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Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark

Why are you afraid of the dark? When did you acquire that fear? What makes the foreign so scary? Today's blog is not about being in a place without lights. It is about the uncertainties of your future. 80% percent of the population of the world would rather know the outcome before they act. Which means 80% of the people won't leave a job they hate to find a better one. They won't invest their income for fear of losing it. Most people won't travel to new places because they were never taken there by someone when they were younger. After a certain age, people won't try anything new in their lives. To live is to learn and try new things once you stop you slowly start to deteriorate. This could be at any age, not just when you become an elder. Well, let's explore to see how we could help a few of our bloggers today.

Just Start

The hardest part is starting. People overthink the ideas they have. I suggest you write out a goal, then break it down with steps towards your goal. Brain Tracy has an amazing book titled EAT THAT FROG. This book will motivate anyone to start step by step. He explains each step that is needed to make anything possible. Most people are looking at the beginning of the dark so they can't see far enough to see the light at the end of the tunnel. People are looking at the worst-case scenario for every outcome instead looking at the great that can be a The sad part is, too many people wait until their back is against the wall, or a tragedy happens. Sometimes something happens to them, and they won't try to overcome it. If a person gets hurt playing a sport or riding a bike, they might not pick up that activity anymore. Nevermind they had the potential, to become great at it. Just think about when you were a child, everything you tried to do you failed until you learned how to master it. The goal then was to keep trying, and nothing would stand in your way. We didn't think about hard how it was, never even considering the repercussions we would have. Even at this age, most people became afraid of the dark because of stories or television programs. Fear is taught, just like being brave can be learned. Just think if our parents or mentors at birth taught us to tackle every challenge. If they have shown us that the reward on the other side of the dark was worth it, where would you be today?

Getting Over Your Fears

Getting over your fears is not an easy task. It takes confidence in one's self. You have to believe that whatever you do, you will find a way to make it work. Do you remember the video games from the 80' and 90'? Games like Mario Brothers and Zelda? No matter how many hours and days you sat in front of that console you never gave up. Every time you died, you were more excited how closer you got to complete the next level. Plus all the new tricks and short cuts you learned on the way. That is what being in the dark is in life. You won't know how fun it is or how much you are missing out on if you never hit the start button.

The best way to predict your future is to create it.

People often say you can't prognosticate the future, or; that is the way your hand was dealt. In my opinion, it is not an accurate assessment at all, you can make your future. You were born with the choice of free will even if you choose not to utilize it. The problem comes in when so many people act like cattle. They tend to follow what everyone else is doing. So if someone asked you to try a dating site to find love you wouldn't use it. In an event that someone you know finds an unbelievable soul mate and then gets married on that same dating site. You would then sign up for all of dating sites no more hesitation. So you waiting for someone else to test out the dark before you. Guess what now that person gets the reward and life that you are looking for. MAKE YOUR FUTURE TODAY

Invite Company To Go With You

Just think when you were little and afraid of the dark, as long as you had your siblings or a companion there you felt safe. It's the same as trying something new. Your business partner might be just as nervous as you are, but together you both will inspire each other to keep pushing. Studies show feeling awkward and embarrassed might be a couple of reasons why people don't try new things. The main reason is once again the fear of failure. Most people tell themselves it's no use before they even begin. Instead of quitting before you start, think about the reason why you wanted to start in the first place. To tell the truth, when you see it coming it should be scarier than when you don't. Sometimes when you are scared, you end up closing your eyes until you feel it is safe again anyway. You don't believe me think about the last horror movie you watch or the last time you got on a rollercoaster. Once you got through it, it wasn't as bad as you imagine

Very Important Video To Watch

Today Please tell us how you feel about the blog (Don't Be Afraid Of The Dark). Let us know what scares you about trying something new. Is it family, job, starting a business or just picking up and moving for a better opportunity in life. We would like to hear a story about a time your fear stopped you from doing something you now regret.

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Putt Toxey
Putt Toxey
Nov 06, 2019

@Erinnshaughnessy is your new way of dealing with fear showing any progress?


Sep 26, 2019

Another way to get over your fear of the dark - is to light a candle - or better yet - START A WILD FIRE! I think that you can start a wildfire in yourself by realizing that we are all going to die! There is no need to not do the things that you want to do - because in the end, you will have died anyway. Just today I got a fortune cookie and on the inside the little strip of paper said: "The thing one fears most is fear." Kind of like when JFK said the only thing we have to fear is fear itself. And what is fear?? Fear is NOTHING! It is just that feeling…


Sep 23, 2019

Easier said than done

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