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8 Types of People You Want To Avoid

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1. Jealous People

We are talking about jealous people first. They are the people who secretly hate you but pretend to be on your side. Sometimes they are the ones closest to you. By the time you find out they are jealous of you, the damage is already in the works. Yes, it does make them bad people if they don't like you, they should stay away. If they spend half the time working like you instead of hating you, they won't need to become jealous. I have a video and a link below that you should check out for more information.

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Someone Is Jealous Of You

2. Negative People

I hate negative people they are the worse always trying to tell me I can't do something. They wake up complaining and mad at the world. You see how I started that was a negative way. Me being negative about someone for being negative is an oxymoron. Is it so easy to become a negative person you need to be careful! If you hang around people always looking at the downside, you will eventually feel or behave the same way. In my opinion, is to surround yourself with positive people if you can't tell who is who watch the video or read the link.

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15 Signs Negative People

3. Needy People

Always needing something, anything from separate people it doesn't matter. Their lives are based on other people arranging everything for them. They want all the concentration on them. They are not used to sharing things. If you want to be friends with a needy person be ready to put them first before all your other obligations. No matter how much time you give them it is never sufficient.

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Needy People

4. Lazy People

Lazy people are always about to start something or get around to completing things. Yep, you guess it; it never gets done. Please don't ask them for any type of help there will always be an excuse. How can you seek help from someone that won't even do things for themselves? There is one good trait that lazy people possess. Since they are lazy they will find the most simplistic way to work on any type of project. The bad part just because they found a way doesn't mean they will accomplish the task. Every chance they get it will be used to divert you from doing what you need to do. Lazy people want the people around them to become lazy as well. Lazy people won't even take the time to sign in and read my blog. Since you are reading this now prove that you are not a lazy person. Thank you. If you need some more examples of what I'm talking about; take a look at the link below.

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8 Things Successful People Do That Lazy People Do Not

5. Untrustworthy People

Untrustworthy people are the best tricksters not to be confused with the lair. The difference is their betrayal is carefully planned out. This sort of person will regularly let you down and stab you in the back. In many ways, they are most critical than jealous people and liars. No one is for certain about their motives or reasons behind the deeds they do to others. They are not insecure or conflicting with you plus they are very far from being passive. Some are confident most are even considered alphas. So the question everyone wants to know is why do they possess these types of characteristics? It's not about the gain or even your loss it comes down to just not dependable. I was always told is you don't understand something the best thing to do is get rid of it.

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Signs Of Untrustworthy People

6. Pathological Liars

Lairs are at the bottom of the barrel we refer, to them as bottom feeders. They will always get you into circumstances. You never know when to believe them. When they ask you for help, they might not even need it. They will give you gossip about people you care about to get you not to like that person anymore. They will always be the victim in and situation. Half the time the lie they are describing is in fact about themselves. When they tell a story they are always the star. These people manipulate, deceive and most steals. You have to ask yourself what sort of person would I be if you had a person like this around you. Now the thing about Pathological liars might be a condition

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Pathological Liars

7. Get Rich Quick People

Everyone has a friend that is looking to get rich quick. They gamble a lot. Bet on everything and, don't forget they play lotto. They will rather watch a "how to get rich quick" video on youtube instead of reading a great book on the subject of wealth like RICH DAD POOR DAD. They will go as far as joining a pyramid scheme some people refer to it as a Ponzi. Here is when it affects you, now they need you to participate as well and get your friends and family to come in. I am here telling you people that are talking that get rich quick schemes are delusional. That doesn't mean you can't get a large sum of money fast. It happens every day but those people usually do extensive research on the plan. Even though the money came quickly the planning might have taken a few months or maybe years. Most of your friends that are in them are looking for you to invest in their idea seldom use their own money. That is a big red flag. They are either broke from losing money in all their other ideas or smart enough to use other people's money like yours. Here is the skinny most people will not even tell others how to make the money they are making. That is another flag. BE CAREFUL.

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How To Avoid Get Rich Quick Scams

8. Broke People

It is said you are the sum of the 5 people you hang with. So if you hang with 4 broke people you are bound to be the 5th one. Honestly, what are your four indebted friends doing and talking about all day long? Well we know it's not about wealth, investments or plans of starting a business. Now you have to ask yourself what type of life you require? Do you want to have money and become successful? Or you are satisfied with your present company? The first step is to remove the broke people from your life. The second step is to find new people that are making money it is that simple.

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10 Things That Broke People Do , , ,

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