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If You Want To Become A Millionaire Quit School.

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I don't mean for everyone to run out and dropout today, I do mean there are so many people in school without a plan. Most students are in school because they were told to go without giving them a good reason just that you will get a good job. There was a time when without completing school most places wouldn't hire you. The one thing school don't teach you is how to become wealthy. It won't even show you how to invest in your future. Why would you make us take a gym class and not an investment class? If we are being honest the only reason you go to school is so you are smart enough to get a job. Why do a child or young adult has to go in debt before he or she is allowed to earn decent money. If you do go to college and for most people take out loans you have the potential to make double of a person that just finished high school. The average paid for a high school graduate is $37,000 the average college graduate is $60,000. Here is the kick most of the professors teaching you, know the curriculums are outdated and don't apply to most fields in the workforce today.

Today I put together a collection of videos I watch on youtube. I attended college and I can honestly say I learned more on youtube than sitting in the classes. Sitting in school you are forced to learn so must useless information before you learn anything useful.

I run an entertainment company, you want to know how I learn about geography by traveling the world. Why try to get me to learn where is every place in the world when I can focus on only the places I plan to visit? When I was in school I was a decent reader. I became an advanced reader when I learned success is directly correlated with reading and learning. Said by every rich and successful person interviewed on youtube. Learning trigonometry, calculus, and algebra was a waste of my time. Plus I forgot how to do it a few years after I finished school. As long as you know how to add, subtract, multiply, divide, and fractions and you will be fine. Here is the biggest takeaway a person using Youtube gets to pick what they want or feel they need to learn in order to make a living. It not going to take you four-plus years or over $100,000 to learn. Time to Time you will need to invest some money and hours in training classes or seminars to advance your skills. In my opinion, you only need the will to do so, the drive to get it done and the right youtube pages to become a millionaire. Yes, I live by these rules how do I know I'm already on my way to becoming financially free THANK YOU YOUTUBE.

Here are the channels I mainly watch every week:

Financial Education

This channel is about financial institutions, bonds, and stocks which ones to look into. He breakdown the companies finances in his opinion why or why not they might be a good investment.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


Will Roundtree

This Channel can show you how to get a perfect credit score and how to avoid all the common mistakes that are made every day that hurts our credit.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


Nate O'Brien

This Channel will teach people how to cut back and still live happily. Nate, in my opinion, one of the top minimalist. If you needed to know yes he is very wealthy. His lifestyle is a choice.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


The Motley Fool

This company has been Picking the best stocks for over twenty years. These guys told their investors to invest in companies like Apple, Amazon before they were under $20.00 a share. They still picking out winners.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


Bright Side

The best way to describe this channel it's a great survival blueprint from dangerous animal attacks to home remedies against being sick.

Click On Link Below For Full Page



This is definitely one of my favorite channels. This teaches people step by step what is needed to become rich, more important how to avoid being poor. I think the main purpose of this channel is to teach people self-improvement and class.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


Minority Mindset

This channel is a straight forward, with no sugar coating about a bunch of problems we face in The United States. He exposes a lot of nonsense that the government and other powerful institutions try to get over on the everyday people.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


Meet Kevin

This is the first channel I listen to when I wake up. Kevin Is a Beast this guy watches every news report and reads every bill that is going to the presented to get passed as a law. After he spends all these hours of his own time for free he then gives up a great summary of the major points. He breaks down all the pros and cons of each one. Plus he explains in a language even a child would understand. He also owns a bunch of real estates and he has videos on how to deal with anything in that field. If you like him he has a training class that will help you become a real estate investor.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


Andrei Jikh

This is the most informative humorous channel he will teach you everything you need to know about investing the dos and don'ts. he will break down all the fancy investment jogging and if that won't get your attention his magic tricks will.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


Graham Stephan

This channel is great Graham exposes a bunch of people that are living way outside their means. His favorite site to go on and dissect is millennium money. This is where Millennium talks about how they make, live, save, or spend their money. Most of these people drive him crazy. He is also a real estate investor worth millions and under 30 years old. He is very intelligent and could teach you how to cut your expense budget by at least 20% or more.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


The Better Men Project

This channel is similar to Alux. this basically focuses on self-improvement and disciple. It will help you become a millionaire if that what you are looking for in a blog. You have to follow all the steps without skipping any.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


Motivational Videos

These channels are for the motivation of all types from money, to health and even dealing with loss. When you feel like giving up just click on one of these videos and you will remember why you started in the first place.

Click On Link Below For Full Page


Bonus Video

I'm not the only one that feels the school is overrated when it comes to becoming a millionaire.

Today's Call Of Action Let Me Know If You Ever Seen Any Of These Channels Or If Any Of Them Interest You. If You Join Let Them Know WhatToDoEnt sent You To Them. , , ,

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