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Why Customer Service Today is Ranked #Zero

Updated: Jun 25, 2019

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I remember a time when customer service and sales reps. meant someone that is knowable of the goods and service of the place they worked at. On top of that, they were helpful kind and courtesy to all customers. When you went to apply for a customer service positions the first question the interviewer would ask you is "have you ever worked in this field of work before and how much do you know about our product or company?" The second question that followed would be "how well are you with working with people"? When you got hired most retail stores enrolled you into a mandatory training program. Plus you were on a trial period to see if you were right for the position sometimes 30 days some companies will go up to a year in a probation period. In today’s job market you no longer need the experience to work anywhere as long as you have a degree from some school or you knew someone that is currently working there that refers you that is all that is needed to work today.

We need these type of businesses back!!!

"The Wiz" was the Best in Customer Service

I remember walking into The Wiz, J&R music world or even Alexanders (the '70s and 80’s version of target) as soon as you walked in someone would greet you at the door. When you explained to that person what you were looking for they would take the time to walk you over to that section and find the item then breakdown what you asked for and compare it to every item similar to it, That way it would help to give you the best options to make a great purchase. Again

let me say whoever greeted you at the front door knew about everything they sold and where was it located in the entire store. They were our personal Google search engine for that particular store. Whenever there was a problem let’s say something was sold out; you had a rude salesman or they weren't familiar with what you looking for the manager would step in and pleasantly find a way to correct the situation he/she would make you feel like always coming back to shop there sometimes offering a discount. For a sold out item, you would receive a rain-check 9 times out of 10 the sales rep would apologize right there on the spot no matter who was right or wrong the customer was always right back then.

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2019 what the heck happened

You walk into the stores now the only person at the front is the security guards they are not even hired by the store they work for some outside company. Most sales reps. will watch you walking towards them and duck into the closest aisle just to avoid you. when you do find one They won't help you, it's never their section they want you to look for another person wearing the same uniform only problem is they are all wearing that uniform how can you tell which department they work in? When you finally find someone that works in that department they don’t have a clue of what you are talking about they usually ask the next sale's rep walking by hopefully they know what you are talking about. If that doesn’t work they have the nerve to pull out their phone or walk you to the station where their computer is and look it up online to see if they could get any information for you. Too many times I walk into a Best Buy, Target, Rite-aid or the local supermarkets' everything that was advertised on sale is always out of stock. They won’t offer you rain-checks any more what they suggest you do is come back on their delivery day and it might be some more items coming in on the truck, but they are not completely certain. If you do get in a disagreement with a customer service agent or sales rep you are already on the other end of a losing battle. When the manager comes over who happens to be the friend, family or boyfriend/girlfriend of the sales rep will defend them no matter what your situation is. There is no discount offered no fixed problem no apologies what you will hear most of the time is sir/ma’am you are too rude we don’t need your business here please leave yes call corporate “MY NAME IS ______” while you are leaving the store you can see them all together laughing and joking like they didn’t just waste your time. Don’t get me started with the M.T.A workers, restaurant employee, Bank tellers, and NYC comedy clubs staff let’s leave that for another Blog.

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2 comentarios

Milton Benson jr
Milton Benson jr
18 jun 2019

Peace I totally agree. The worst for me is asking an employee for help finding something and instead of taking you there they point to this aisle or that area or give you a GPS explanation how to get there “ make a right there a left there walk down that aisle down them stairs waaaaay in the back it might be on the bottom shelf.”

Me gusta

Subrina Pruitt
29 may 2019

I can agree that customer service in a lot of places have really took a turn for the worst. I go to Chick-fil-A not just because of the food, but also for the customer service.

Me gusta
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