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I'm Telling!!!

On the Police

Some of these cops feel they are above the law. I think somewhere down the line they forget to protect and serve. I cannot say for sure if they join the force so they could abuse their power, or after years in the system, they become that way. Either way, you see them breaking the law themselves. Driving while on the phones without their seatbelts on. The way some of them violate civilian's rights by using unethical tactics to make some arrests. Some lie and coerce them into admitting guilt in the interrogation room even when they are innocent. Deny them council, threatened to mess with their family and friends if they do not cooperate with them. Some will even plant or remove evidence just to make their case stick. Recently too many have been accused of using excessive force even to the point some people lose their lives. They do go under investigation they are usually cleared of all wrongdoing. Remember we are telling the law enforcement agency to enforce the law on their own cohorts. So, who do you tell? Intern Affairs are a joke because if you did have a past, they will use that against your current situation and credibility, now you have the police force mad at you. The one thing you do not want is the force mad at you they will dig up stuff that is not even there just to make the complaint go away. No matter if they do wrong by me, I am telling if nothing happens then I am calling my local politicians. If still nothing happens, I am calling every newspaper that will pick up my call. TREAT US BETTER OR WE ARE TELLING.

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On Horrible Service

One of my pet peeves is going to customer service or calling them and I must explain to them how to do their job. Instead of them taking it in and being thankful that I showed them something new they did not know about their job and be happy, I am met with anger. After a few minutes of going back and forth I ask for a supervisor, 9 out of 10 times My issues are handled. My problem; is how can that person call themselves a customer service rep if they are not doing everything in their power to help you. What happens to the customer is always right. Even if we are wrong, we should be shown a level of respect because we are either trying or doing business with the company you work at. I am the type of person that goes through a lot of bull crap in life, I do not want anyone else to go through the same thing after I am done. That is why I never leave without making a fuss to get a higher up attention. We always get a survey asking about our experience but what happened to the employee that treated us horribly? Now with the at-home workers, it has gotten 10 times worst. Especially with these automated responses that never get you to the department or speak to a live agent. Now you must go through a series of press 1 or press 2 at least 5 times then putting you on hold for another 5 to 15 minutes. Just to finally get a live person on the phone that will say I cannot handle that it is not my department. Now, most businesses today do not even offer a live call service. Everything is done back and forth via text messaging or email which takes a 24hr response time. Who do we call to get these people replaced or trained better? Where is the update about that customer service rep that was reprimanded? Why when we need to call months later dealing with another issue, we end up going through the same process? Either improve your services or merchandise so we do not need to make returns or calls or fix your customer service department. Only use people that have the power to make decisions on the company’s behalf. IE only managers and supervisors could work in this department. If not IM TELLING!

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On Homeless People

I do not want to come off cruel and insensitive but a large number of homeless people are crossing the line. I realize most of them fell on hard times, but they cannot disrupt others. It is cold outside but when I go into an A.T.M vestibule to do my banking I do not want anyone hanging out there. Let alone sleeping on the floor bringing in their belongings, most of the time things collected off the street a cart full of unsanitary items. I walk into some places and they were smelling so bad I had to walk out to find the next closes A.T.M. or subway cars. Then you have some of them with mental issues harassing, sometimes physically attacking people. I remember one guy was in there spitting on all the machines. Another time a man went into a family restaurant and started undressing. The government needs to fix this problem more aggressively. Either make more affordable housing or start more back to work programs like ready willing and able. This is design for inmates coming home that need a place to stay and work. Most homeless people or the ones I met and got to know, want to work but America has too much red tape. When you fall behind it is hard to get back on your feet. Let us not lose focus on the topic. If they are interfering or disrupting other people just trying to do their daily routines like commuting to work because they are blocking the entrance to local transit, a business, or a residential building. Telling is not always a bad thing sometimes will help them get the help they need. SO IM TELLING.

