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If I Only Had 7 Days To Live, How Would I Spend Each One

Today's topic will be about something uncomfortable to most people but very important to discuss; Death. We all know that one day we will be laid to rest, so why it considered taboo to plan? People think if you talk about it or plan it, it will happen much sooner. When planning would help you and your love ones sleep better, knowing that everything is taken care of. Medical insurance should be in order in case you are rushed to the hospital. Receiving another bill will be the last thing your family needs if you passed away. Life insurance should be in place the cost of having a service today is expensive. Especially in the event of sudden death or an accident, you would want the family to be able to continue without altering their way of life too much. The right life insurance would help maintain the cost of living for your family until they come up with a plan. If not, your children might have to change schools or even drop out, your wife or husband might have to pick up a second job just to keep a roof over your heads. Not to mention the help you might need to hire because your responsibilities are already overwhelming.

Some of these days or steps can help you or your loved ones.

Day 1

Make sure all my affairs are in order

The top thing on this list is getting my affairs in order. I will make sure my last will and testament is updated. Check out how many outstanding balances I have. Add up all my assets plus look over my portfolio. Get my clothes ready to be buried, plus pick out the place I want to have my service. I don't want my family running around crazy trying to figure these things out. I will leave instructions to my children how to keep the family business running, and how I would like them to continue to support the less fortunate. I will have a plan in place so that all my hard work won't go to waste in one or two generations. I will donate or sell everything in my house and get rid of the things that were sentimental to me. I will make sure I have one last gift for each child that will help them for at least the next year or two.

Day 2

Tell my family and friends

I picked telling everyone on day 2, Because I needed to handle all the important stuff before everyone rushed over and start the pity party. If you ever watched the movie the bucket list (one of my favorite movies), Morgan Freeman and his wife had a falling out. The problem was she wanted him to stay home with the family until his last day. He wanted to go out and do everything he has ever wanted to do before he passes. Remember your last days is yours don't let anyone guilt you into giving them away. So I guess when the house is full or where ever we meet for the talk, I don't want anyone to be sad I did had a life worth living. I will go down person to person and let them know how much they meant to me over the years. Then we will eat drink and live for the moment.

Day 3

Eat everything I used to plus things I been meaning to try.

Did you know what my only vice in this world is, not drugs or alcohol it is FOOD! If I only had 7 days left to live, I am going to eat everything. Man, I miss a good fried pork chop, A ham, and cheese sandwich. I miss having a 7oz Jackson Hole cheeseburger. I'm not going lie a T-bone steak with some mashed potatoes will be the first thing on my list. Every morning I don't care what kind of breakfast I'm having as long as it has a side order of pork bacon. I would love to taste my meatloaf again you guys don't know the torture you put me through, when you pick up a plate from me. Oh, man, I used to go mad for some beef ribs. This might sound crazy, but I miss a big Mac, egg roll, rib tips, Jamaican beef patty, franks from the stand, meat lovers pizza, Quarter Pounder even a white castle burger. As for drinks, a Cherry Vanilla Coke is all I need. It would be nice to have a Pepsi, Sunkist maybe even a Welsh's grape. Now for a few foods, I never had but would like to try. A gyro, Lasagna, Lamb chops. fried gator, Peach Cobbler and the list go on.

Day 4

Bucket list Day

I guess the bucket list will be the hardest day for me. Not doing the things on the list just that some of them involve me going to different places. Then most of them are more about learning training, which will take more than 7 days to complete. One is learning a different language, another is, learning to play an instrument. I'm actually in the process of doing both, so if the unfortunate week came it should be already crossed off. I never visited, the Statue of Liberty, I never been a tourist in N.Y.C. 2020 I will take care of both of these items who wants to join me? I'm planning to have at least 40 plus years left in this world. The goal is to live every day as your last why wait until your last to live?

Day 5

Fulfilling all my sexual fantasies

I think my fantasies are more of a with which women instead of what kind. I do have two I can think of. One would be in the air on a private jet. The other is one day I would like to walk into the presidential suite of a 5-star hotel or mansion with a California king-size bed. I want it to look like a U.N conference is about to take place. With no less than 5 women each with a different nationality. Waiting for the head Dictator to come in and make all the nations join together lol. Now to the who part, there about 10 women, I would consider my fantasy to become intimate with.

