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Does Black Lives Matters To The BLM Movement?

In the above clip, James Klug interview people on LET'S TALK. Watch how most black people come up with excuses when James Klug state some facts. When he gives them some stats, they get upset and try to defend the BLM movement anyway.

When anyone, especially black celebrities disagrees with the Black Lives Movement, they are considered a sell-out. Black Lives Matter is not focused; on the primary issues dealing with black lives in poor black communities.

The Black Lives Matters Movement is promoting hate. Hate the police, hate anyone rich, hate the government, Listening; to them speak, they are not too happy with men in general.

Please watch this clip and tell me, "WHAT THE F**K ARE THEY TALKING ABOUT"? These three women are all over the place. They in my opinion are not addressing the issues of black people. They are to me, pushing their own agenda and not worried about others. 16, minutes and not one time mention or talk about helping blacks in urban (Ghetto) America. Did they even talk with the average black people and, what is their goal? How does Black Lives Matter help the people?

Things have gotten so out of hand, white people calling black police officers a sellout. How does this help the black communities? Let's defund the police in bad neighborhoods, then who will stop the killing? Do they really feel taking the police force away will build up these areas? How are they going to bring the crime rate down? Black people are killing black people at an alarming rate. Where is the protest when a black person kills another black person every night? Since the pandemic, there were over 30 shootings and 10 murders in my area. I didn't see one Black Lives Matter group come thru, not one painted floor no flyers posted trying to catch the killers. When they do get caught no one is at the courthouse from Black Lives Matters hoping they prosecute to the fullest. WHY NOT?

Look what they started now every time some other race or group is fighting the law, they are throwing the Black Lives Matters movement in there; I assume for equal rights. It became a platform to break the law.

If you didn't guess by now, I don't support Black Lives Matter. Do they have things that can help some people; yes. Is it here to help with the overall problem we deal with on a day to day, absolutely not. It is simply, we need to stop killing each other. Denzel said it best if you remove the men from the household, your children are more likely to end up in trouble. We should focus less on defunding the police and more on keeping families together. Yes, education is important, and wages are important, but not as important as walking into your house sitting down talking with your mother and father.

I'm tired of people using jobs and salaries as an excuse for equality. There are plenty of black men and women-owned businesses. They can work for them why can't they pay them better wages. Or better yet more people are self-employed pay yourself better. If you decided to work in a field that doesn't require any skills, training, or degree what type of salary are you really expecting. Fast food, supermarkets, and chain stores are not supposed to support your whole family. It is a stepping stone to buy you time to get the skills needed to move up in the world. By the way how much money is Black Lives Matters paying? Don't say it is free because the leaders are getting paid so should the other black people pushing their agenda.

When I see the Black Lives Matter movement doing something to bring the killings down in the poor black neighborhoods and creating programs to teach the children. They could open up a few businesses to offer jobs and affordable supermarkets with fresh fruits and vegetables then I might change my views on them. As for now, I'm only supporting ALL LIVES MATTER and my FAMILY MATTERS.


Today's Call Of Action Please Tell Us Your Views On The Black Lives Matters Movement. Do You Agree Or Disagree That It Is Helping Black People All Over.

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