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Excuses sounds best only to the person making them up!

My blogs are released every Sunday today is Monday is there an excuse for that? No, is there a reason maybe it don't it make a difference. I promise my reader every Sunday then I should be able to deliver on my word. I will tell you guys this I have learned from my mistake and have a plan in place that this will never happen again. With that being said I'm sorry please enjoy this week's blog titled ENOUGH WITH THE EXCUSES ALREADY.

(Watch This First)

We all make excuses for the bull crap in our lives. At which point do we say to ourselves enough is enough? Most of us are at jobs we hate in relationships with people we no longer have feelings for why? Today's blog we are going see a few example of people making excuses. Why did they stop their dream why did they decide to settle. Hopefully after reading this blog you will want to get back on your grind. It's never to late to start and you can move at your own pace. No matter how small as long as you move closer to your dream. We will find out if the problems are with ourselves or the people around us. What can we do to stop making excuses and start taking a risk to let go of your fear? Don't be afraid to fail "dreams without goals are just dream" by Denzel Washington. Ask yourself these questions am I happy with the way my life is right now? Is there anything I would like to have or do that I've been putting off? Am I OK with my family the way we are together, are my friends the best group of people to have around me? Am I happy every time I go to my job, Is my income enough so Im able to do everything I want? where I live am I happy with the area and the way my inside is space clean up to date? my education, did I travel everywhere I wanted to go, did I try everything I wanted to try and is my health great if you answer no to any of these you have work to do.

A friend of mines was telling me today he stopped writing his book. This book is about his life, and he knows it will become a best seller. Every morning he brags about how his life is like a movie. What he went through could make at least four books. He even told me how he plans to shop around the movie deal. He just didn't commit to writing it yet. His excuse is he has too much on his mind at this moment in his life. He is outside for a couple of hours every day just greeting people as they walk by. Not realizing this is more material that could go into his book. Most of the time our daily routine is all we need to become successful. Just find a way to make it closer to your goal each day. Take a second to think of a way how it will come to you. Here is another example a lady friend was explaining to me if she didn't have a child, she would have had finish school and had a career or opened up a business instead of a job. I listen to the type of business she wanted to open. The crazy thing is she could open that business today without going to school. What she did was put school in there as a way to have an excuse. This 34 years woman whose child goes to school all day is saying if only she started earlier in life. She has so many hours in her day to get the ball rolling but it's the fear of failure that is stopping her. You have to do more than just say I'm going to or about to do. While you are busy getting ready to start, others are doing what needs to be done. The one excuse I hear all the time is N.Y.C is too expensive. If that were true how come all these apartments are filling up quickly? The problem is the average person say "I can't afford that" successful people say, what can I do so I can afford that. If you want something you don't wait for someone to hand it to you. You go find a way to get it if you fail you keep trying until achieving it is your end game. There is no place too expensive to live just remember other people are already living there.

Here is a few pictures of people that really inspire each day.

You can take a look at any of these great people lives and become motivated. They all have one thing is common they never gave up no matter how the odds was stacked against them.

Here is my story

I had to be no older than eight years when I started doing things for myself. What I mean by that is earning and saving money. My parents brought me the things I needed. I had to find a way to buy me the things I wanted. I remember my cousin Chris and a group of his friends were going to the movies. It was only five dollars to get in, and I didn't have that. I could see the other kids laughing because I was broke. There was more than enough of them if everyone would give me fifty cents I could have gone. They all started walking to the theater called the Cosmos on 116th street. Instead of feeling sorry for myself I ran to my house found all the bottles and cans laying around. They were worth 5 cents each, but it was only 14 not enough. I grabbed a big bag and ran house to house floor to floor knocking on doors to see who have empty cans and bottles. We live in a 8 story complex with over a hundred apartment. By the time I got to the 4th floor, I had made my quota. I didn't stop I ran across the street cash them in and went back into my building I did the remaining floors. I ended up with $9.80 extra I took off running up the block until I arrived at the theater. Which was 14 blocks and one long avenue away from where I lived. I paid went to the concession stand got some popcorn and soda and met up with the group. The faces on some them you can tell they were not happy I made it. All I heard was where did you get the money from. All I said was Shh the movie is about to start. That was the first time I ever did something to prove to people I will not be stop by anything. I will always find a way to win NO EXCUSES.

Most of these things I learned and taught myself. (WATCH VIDEO ABOVE)

Please If you have a story, a plan or goal please tell us what it is. We need people to understand they are not alone. If you need help you can leave a comment I will reply to everyone.

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