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How And When To Defend Yourself.

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From Bullies

Bullies are the easiest to defend yourself from. Just stand up to them. Most bullies are people looking for attention and have been abused themselves. There is a saying I heard a few years ago; Hurt people hurt. This means if someone is hurting they rather make others feel as they do, to feel better about themselves. Depending on your circumstances if you are a young child tell the people to stop if they hit you hit them back. If that doesn't work then let a parent or teacher know. If that parent or teacher doesn't fix the problem then tell another adult repeat until the problem is solved. This goes for cyberbullying as well report it to the platform customer service team to have them blocked or removed. If you are older just don't give them any feedback or attention if it gets out of hand kindly take them to a nice quiet place with no one around and beat the crap out of them. Without a crowd, they won't have a reason to prove they are not weak. After this most bullying will end up being your friend they look for tough people to hang around with.

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How to Defend Yourself from Bullies

From Police

It is the saddest thing to say but who protects us from the police? The people that are paid to protect us are the ones we need the most protection from. When people make a mistake in life it something small and can be fixed right away. Sometimes a little more major like getting fired from a good job or losing your rent in the casino. Again these could be fixed in a matter of hours or days. When a cop makes a mistake it is usually a life-changing experience. Locking up the wrong person and years later finding out they were innocent. Doing a raid on the wrong house because some information or tip was incorrect. Damaging everything in a house that took a lifetime to build and most items can't be replaced. What about the most talked about the topic using excessive force where a person is brutally beating or lose their life. You can't take that back. No matter how much money is giving to the person or family. A lot this is a power trip that the officer has from wearing the badge. They need to understand they are here to uphold the law and protect the citizens not frighten or intimidate them. The law is you have the right to defend yourself with the same force of someone trying to harm you.

So can a person kill a cop if the cop is trying to kill them? YES, but please don't go out killing police just know you have the same rights as they do most of the time when a cop is asked why did they shoot someone the answer is 95% time I was in fear of my own life. SO ARE WE. That also means you have the right to step in and protect a friend or family member if the officers are going too far.

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Dealing With Police

From IRS

The IRS is the biggest bulliest in America. They force you to get a job just so they can take a cut of your earning. In some cases, they will put you in jail if you don't mostly toward the people of color. If you don't believe me take a look at people that are not keeping up with their child support they can put you in jail. Another thing if you come home from prison and on a release program you have a certain amount of time to find employment or you will get sent back in jail. The sad part is they will place so many restrictions on you and you still need to find work, like curfews and certain places you can't seek employment like most government jobs. Please don't owe back taxes they will destroy your whole life and take anything of value from you. If they feel you don't have enough to take then they will throw you in jail. Jail, Jail, Jail so let me get this straight. I don't have any money so your answer is to put me in prison so the ones that are paying taxes have to pay the state to keep me in there? How does that make sense? Most people are scare of the IRS and feel that it is unfair that the rich don't pay taxes. The rich people are smart they do something that everyone else has the opportunity to do. Hire a tax accountant to handle their money (CPA). Before you say you can't afford one yes you can. If the CPA can save you a few thousand on your taxes each year you can pay them a few hundred. These professionals know all the new tax breaks and changing laws. Their only focus is to find ways to save you more money. These special groups of people are not afraid of the IRS. They can even teach you how to hide money in places where you can't get taxed these are called tax shelters. You might have heard of a few like Roth IRA, index funds, and even countries where you can place large sums of money so it won't get taxed over and over again and, it's all legal. So in this case the way to beat the bully is to find someone that is not scared to stand up to the bully. Just for the record an accountant and a tax preparer are two different things. H&R Block, Jackson Hewett, and Liberty are not accountants.

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IRS Wins Most Hobby Loss Cases, But Don’t Let That Intimidate You

From Haters

Hater is another easy one to defend yourself against. If you feel or know someone is hating on you stay away from them. If this is not possible like you work together don't share any personal information with them. Don't feed the problem with arguing or attention. Try your best not to let them know your plans they will only try to stop them. If you heard they said something about you, let it go don't address it. Haters are usually upset when someone has material things or accomplish something in life they always wanted. Mad if you have a girl or guy that interests them. When you drive a car they wish they could afford it. Even when your children are doing well in life and their kids are in constant trouble. The biggest downfall about haters is they won't try to achieve what they want in life they just don't want others to enjoy it at the same time. So the next time you see a hater coming your way say "HI HATER" no kidding aside just keep walking and keep them from your circle plus stay out of their way.

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How 10 High Achievers Handle Haters

From Yourself

Most of us heard the saying you are your worst enemy. This happens to be so true. Who puts the wrong food in your body, you do. Who spends more than they make and get in debt, you do. Who stays up too late, you do. Who drinks and smokes too much, again you do. So when we say who protects you from yourself the answer should be you. There is some outside help you can seek if needed. Parents, Hospitals, friends, family, books, mentors, life coach, financial advisors, and support groups. None of these people or places will help you if you are not willing to accept the help or make the change. Mental health and depression are two things most people won't even admit having issues with until it is too late. Another is alcohol or substance abuse. The best way to help yourself is to realize you need help then commit to receiving it from yourself or others. There are so many places one could go for help; just type it in google and hundreds if not thousands of help will pop up. Or if you are reading this blog just call, inbox, or email me and I will do my best to help or point you in the right direction to get help. By the way, my name is Putt Toxey and I have helped thousands of people. My door is always open. "What To Do Entertainment" the company that puts people before price.

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17 Self-Defense Tips That Will Make You Safer Right Now

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