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Either Condemn Or Condone

(Written By Ronald Guest)

This week's blog had me so upset I was only able to briefly touch on the subject. Do you see what I just did? I threw a pun in there for you. We need these adults to stop touching on these children better yet stop looking and lusting them.

This past week I have come across some disturbing videos of a YouTuber by the name of Shane Dawson, who is most popular for his rise to fame based upon his video-sharing on the

website YouTube and has since maintained an online presence. Dawson has made numerous comedic comments and videos regarding topics such as rape, racism, and pedophilia. Upon more research of my own; I have come to find out that there are legal organizations in place to advocate this type of illegal behavior. I am curious to know, why is this okay?

Our youth and their development is the most precious asset that we; the human race have to secure our destinies. If these young individuals are corrupted or persuaded into a sexual lifestyle or preferences too early, this could be devastating for them. Physically, mentally, and emotionally. Some people never recover from sexual abuse as children; they carry the encounter with them into adulthood, 80% of the time ruining their lives. It is a statistical fact that a large number of gay men were molested as boys. The same goes for lesbian women. We have to take that into consideration. It has to take part in contributing to their emotional development. A 2009 report prepared for a bisexual health summit revealed that 74 percent of bisexuals had been sexually abused as children. Organizations like The North American Man/Boy Love Association or (NAMBLA) and The Perverted Justice Foundation openly condones pederast.

Is this what makes people like Shane Dawson feel comfortable enough to openly toy with child sex abuse? Finding humor in masturbating to an eleven-year-old Willow Smith. Addressing another underage girl as “sexy” and the heinous list of behavior just goes on. Let’s keep in mind that this individual is a YouTube sensation and has a following of about 11 million people on Instagram. Individuals like Shane Dawson and Organizations such as the ones I’ve named above are extremely dangerous and should be banned. There should be laws in place to prohibit the support of the illegal activity. I’m not sure if they would allow the creation of foundations supporting purse snatching, sticking up bingo games saying; “Hey, it's natural to need money, and why not take it from those who are weaker, that’s animal instinct. It’s survival of the fittest”. We have to band together and collectively put an end to these types of actions and all of those who support it. It is disgusting, degrading, and dangerous for our youth. If we don’t condemn it, then we are condoning it. This is a free country my ass! This country ain’t that damn free. If we neglect to protect our youth from predators today, in that abandonment; we are molding the predators of tomorrow

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1 Comment

Alisa Harris
Alisa Harris
Jul 09, 2020

Wow.. where do i begin. So if boys were molested and end up being gay and girls become lesbians what is the reasoning for this guy and plenty others lusting over minors? I watch shows were they actually have groups for those sickos but never realized that they have one in real life.

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