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IS IT FAIR... (Government and Big Businesses)

In this week's blog we will introduce "IS IT FAIR". This will ask questions and hopefully find answers to whatever topic of that week's discussion is. Today we will address why the government and big businesses are allowed to do things, the average person gets in trouble for. If we are the country that the government works for and is here to protect then what makes us so scared to speak up against them?

Stop giving your money to banks

1. Is it fair for the banking institutions and credit card companies to lend out money with high-interest ratings? If I lend someone money for whatever reason and charge interest it is considered loan sharking.? Especially after the banks turned them down. I can lend my own family money and charge interest and that is legal how crazy is that? ( Payday lenders are often granted exceptions, charging annual interest rates of up to 400%. They can offer such high rates because of the special provisions offered by state governments.)

Legal Drugs are still harmful

2. Is it fair drugs are illegal until the government finds a way to tax it? Plus when they make it legal they make you either go to school or pay a huge amount of fees just so you can sell it as well.

College Students Happy to be in debt

3. Is it fair the government will give an 18-year-old just leaving high school almost unlimited amounts of student loans? These loans the student does not need money or credit history to get approve. If the same child yes child tries to get a loan for a fraction of the school loans to start a business they will get denied even if they have a great business proposal.

4. Is it fair If something is deemed harmful for our health the government still allow companies to manufacture the products? Cigarettes some pharmaceutical drugs the ones with the really bad side effects. etc etc. If you own a small mom and pop business they will find all type of code violations and safety regulations to shut down your business.

They take from us what they need

5. Is it fair people get put in jail for not paying their bills (taxes) but the government can lend money to other nations and owe to other countries and it's ok? U.S. National Debt Hits Record $22 Trillion Federal deficits are now expected to average $1.2 trillion, or 4.4 percent of gross domestic product — far higher than the average over the past 50 years

6. Is it fair when you owe the government money they can freeze your assets and put you in jail. If the government owes you the same amount of money you have to wait until they get around to giving it to you. Or just deduct it from the next time you owe them! When defendants are unable to pay them, it is at the court's discretion to suss out if it's because they can't, or they won't. If the court determines it's the latter, they are often jailed, and not just overnight. Defendants can spend weeks or months in jail for not paying fines

Big Brother is watching everyone

7. Is it fair the government is allowed to listen and record your conversation without your permission. If you find a way to record them or go into a government building with an audio or video device you could get arrested or get a fine.

The different ways they are spying on us this is just a few

8. Is it fair if you beat your child to discipline them to keep them out of trouble you could lose custody and go to jail? If your child gets in trouble and goes to prison they can beat your child up all they want and call it rehabilitating them.

Teach us about debt before you own us

9. Is it fair every important decision you make in life the government makes you take some type of training course. Either college, trade school or safety classes. When it comes to them putting you in debt that's all on you. Why is there no mandatory course before you buy a home or take take out a huge loan? I will answer this one, if they taught people the in's and out's of owning a home most people wouldn't buy one. Or the ones that do purchase the home will be better equipped to deal with and keep this 30-year bill. Plus think twice before taking the loan knowing they will end up with a lose lose situation. The Federal Reserve Bank of New York says that while the rate of delinquencies was steady in the last quarter of 2018 at 4.65%, Moody's predicts looser underwriting standards and rising interest rates will result in higher delinquencies and foreclosures in 2019

Government tearing apart families

10. Is it fair the government is allowed to tell any parent when and how often they could see their child? Who gives them a right to tell anyone how much they have to give the children in child support every one has different views on what their children need. Why can't they let the parents sit down and Negotiate something acceptable? If they can't agree on a number then meet somewhere in the middle.

We the people need to speak out. If we are not happy we need to stand together and let our government know.

This week I need people to tell how they feel about any of these issues and tell a quick story how any of these example may have effected your life. If you feel I left anything out please include at the bottom to inform others things the government does that they don't allow us to do. Please leave a comment

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