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Today's Businesses in Harlem need to be Boycotted!!!

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

T-Moble located at 170 east 116th street is one of the many places that need to respect their customers or be removed from our neighborhood. Too many times we allow stores and businesses to open up in our area and let them disrespect us. when there is an advertised sale on T.V about a product every time we go to one of these stores in Harlem they will change the requirements or prices. If you catch them on the bullsh*t that is when they want you to leave the store to prevent other customers from knowing that they are getting over on the public.

Floyd's shopping experience in a Harlem Business.

Today a good friend of mine name Floyd asked if I wouldn't mind taking a walk with him to the T-Mobile store in Harlem N.Y on 116th street between 2nd and 3rd Ave. It was two days before mother's day so they were offering a sale on the new watches buy one get one free. The sign say buy one get one free no contract needed. We walk into the store we were greeted by a pleasant young sales rep. Floyd was asking her about the deal she started to explain the offer. Her manager came over and told her I can take care of them. He proceeded to go over the details terms and conditions. The problem arose when he said you have to put down money on both watches. Floyd asked why I would have to put money on an item that is free. The manager replied that is the way the deal is set up. Then he pulled out a pen and paper and started writing out the break down which was the same thing he just explains so here is where it gets tricky. After we put the deposit down he will have to pay $10 a month for 24 months so the $400 will total $419.00 they will credit back $10.00 a month for 24 months. Now come on people is this making sense "NO". Floyd said that doesn't add up, sounds like you are explaining it wrong. Why would I pay $10? A month and you will give me $10 a month back? He then told Floyd and myself let me explain it slower I said whoa "who said we need to hear it slower we understand what you saying it's just not making sense." Floyd went over to the display and brought back over the deal itself and asked the manager where on this paper does it say put down two deposits. The manager grabs the deal and put it to the side and said don't pay that any mind listens to me. Strike two why would we not pay attention to the deal on the paper that is advertised nationwide? We could see he started getting frustrated so I said let's make this real simple Floyd just Pay the full price of the watch and he has to give you two. The manager said you can't do that under the terms and conditions, I asked "where does that say that on the promotional deal" he replied I just told you what it means it's my store and that's what I said it means. If Floyd had to commit to this deal for 24 months that means it is a contract regardless of what they are calling it if you don't stay with them for 24 months you will be billed for the other watch. Now he is mad and obnoxious "You guys are just wasting my time just leave get out of my store." Floyd asked who are you screaming at you need to learn how to talk to people. Me being the person who I am I said" Why are you throwing me out because I'm not even buying a watch is that how you treat potential customers? I'm glad I'm with ****** phone service they don't treat people like this at least I never had a problem with them. Long story short I called T-Mobile corporate while leaving the store. We were correct there was not second deposit needed these stores are trying to pray on the fact that most people won't question them or think that the deal is still too good to pass up. Needless to say, Floyd has got his offer of buy one get one free and $150.00 credit towards his next bill. Guess who is really under contract Floyd or the store Manager for T-Mobile on 116th street?

Most stores in Harlem needs a customer service training course before servicing the public

The purpose of a business in any community is to help and bring value to the area not to just make a profit off the people and treat them like trash. please check out the link I provided (click on heading above)

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