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Anti-Social Media

(Written By Ronald Guest)

Is it me, or can social media become a bit overwhelming at times? It has become so impactful that it affects almost all the facets of our everyday lives; be it positive or negative. Social media does not come with an instruction manual. We are left to our own devices on how we should navigate. How are we to know when too much is shared or too little; if that is even possible. What we do know is that not having an account could cause you to be ostracized and make you the topic of discussion in most social settings. Let’s ponder the question; Does social media actually make you anti-social?

I have noticed people begin to communicate less with those they know personally, and I attribute this to their frequently visit time on social sites. We have all witnessed, and probably have taken part in; the entire family at the dinner table, each on their own device. Sometimes taking pictures of the meal to share with others. The “insignificant” amount of time it takes to snap the photo, upload it, put captions on the picture, and let’s not forget the constant check to see your “likes” & “comments” seem like a lot to a family member or friend who doesn’t get the opportunity to see you as often as they would like.

Romantic relationships seem to struggle in this area as well. Social media has countless negative effects on a relationship. It has been linked to depression, anxiety, and addiction, to name a few. Personally, I have no evidence there are any positives that it could have on a romantic relationship. With such a wide range of connectivity and information; it could lead to a comparison complex which in turn creates insecurities.

Used positively, social media would serve a great purpose. Thriving businesses. connecting distant relatives and friends. During the COVID-19 pandemic, nothing came through more for us in our time of need than social media. It kept us informed while still laughing; being connected and entertained. Social media has been a gift and a curse to us; I guess it’s like any other power and depends on how it is used.

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1 Comment

Zakia Chapman
May 21, 2020

I’m currently taking a much needed break from my favorite platforms of social media. Social media has a negative effect on my mental health and productiveness. People are whoever they want to be on social media; perfect marriage, perfect life, perfect body etc. In reality they are depressed and miserable. However, that “image” of perfection starts to take a toll on me personally, and probably many others. Sometimes it even makes me feel like my life isn’t up to par. I find myself spending so much time on it that it takes away from my goals. I have to take a break so that I can actually create a happy life that I want, instead of the facade of one.

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