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A False Sense Of Entitlement

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Many people today are walking around with a chip on their shoulders. The reason being they feel someone owe them something or better yet have to do something for them. In today's blog, we will discuss what this type of behavior looks like in different moments in life.

A Raise Or Promotion

When it comes to people working for a company, they assume a raise and promotion will be given to them every 6 months or a year. Not because their skills improved or because of them, the company is earning more profit. No, they feel just because they show up every day, and most of the time late, they should be rewarded. For the average job, an employee that works an eight-hour shift, you might get a good 5 hours' worth of work out of them. I guess they didn't realize your pay is what you are entitled to for just showing up. If you are looking for that raise or promotion, Do something extra besides just your task, to show the company how valuable you are.

Other People's Money

This one always puzzled me. Why people would get upset when they see the way other people spent their own money. Then it dawned on me. People don't care about people's spending habits, they feel a person with a lot of cash should be giving it to people without money. You ever had a friend or family member come and tell you about someone they know who recently inherit a large sum of money? They usually start the conversation with what they would do with that money. Next, tell will point out how fast the other person will run through all that money. Followed by how that person should give their parents some of the funds, then their children deserve some. Finally, how they should give money to everyone that ever looked out for them, and somehow manage to throw themselves in there. Funny how the person giving this good advice came in some money from time to time and never blessed anyone else. When a person receives money, whether it is money they worked for or acquired by any other means, it is their gains, and he/ she has the right to spend it any way they like. Don't try to guilt someone into giving you money because they have and you are without.

Equal Treatment

I was always instructed; when you do something, do it from the kindness of your heart. Never do something expecting anything in return. There is a large percentage of people who believe, people have to treat you the same way you treat them. This is why there so many misunderstandings in relationships. I know you hear this all the time when couples fight "We need to be 50/ 50 or it's not fair" or " you are not giving me back 50%". This is one main reason why relationships fail. I'm talking couples, business partners, friendships any type of relationship. You are supposed to give 100% of yourself and not worry about the other person's percentage. The reason why you can't expect 100% of what you give is because everyone has different views on what they feel is 100%. You might be saying to yourself a person is only giving 30-40 percent effort. That person might be feeling they are giving 110%. Just because you expect more from a person doesn't mean they have to give more. I'm pretty sure there are dozens of people in your life right now waiting for you to treat them as they treat you. Are you willing to step up today to everyone's expectations of you?

Having A Business

When a person opens a business, they feel that all their friends and family have to support them. This is so further from the truth. When I started my business, I understood that not all my family will be into the type of business I opened. My job was not to target them for support. My job as an owner was to look for my customer client fan base. To find the group of people that was willing to try my products. I run an entertainment company, so naturally, I felt that the people I, personally, knew should support me. It took me some years to understand running a business has layers. Different layers attract different clientele.

Let me be honest, you know when it really hit me. Three of my cousins invited me to there birthday parties. I hate parties but I ended up going to two of the three. I love all three cousins so I will explain why I made my choice. One cousin was turning 50 and all my family was going to be there. Brothers, cousins, Aunts, Uncles, and grandparents. So to me, it was more like a family reunion. If you really know me you would know I will do anything to spend time with the family. The second cousin has been one of my biggest supporters over the years. He attends all my shows and even comes to all my getaways, he even jumped on my 3 days 5 city comedy tour from N.Y To A.T.L. So when he called I was happy to be able to return the love. The one I didn't go to is the cousin that called and said I'm celebrating my birthday at this famous club downtown this Wednesday. The cover charge to get in is $30. they have drink specials until 11:00 p.m. We will be in the V.I.P section so we all chipping in for the bottles service everyone is putting $50. The first two were to me about family the last one was just hanging out at a club on the day someone was born. See how the same event can have a different feel? So now when I host an event I appreciate it when my family and friends attend and don't just demand them to be there to support MY BUSINESS.

Today's Call Of Action Tell Us A Story When You Were Entitled To Something Or A Time You Came Across Someone Who Felt They Were Entitled With Something From You. , , ,

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