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How Important Is 3?

Today's blog will be a little different than what my readers are used to. I want to talk about 3 in more of a measurement scale as in one-third of a pie. I don't want this to come across as a conspiracy or a superstition. To me, it is merely a coincidence. I guess this is what happens when I have too much time to think to myself these past few months. So here I go tell me what you think if you can add more things or feel the same way I do about 3.


Shout out to my son Dio and his group "Tracy Money" they rep 333 He knows about them 3s'.


1. Weather

The weather is easy its either Hot, Warm/Cool, or Cold. The summer is June, July, and August. The winter is December, January, and February. 3 months hot three months cold if you live in a place like New York. Then you have September, October, and November which is fall. March, April, and May which is spring. both of these times are exactly the same. Just one you start to dress warmer and the other you wear the same type of clothes just different colors just brighter. So you can say winter is the cool part and spring is the warm part.

2. Money

When it comes to money we are divided into three sections. Poor, middle class, or Rich. This is really based on the general population. This is determined but a few observations. Where you live, where you shop, and what type of assistance you receive. You are considered poor if you live in low-income housing (AKA the projects.) If you receive SNAP benefits and medical assistance. You are considered middle class if you live in a better neighborhood or maybe own your house. Drive a late model car and can afford to pay for your children's education. If you make too much to qualify for the assistance programs that the poor people have. You are considered rich if you have a huge home with more rooms than you need. If you have someone cleaning your house or driving you around. Your children go to private schools and the best colleges. If you have businesses and investments. If you travel in first-class or private jets. If you have enough assets pay for all of your liabilities.

3. Average Family Size

A common family is made up of a mother, father, and one child. With the new family, the component is I hate to say it, a single parent with two children. whatever way you spin it, it still adds up to three. With the larger families, it would be 3 kids, mother, father, and a grandparent. 6 divided by 2 is three.

4. The Learning Process

There are 3 stages to learning, the beginner, the intermediate, and the expert. There is no possible way anyone can become an expert by skipping any of the other two. Everyone wants to be an expert, but most people can't make it past the intermediate stage.

5. Days

Each day has 24hrs in them, no exception. This breaks down to 3 eight hour shifts. Your body needs 8 hours of sleep. We work an average of 8 hours a day. Then you have 8 hours to spend any way you like. Most people use that extra 8 hours to waste time. Just think if you took 3 hrs of that time to work on yourself how much better your life will become. For me, it would look something like 1 hr reading, 1 hr working out, and 1 hr working on a new skill (to become an expert at whatever).

6. Bills

This next one not everyone will fit into this category. Let's say for this blog it will pertain to at least one-third of the people reading. (lol you see how I did that?). For this example, everyone makes $1500.00 a week. $500. goes to the taxman, $500 goes to your landlord and you get to keep the other $500. So now you have another third breakdown of your other bills such as transportation, utilities, cable, and phone. Then you have child care, food, and personal care. Out of $1500. a week you are really only left $166.00. That is the reason so many people are broke not looking at the underline cost of everything. Starting at $1500. and ending up $166.00 if you don't believe me how much do you have left after your check.

7. A Lifetime

With today's modern medicine, most people are living longer. The average age is 90 years old before people cross over. So that means, your first 30 years you are considered a child; then a young adult. Which is the same society, still allows you to make childish mistakes. These are the years to grow and learn all the skills to have a great life. From 30 to 60 you are considered grown. This is when it is time to settle down get married (if you are lucky enough to find that special someone) have a family buy a house. If you are over 30 and still trying to figure out what you want to be in life; you are looking like a loser or lazy. You better not be broke or living with your parents then you really have issues. From 60 to 90 is considered your golden years. You are supposed to relax not have to work anymore. Your life at this point should be like a permanent vacation. 90 plus years you are blessed (stop showing off lol)


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2 comentarios

Putt Toxey
Putt Toxey
22 jun 2020

@Ronald Guest yes and its our duty to wake people up. Can't wait to see what topic you put out this Wednesday on The Ronn Report

Me gusta

21 jun 2020

Great article! When you think about it the whole world is broken down numerical through division

Me gusta
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