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Be Your Own Person Stop Worrying About The Joneses

People everywhere is trying to keep up with the Jones, the problem is, the Jones are already trying to keep up with someone else. Once you catch up to the Jones, you then look for another set of Jones. Instead of becoming wealthy, you want others to know or think you are rich. Before you know it you have extra bills and a bunch of junk you don't even use anymore. You have to figure out the difference between your needs and your wants. On today's blog, we will discuss why you don't need to keep up with the Jones.

You don't even like Jones

When did you want to be like someone you hate? To you, he/ she is just showing off. If you feel some way about their behavior, why would you want to immolate that? Half the time you don't want what they have, you want to feel like no one is above you. The only problem is the Joneses, are not competing with you, you are competing with your hang-ups in life. Plus you never know what the Joneses have to do to sustain that lifestyle. What if they are trying to keep up with other Joneses. The only ones that benefits are the companies where you purchase the products from. Let's say you had the most money on your block the better toys now what?

When did you start jonesing

What was it they made you want to be like the Joneses. Was it your friends, family, or social media. When we are younger, we are not into fashion or material items. Then something changes somewhere in your everyday life you get influence. Watching television is the biggest cause of Jonesing. How else would you know what you don't have and need without it? The Amish community is a great example of a culture not being coerced. America is a country that the whole principle is based on more is better bigger is better. You are not an important person if you are not a flashy person. Your status quo depends on how many toys you own. Everyone flies on planes but if you fly in a private jet or first class people will treat with more respect. Even the amusement parks are conforming to the Jones's lifestyle. If you spend more money you get perks in the parks. It's the same rides and food but you get to skip everyone. If someone watches others skip the lines then want to skip the lines. Here is the nonsense if everyone is paying extra you will still end up on a line. Now it becomes having a pass or badge for that day makes you feel like you are keeping up. Like Public Enemy said don't believe the hype, just save your money it's ok not to be like everyone else.

Here is my story

I'm not your average person growing up I next wanted to like anyone else. I didn't care who had what or where anyone else went. Yes, I did admire other people and the things they had. I just never said I have to get that or one day I will own one of those. I had my dreams and aspirations of things I wanted and the person I wanted to be. I remember sitting outside with a group of my friends we were between 8 to 10 years old. Cars were going by, and they kept calling out my car, meaning that was the car they were going to buy. One of them ask why didn't I pick a car yet? I, said by the time I get old enough to buy a car they will all be outdated. I said how come all of you guys are calling out cars and not one of you have the plan to make the money to buy one. That is when they told me, the cars they are picking out are, expensive cars only rich people can buy. I asked how do you know they are rich? All rich people have expensive cars and we want the same ones they have. I think that is where the Jones theory started from most of the misconception what define successful people.

Today's call of action I want you to tell me about a time you tried to keep up with the Joneses and you regretted it. I know at one time or another we all wanted to be just like them. Please leave a comment on your opinion about keeping up with the Joneses.

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