1. Megan Good

2. Selma Hayek

3. Sofia Vergara

4. Alicia Keys

5. Nafessa Williams

6. Christina Milian

7. Simone Missick

8. Erica Ash

9. Lesley-Ann Brandt

10. Even Miley Cyrus sexy ass makes the list.

I'm not greedy any three off the list would be fine. Come on ladies it would be my dying request lol.

Day 6

Throw A Big party for all my family, friends and people I might have impacted over the years.

Day 6 will be a day to remember. It will be like having the wake before I pass. I will make sure I have enough space, food, and drinks. Instead of all the people I know, talking to everyone else, they will be talking with me directly. Honestly, I rather people pay their respect this way and not when I'm gone. This party, if done right, will include public school, high school, and college friends. All the job co-workers I ever worked with. All the business partners plus businesses I did business with. I would like all the people that mentored me and the ones I mentored myself to attend. It would be great if a few role models come out and shake my hand. I can't forget my friends and all the people that I inspired. I would hope every family member and the people that considered me family to show up. For a minimum of 4 hours, we will have the event that will be remembered for decades.

Something like one of these parties

Day 7

Just a day with my family and closest friends.

Day 7 would be the most emotional of them all. At the same time, I would give up at least 4 of the days just for this one. This day my family and I will stay together no matter where we go. A quick flight somewhere warm with a beautiful atmosphere. That way, we can watch the sunset. We will be eating great food, laughing, and cracking jokes on each other. Play a few games on how well we know each other. Later in the evening, we sit around and tell stories of things that made an impact on us involving myself. We will try to make amends with each other, plenty of the family need to address any misunderstandings so the family can become closer. If nothing else, I want to show the family how it feels to be together again. I have attended too many funerals where people see family members they haven't seen in years and won't until the next person passes away. Life is too short to hold grudges, let the past go and once again live for today.

There are a few things that go for each day, I will eat what I want each day. My children can choose to spend as much time with me as they like. I would only sleep 3 maybe 4 hours a day there may be an hour nap in the middle of the day. everyone that I come in contact with I would express my feelings towards them, only the positive one. Most important I would be thankful for every extra second I have to live.

I want to dedicate this week's blog to my cousin James who passed on 03/03/2020. Known to the world as Dirt Bike James. He was born my cousin but left this world treating me as his brother. Also one of my closest friend Oscar Garcia

Today's call of action if you feel like me on any of these days Why not do them now? Don't wait. Call ten people today and tell them you love them or was just thinking about them. Make time for your family you only get one shot at this. As always tell us what you think about today's blog and please leave a comment.

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Apr 06, 2020

I'm not a player but I'd CRUSH A LOT :) :) :) Naa but seriously, I'd do some off the wall shit like skydive, probably at a wild location like New Zealand or whatever..say goodbye to the fam..meditate and prepare myself to enter into the next realm of life :D


Benjamin Gibbs
Benjamin Gibbs
Mar 09, 2020

This is a very thought-provoking blog. I’ve come across these things myself and one through seven was very important put things in order,accomplishing things that we have not done. Reaching out and making sure we are around love ones and dear friends that we hold in high regard. Having our our financials and business and order also last minute things such as will/testament and burial plot established so no one will bare the burden of making a go fund me when your sorry a** could’ve been paying $15 monthly for life Ins;instead of buying those Jordan’s and foamposits ‼️ And most of all leave a financial legacy as well for the future legacy to continue and build on. A Buc…


Mar 09, 2020

I agree with Amir, this blog was heartfelt, funny and just a great read. I look forward to your blog each and every Sunday! Keep up the amazing work, I love you!


Putt Toxey
Putt Toxey
Mar 09, 2020

@Amir you helped me too many time to count and always encouraged me to grow. Thank you for inviting me into the Cotman family I love you all.


Amir Cotman
Mar 08, 2020

This blog was truly one of my favorites thus far and it gave me much to think about keep up the good work love you Brother

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