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If Your Words Don't Mean Anything, Why Are You Using Them on Me!!!

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In today’s blog, we will focus on not letting people waste your time, stop depending on unreliable people. In other words, stop letting yourself get let down, taken advantage of by a certain person or group of people.

Not Keeping Your Word

I am a person that feels all you have in this world is your word. Some people refer to it as a promise. I simply say just do what you say. There is nothing worst than being let down. It could be something as small as not returning a call. Or something as big as not picking up someone’s child from school. Keeping your word is just as important when it is to someone else or to yourself. The most promises broke to all Americans every year is on January 1. So many people make New Year resolutions to create a better version of themselves and within two weeks it is already broken. Now think about it; if you cannot keep your word to yourself how will you keep it with others? Keeping your word becomes a matter of respect to whom you give it. If you want people to trust you, you want to be someone they can count on. Always remember, telling a person no, is way better than leaving them hanging.

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The Importance Of Keeping Your Word

The Importance Of Paying People Back

When anyone from a person you know, or a bank lend you some money, they are trusting you. They are believing you when you tell them you will pay them back. It is not just the amount, but the time frame you agree on matters as well. If I lend you $20 and you tell me, you will pay me back on Friday but instead, you pay me back three Fridays from now it is not the same. I might have to pay somebody I owe back like a bill collector. If I do not pay them on time, I must pay a late fee or interest charges. That same twenty dollars I am waiting on from you could cost me paying someone else $25.00 or more. Now if I passed the extra cost to you for being late. The law considers that loan sharking where I can get in trouble or the borrower might think It is wrong and ruin your relationship. You see why it does even make sense to lend people money in the first place, too many headaches to deal with. The issue again the person gets you to trust them before you loan out the money. So, Who Do You Feel Is in The Wrong? The person borrowing the money or you lending the money to a person that does not have any money in the first place?

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9 Reason To Pay Off Your Debt

What Happen When You Break Your Promise.

When you promise to help a person, they are expecting you to be there. If you told someone if they need you to reach out. Like a ride to the airport but when the time comes to leave, you tell them you can no longer take them. That person could end up missing their flight. How would you go about making that up to them? Or would you even care? What if tell someone you will watch their children while they go to work and then again last minute you cancel. What if they must call out maybe even costing them their job? How will they be able to recoup from that? This all could be avoided by not promising to help them or just keeping your word. So many things can alter a person’s life by simply being stood up. Even someone volunteers to help you move and not showing up will cost you extra money and hours for the move. If you do not want to hurt anyone feeling or break your relationship with people, please just keep it real or do not make any promises in the first place if you are not 100% sure you will be able to help.

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4 Reason You Break Your Promises.

Backing Out On A Date

Have you ever been on a date, I know most of us have. Have you ever been the one that planned out the date? You will know all the work and preparations it takes for a simple night out. For a movie or Broadway play, you need to make sure you have the correct showtimes. This means to factor in the travel time, unexpected traffic, and parking if you choose to drive. Reservation for a nice restaurant might have to be booked weeks in advance. Some places and activities you need to pay in advance without a refund for last-minute cancellations. Do not forget about your personal care. You might make an appointment to get your hair done. If you are a woman throw in your eyebrows and nails. Depends how special the night is people will buy new outfits. What about it is a planned vacation you booked a flight, rented a car, and hotel accommodations. One mishap and things could all turn to crap. Now think about how much time, energy, and money goes into a date. Now picture after all this, the person that you felt deserves all this work, at the last-minute change their mind and say I am sorry I do not feel like it today can we go out another time, maybe tomorrow or next week. All this time they did not have any intentions of going in the first place. You should show the person trying to make time for you some sort of respect. If you care about the person just let them down in the beginning. Believe me, they will thank you later.

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4 signs your date is going to cancel on you

Not Answering Your Phone

This one is straightforward, have you ever been around someone that is surgery attach to their phone? They cannot stop looking at it or checking it every minute while they are with you. You even watch them look at their phone when it rings, and they will not answer it. They will not walk to the bathroom without carrying their phone. As soon as you guys are not together you try to call them, they never pick up. A few minutes later you see them post something on social media. Then you see them comment on other people's posts, so you try to call them again and they will not pick up. Next, you hit them up on social media and they always say they are busy or at work and they will call you later. The call never happens. One day in the distant future you might bump into them and they tell you something is wrong with their phone. Or maybe they have been meaning to call you, but they kept getting distracted. As soon as they need a favor or some help, they will call you back-to-back text you, or even pop up at your door. Here is a message to all these losers the cell was invented so people can contact you anywhere you go. So even if you are busy, you will still see that the person called. You never know why they are calling, for the sake of common courtesy just say I do not want to speak right now. Believe me, this is way better than ducking a call. So, for all the so-called busy, phone broken family and friends of mine, I deleted every one of them. So here is the rule if I pick up and say who is this do not be upset at me, just think about what you did to cause it. Of course, you understand if you went this long without speaking, I do not ever need to speak to you again. Trust me life will go on and you will meet plenty of people willing to take your phone calls.

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How To Tell If Someone Is Ignoring Your Calls

Today's Call Of Action. Tell us if you are the person that keeps your word, or the one that lets people down. Share a story of yours. , , ,

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