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On My Parents

Everything in our lives starts with our parents. Yes a few of us fall through the cracks and turn out the exact opposite of our parents. In most cases, we end up just like them either good or bad. Parents can cause their children to become depressed. What most parents forget or do not realize is children tend to do what they do and not what they say. So, if you work a dead-end job that just pays the bills but does not make you happy that is exactly the type of job your children will end up working. Even with you telling them to get a better job or life than you had. If you are telling your children not to smoke while you have a cigarette or rolling up some weed what you think they will do. Let us address the main problem when the parents are sitting in the house for hours without interacting with their kids that is a problem. When parents are not taking the time to cook well-balanced meals for their children somebody should say something. Children will love to eat process junk food all day long if not taught differently. When they are young try making snack time fruits and vegetables instead of chips and pizza. When you hear parents yelling and cursing at children all day that must stop. Single parents need to stop using their children as leverage against each other it's not their fight. When your child or children are running the streets committing crimes, when are the parents held liable for them? When the children are bad and disrespectful in school that comes from what they are taught at home. Bottom line who protects the children from the parents? Let me know who to call and I'M TELLING.

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On My Teachers

Some teachers are doing more damage than good when it comes to our children’s education. Do not get me wrong there are many wonderful teachers today. When I say teachers, I am speaking more than just the public schools. I am talking about the whole industry, driving schools, job corps, colleges, and trade schools. This small group of teachers is filling student's precious time with useless nonsense that they will never use in the real world. Why is it important to know who won WW1 and WW2? How many people in this world will need to know trigonometry to get their job done? In a world, with Google, you can get an answer in seconds just by asking your phone. So why hasn’t the curriculum change for modern technology yet? I can build a house or repair any car just by watching a few hours of YouTube videos, why am I learning the same thing for six months at a time? The teachers and unions are always fighting for an increase in pay and benefits. How hard are they fight for the learning system to become updated? If they notice so many of the children are falling behind in their class, are they finding another method to teach this group, or are giving them extra attention to certain students to catch them up with the rest of the class. This is one of those businesses if the efficiency of the company is low, they will receive more funding to help it improve. Meaning if a teacher is not doing a good job, they still get a full paycheck with benefits and a yearly bonus sometimes a raise. So, you must ask yourself what is the motivation to work harder? When they are not giving their students 100% who reports this behavior? No one believes a student over a teacher if a few students complain the principal might just figure the teacher is giving the students hard work. This means if some students pass and others fail it is the students that did not pay attention. So once again the lazy or bad teachers will slip through the cracks. Who do you tell when you want to change not in just one area but to get a staff of teachers to make changes for the whole school? I need to know so when my children or grandchild comes to me with a problem about their teacher IM TELLING.

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On Anything That Is Messed Up

Please do not involve me in any of your stupidness. If you are planning to rob someone make sure I am not there. If I see someone attacking an innocent person I am going to tell. If two people want to fight each other willingly and one gets hurt I will mind my business. If someone is selling something to someone that wants to buy it, that does not have anything to do with me. The way I look at its drugs is bad. As well as the so-called legal drugs sold over the counter. So, should I tell if a pharmacy has a sale on medication (legal drugs)? I will tell if I see someone trying to force people to either sell drugs for them or make them buy drugs. When I was a teenager living in bk, there was a group of kids that use to hang at the check-cashing place at the beginning of each month. They would stand outside to snatch old ladies’ purses. If I would have known better, I would have told somebody about them. It might not have been the police it might have been the older kids hanging in the parks; it was their family members that were subjected to get robbed by the other kids. The same way I used to see men aggressively hit on young women, I should have spoken up more. Would it have gotten me in trouble at times; yes? The way I view things now is that could have been my grandmother getting robbed or my daughter getting hit on. I would want someone to step in and say something or report it on their behalf. Just like today, we all hear so many older people talking about the bad kids in their neighborhood, but they never go knock on the parent’s door and let the parent know, like adults used to do back in the days. There is a quick stage that should be used before reporting someone you should always address the person first and maybe they will stop (approach them only if you feel it is safe to do so.). After that, if it continues then take it to the next level. Remember it is nothing wrong with helping a person. Minding your business could get one or both parties hurt. I tell my friends all the time I do not want to hear any plans of you about to do wrong the less I know the better. If you know me, I only keep positive people and vibes around me. So, the next time you decide to do something stupid or sketchy makes sure I am not around because if some innocent person gets hurt because of your neglect I’M TELLING. If you hit me, you are going to jail I no longer fight in the street I fight in the courts. BUSINESS 101.

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Today's call of action, tell us about a time you had to report someone, or wish you had.

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