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How can I get to the next level?

When you hear people say "I'm trying to get to the next level." what does that mean to you? Most people ask for more out of life but are they willing to put in the work to get it? My next level is simple; it means getting closer to my goal. Next level, so what are you willing to do for it? Are you going get up earlier every morning, are you going to take classes and study more on the subject?. Will you surround yourself with like minded individuals? Everything has a price are you willing to foot the bill?

Two of today's most successful men
Warren Buffet And Bill Gates

I hear many quotes referring to getting to the next level in your career and or life. The two that stands out the most to me are, "Many people are willing to pay a high price, but few are willing to pay the full price." The other one Kenny Williams always say to me is, "You can't steal second with your foot still on first base." Getting to the next level has nothing to do with money and everything to do with one's character. Bill Gate, Warren Buffet, Elon Musk, and many others, like them, chose to be different. These individuals were willing to put it all on the line to achieve great success. So many people tried to talk them into giving up on their ideas and dreams. Do you know how hard it is to be the only person that could see your vision? The long days the sleepless nights, weekends are not exempt. The sacrifice of putting everything second, including family is where most people draw the line. Not to mention, you are never sure when things will turn to your favor. The traits you need to possess is a short list. Self-discipline, High self-esteem, loyalty, trustworthy, and have a great imagination. Put your self around a positive group of people, and then you will be on your way to leveling up.

The biggest problem I see with trying to level up is your environment. Every aspect matters from the people you are around, the places you work at and hang, even the attitude of the strangers on your commute. People you come in contact with on a daily basis is always advising you to quit your dream. Note it's not that people don't want you to be successful; it's just the programming that most people grew up with. You all heard the saying, "The road less traveled is the most difficult one." When I first started my company, so many people express to me not to leave my job. I understood their need for a safety net. Why push the fear into others that are willing to take the challenge. It is so much more to becoming a better version of your self than just saying it,you need to actively become a better version of your self. Set goals make plans take steps these will get you on the wave. Please don't mistake leveling up as a point once you get there you can stop. It's even harder to stay there. Do you think that rich and successful people stopped working once they became successful? These are the people that keep climbing to another level. The problem is when people see these people they think it was easy to get to that level. Leveling up is the best feeling anyone could have once you are climbing, but not the greatest feeling when you don't see or feel any results. Let's take a look at one of my life's stories.

"What You Laughing At" comedy series We keep Climbing

I remember back in 2014 when Jamie Roberts and myself created a comedy series called What You Laughing At. We started in a venue that held 60 seats we produced two shows that night. It was a great turnout. Both shows are completely sold out. So we decided to produce a show every quarter. This time we increase it to three shows again all three sold out. The next time we had ran into our first problem. This time the show was the same night as a big game on t.v. We sold all the tickets for all the three shows, but this time less than half of the people came out. Now we learned how important dates are when planning our events. The shows were described by our guests as amazing. The only complain that everyone would agree upon the seats were uncomfortable. So Our next show we moved to a bigger venue at the National Black Theater in Harlem. The Guys that runs and operates that place is a mentor and friend of mine name Nabii. Not only did he rent me the venue but he taught me the best way to Utilize my time there. He has shown me tricks how to get the crowd in how to set up the waiting area for the ones waiting for the next performance. As well as teaching me an important rule of how not to leave money on the table. (A term used to generate the most revenue while there). This place holds 200 people so we triple our seating chart. The issue now we didn't have the clients to fill one show let alone three in one night. We stayed the course every three months as promised. The next two shows were more than half empty. All our hard work was going down the drain. Then it happened the fourth show staying consistent in thinking of a way to draw a crowd in finally started to pay off. We sold out all three shows close to six hundred people in one night. Three months later not the whole six hundred but about five hundred and thirty people came out still a great night. The show after that close to five hundred. Man Jamie and I were feeling invincible when it came to these show on 125th street. Wouldn't you know it getting cocky and relaxed our very next show we barely had two hundred people in attendance. It was embarrassing not to mention the huge financial loss we took on that event. We now understood that success doesn't stop and go you need to keep the wheels turning all the time. Once the date is set and the deposit is given to a venue or bus company the promotions start and continue non-stop until the day of the event. I'm happy to say our last two shows are numbers are back up again. This September we are going to try a bigger venue this time outside our home town. Port Washington Long Island four hundred and twenty-five seats. Keep your fingers crossed this is still just the beginning for us.

Please tell us in the comments below if you are leveling up and what type of career, project or lifestyle you trying to achieve. We want to hear your opinion on what we here at WHAT TO DO ENTERTAINMENT can do to make your experience with us even better.

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