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Everyone Has A Favorite

Who is my favorite child?
My group of misfits

Everyone has a favorite something, so why do we hide it sometimes? You hear it all the time on the radio and T.V. This week's favorite show or song. How about when you go on a first date you ask, what is your favorite color or type of food. Well, forget about all that nonsense this is my blog. I want to know who is your favorite child? Do you think you have one?

Please Watch This Video Before You Read This Blog

Other people can see it even if you don't!

I'm so sick of these parents lying their butts off like they don't have a favorite child. I get it you have to say you don't so you can spare the other children feelings. Please understand this doesn't mean you love one more than the others. It just means one makes you smile a little more when they are around. One helps out a little more than the others. One might get in trouble more than the others, so you need to keep a closer eye on that one. One reminds you of you when you were that age. One visits more, calls more, spends more time with you. One still needs you watching over them treating like a baby when the others are totally independent. One tells you everything as well as listens to the advice you give. One likes the same movies and music you like. One even might want to work in the same field as you when he/ she got older. This might be the one you always call to help you around the house. There might be a time you have two tickets to go somewhere and you want to find a way to take that one with you without pissing the other kids off. They all are your children but one might feel like your friend as well. Just take a minute to think about which one of your children it could be.

Child choosing the mom over the dad

If we are perfectly honest, all our children have a favorite parent. How do I know I was once a child. Even though time to time, it might have switched back and forth. You have seen this happen plenty of time; when a child is less than a year old one parent is holding them and another walking into the room and the child goes crazy to get to the other one. That is considered a favorite parent. Look at how that came about. One parent might have played with the baby a little more. Held the baby more, or feed him or her more. Let's get back to the parents. If you ever were a middle child, you would understand you didn't get the attention you felt you deserved. You might not feel you do have one but bring all your children into the room one day ask them. I'm pretty sure they would all pick out the same child. I can't stress this statement enough. Just because you have one doesn't mean you won't love them all the same. Remember that your favorite child standing out is not supposed to make you feel guilty. It just states that his or her personality connects with yours on another level.

Here is my story

I have three children, two daughters, and one son. My son is my middle child. I know what you are thinking, my son, is my favorite child. If you thought that, you would be correct but not for the reason you might think. He has been by my side all his life. He understands the importance of family. He picks up the phone just to check up on the old man his words, not mine. He is the one that when he starts a project, he will see it through to the end no matter the outcome. His drive is similar to my own. As for my girls, you only hear from them when they are in trouble or need something. So you probably guessed it if they are alright it will take months or even a year before you hear from either one. Every time my son is in town, he makes the plan so we could spend time together. Whats makes it even crazier Dio lives the furthest and I see him more than the girls. We are talking four states away. Even today he flew in yesterday and met me at my old block reunion. I want my girls and anyone else children reading this to understand a favorite can change overnight. You have to step up to get that position. I am the middle child out of eight boys. At one time or another I know I was both my parents favorite but the rotation was quick. It never too late to become a favorite and how long depends on you. I still LOVE all my children the same.

My children together
He earned his spot!!!

Today's call of action let's see how many brave parents are out here

In the comments below post a picture of your favorite child. (It don't count if you only have one) You can post 1 reason why.

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Aug 13, 2019

I only have one child. But my son will probably always be my favorite child. Period. He changed my life. No way around it. 💯


Putt Toxey
Putt Toxey
Aug 09, 2019

@Schnedia I couldn't have said it better myself. Spot on


Schnedia Batey
Schnedia Batey
Aug 08, 2019

My favorite child is never the same child...It changes for different reasons. When I was a younger parent, my favorite child was the one who thought more like me than the others. As I got older I began to favor the one who possessed less qualities like my own because by this time I could see my flaws in my children. Now I just favor the one who likes to spend the most time with me. I mean how could you not like the child who actually likes you as a person lol.


Aug 05, 2019

I have one child, however growing up my older sibling (my brother) was able to get away with so much and had more freedom then me. I used to think it was because he was a boy but then realized he was the shining star. He got good grades and gave my parents no problems. I am the youngest child and gave my parents lots of trouble growing up. I have one child so of course he's my favorite but if I had more children I would love them equally and treat them the same


Kathryn Dannielle Clinkscales
Kathryn Dannielle Clinkscales
Jul 30, 2019

I don't have children but what you said about everyone knowing who the favorite is is absolutely true.

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