, and Magazine. What you didn't know I started working on writing a screenplay and a T.V series. I still manage to research new events for What To Do Entertainment. So as you can tell I'm not bored I'm busy being productive. Thank You, Corona for the time out.

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