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Be Your Own Person Everyone Else Is Already Taken.

In my opinion, you should always do what works best for you in life. Find whats makes you happy. Trying to copy someone's look, style or life is not ok. Looking for positive role models is very different. You are not trying to become them; you are trying to achieve what they did in life or success. That brings me to the importance of a mentor. They are the same as a role model only difference is they help you make a plan to become a better version of yourself. Utilizing great information from someone and trying to be just like that person is a thin you don't want to cross.

Growing up I was always told to be a leader, not a follower. Something strange took place over the past 20 years. It became cool to follow others. Why would you try anything new when someone already showed you how to do it. You want to be famous, start a social media page and, get followers. You want to be rich, buy real estate, or start a youtube channel. You want to be a better comedian, just read a Kevin Hart book and do what he did. You want to make a big Hollywood film, buy a $300. camera and get started.

All of this is sound advice but what they left out is the part where everyone is different. These stories worked for these individuals because they took a chance and did things their way. After all their years of hard work and sacrifices now we read a summary of how to achieve these goals. Kevin Hart and Will Smith among others worked 20 plus years before they became a household name. How many people are willing to become homeless before seeing any success? Like J.K Rowling, Halle Berry, Tyler Perry, Dr. Phil, Steve Harvey, and Jennifer Lopez to name a few. I'm sure all of them were met with disapproval from their family and peers at one point or another. I bet all of them were warn not to pursue their dreams. The advice given to them were; be like so and so, or do what so and so did. You need to follow this way it is working for everyone else. The thing that most people are overlooking is this, these groups of people didn't follow the crowd they made their own lane.

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I feel it is time we teach our children the importance of taking risks, and not being afraid to fail. Being yourself allows you to try things no one else is doing. Being yourself you never care what other people think about you.

Remember when you were a child and did and said whatever you felt. Most people lose this ability after years of failing and people pushing their fears on you. What I mean by their fears; telling you not to do something because it won't work. Either they tried, or someone they know has tried, so it is useless. Enough times of these events happening, you tend to play it safe and follow what others are doing. Becoming a follower is another way of saying playing it safe.

Today a lot of young people are trying to be like celebrities. What they do realize what they see on camera usually is a completely different person off-camera. It is said; you should never meet your hero in person because of that reason alone. Most of them are pretending to be something people want them to be. So in real life, they themselves are copying others. So now you are a copy of a copy. To avoid this madness focus on who you want to be in life. Make a list of all the things you need to do to become that person and disregard all the outside noise. If nothing else you will be happy with yourself.

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