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It Is All Your Fault!

1 Being Broke

When you broke it is your fault? I am not saying that everybody wants to be broke but what I am saying is 98% of people can fix being broke. If you sitting home and you are broke, you must ask yourself what am I doing to fix my current situation? What do you think the average person without money is doing? They are home watching TV, playing video games, or on social media. They might be smoking and drinking, which is spending more of the little bit of money they do have. Most commonly they get on the phone and complain about how broke they are to another broke person. Being broke is basically your excuse to be lazy. I remember a few years back when I was broke. I was buried in credit card debt behind in all my bills, I was owing a bunch of people money. I was sitting in my house in front of my TV after work in self-pity saying that things were not fair because I was not making enough money. I was not growing as a person I felt no one supported me and I was just mad. The reality was I had a whole bunch of people supporting me I just took it for granted because it was not what I felt I needed at the time. One day I realized that all I was doing was sitting there complaining, I was not on the computer trying to generate money, I was not taking classes to improve my skill set. Then when I wanted to relax, and I guess call myself relieving stress I would watch TV. You know what is on Tv mainly a bunch of successful rich people. I decided it instead of watching TV my goal is to be on TV. I was broke because I was not working hard enough. I did not have time to watch TV, I did not have time to complain. I had to take the initiative to make my situation better. Instead of watching TV, I started watching YouTube videos on how to make money. I am not talking about how to get rich quick scheme, I am talking about ways of making passive income, and what to do with the income I have as far as investments. In a matter of only months not years, not decades I turn my net worth around. I started working on myself, then my income had increased. As well as generating more, I learned to spend less on unnecessary items. The funny thing about making money is the more money you make the less time you have spent it. Is hard to spend money while you are busy making more. For those who don't realize being broke and being poor are completely two different things I was broke I never let myself get poor.

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2 The Person Who You Have A Child With

Being careful who you choose to have a child with should be self-explanatory. when two people begin a new relationship, everything is perfect. over the next few weeks or months, people witness what is considered the lustful stage, known to the population as the honeymoon stage. This is when everything the person does is acceptable you just want to keep that person in your life no matter what. Which usually results in conceiving a child together. Then reality sets in the other person start showing who they really are. their true character shows its ugly head. you do not want to spend another week with this person let alone the rest of your life. Nine times out of 10 this hits you when a child is already on the way or right after the child or children are born. You should not be mad at the person you had a child with you should be mad at yourself for rushing to make that type of commitment without weighing the pros and cons. Any other time in your life when you make a big decision it takes you weeks if not months or even years in some cases to decide if you want to commit. By getting your own apartment buying a house even getting a car with payments. So why is it when it comes to making a child there is no thought process? Why do you feel that everything is just going to work itself out in time? Just like the car or the house after a few years, it starts to break down and then you want to either move to another place or buy a new car. now you have a child with someone you barely even know. Yeah, plus you guys never discuss the parenting choices you would make if you had a child together what it would look like with the extended family being around. Did you ever ask yourself Could I put the child before everything if we decide to separate? Instead, you guys break up and fight for the next 18 years. You walk around mad thinking I wish I would have made a better choice, and all could have been avoided 19 1/2 years ago just by getting to know the other person a little while longer. So, I do not want to hear I hate my baby Mama she is the worst, I do not want to hear that your baby daddy is a deadbeat. All I want to hear from now on is I made a horrible choice and I am the only one to blame for this.

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3 Where You Work

For me, I think one of the worst things I can hear is someone complaining about their job. You hear it all the time, I hate my job I wish I had another job; I am ready to quit, I hope they fire me so I could collect unemployment. The problem is this you chose the job. You took your time to look through the paper or walk down the street, you researched the places that you were interested in working at. You then filled out the application, picked out a nice suit or outfit for the interview. Got on the interview, this was the perfect place to ask all the right questions that you needed to hear for you to be happy. You agreed on the salary, you agreed on the days and hours, you even agreed on the duties that you would have to do to get the paycheck. So where does; you hate in this place so much comes in if you work so hard to get it. how would that describe you as a person? You would look crazy, and you should sound crazy to anybody telling the complete story let me say it again I hate the job that I went out looking for, tried my best to get now I have it, and I hate it so much. I am not even wasting more time on this paragraph just read this over and over and let us see who is at fault for the job you hate. And if you hate it that much start your own business and work for yourself, I bet you will hate your boss.

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4 Getting Into A Fight

You heard the saying it takes 2 to tangle well that is exactly what it means when you get into a fight. When you get into a fight nine times out of 10 both parties must be ready to go. Yes, one can start it the other one can escalate it but at some point, both get into it. If you want to avoid a fight; you can do just that it is your choice. When someone is trying to provoke you, you do not have to feed into the trap. If you join in then it becomes your issue as well and not just theirs. I speak from experience I have walked away from plenty of altercations, and I never felt like I was less of a man, nor did I feel like a punk for backing down. Getting into a fight is more about egos instead of protecting yourself. So, someone says something harsh to you; So, what. Someone threatens to do something to you, who cares. The only time a fight becomes real is when someone physically puts their hands on you then you have all rights to defend yourself. Just as an argument can escalate but you could neutralize that at any time. By the time, the fight is over, what you will realize, there is clearly no winners no matter who wins you both end up a loser. More than half the people that get into fights regret that it even happened immediately right after. Especially the ones that went to jail behind getting into a fight. do you think those people sitting in a cell right now after a fight is regretting that decision they made? Do you think they said to themselves at least I was the winner? So, a fight physical or verbal is not worth it. The only emotions that cause a fight are anger, sadness, or fear. Those are not good traits for anyone to have, I am not saying that sometimes getting into a fight is not necessarily but avoiding them is a whole lot healthier physically and mentally. The only person I fight is myself and that is when I do not feel like doing work but if you know me you know I always lose that fight and end up doing the work anyway. Just like writing this blog.

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