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It Is Only Hard Until It Gets Easy

You Must Get Started

Starting is by far the hardest thing that most people will ever have to do in life. I do not care if it is riding a bike, learning the computer, taking care of a newborn baby, or even starting a new job. If you think back in life, you can recall that once you got started it did not seem so difficult anymore. When people think about doing anything they always think of the process, and how hard it is going to be to achieve. People will think about how much they will need to sacrifice as well as the long hours then quit right there. Most will play it repeatedly about all the things that can go wrong. Not to mention what people are going to say about them when they first begin. When you are trying to start, you are literally fighting against yourself; you are the only one saying now is not a good time. All the negative thoughts in your head come from you. Take it from somebody that is living this lifestyle of starting new things all the time. It is not as bad as you think. I am not saying at times things will not get hard, yes things will get tough. What I am saying is it will be worth it in the long run. So, take my advice “start now”!

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You, Will, Hear No 100 Times For Every 1 Yes.

Oh, my this is a topic that is all too familiar with me. I heard so many no’s while on the journey of building my business, I started thinking it was my trademark. In the beginning I took the word no in a negative light. Now that I have grown and mature, I understand that all the no’s help me to become the great businessman I am today. At first, I viewed people telling me, no as a sign of they did not want me to win, they were trying to stop my business from growing, or they just did not want to support me. Today I understand all those no’s was teaching me how to grow and to adapt and communicate with people. They were not saying no because they were not interested, they were saying no because I was not giving the people a great pitch. I might have had a great product but the way I described it was not appealing. When I was looking for a team and investors the way I describe my business plan seem like I was not sure of the business myself. With so many businesses out here why, was I thinking that people were just going to give me money or come out to my events. Sound more like I was a privileged spoiled child, and everything was supposed to fall in my lap. So today every time I hear no; I look for a way to connect with the person to turn that into a yes. No, you are not interested well let us find out what you are interested in it is a matter of changing a few words. You do not like comedy, but you do like entertainment so let us not call it a comedy show let us call it a night of entertainment. You do not want to take a trip, but you would like to go away to an all-inclusive vacation yes it does sound a lot better. There is one saying that is so true and I learned it the hard way and it goes like this “it's not what you say, it is how you say it that matters”. So, for years I been saying it all wrong things. well, even today I make mistakes, no one’s perfect. My no’s went down a lot over the past six to seven years. I think I went from 100 nose to maybe 40 or 30 for every 1 yes. A work in progress yes, but do not forget any progress is a great thing.

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When You Feel Like Quitting It Is Time To Work Harder.

When you feel like quitting it is definitely time to work harder this statement is still true to this day. It seems like every other week I want to quit writing this blog. You know what saves me when I walk outside, and I bump into one of my readers and they tell me how the blog is changing their lives. Even though they do not comment on it they still take the time to read it. I did not know the blogs was affecting people in a good way. You only feel like quitting when you yourself do not see the results. That is the crazy part about succeeding you never see it everyone else around you see your progress. When you are doing the work, it feels like nothing is ever getting done it feels like you are stagnating you in the same spot that you started. Then a few years go by, you look back and you are surprised, amazed at what you have accomplished. Just think about all the things you gave up on in life, now look at all the things that you stuck in with good or bad what has that done for you? You wish you would have studied harder in school; you wish you would have stayed playing sports. Even your little businesses or side hustles when you were growing up as a child, imagine if you would have kept at it. When we were younger, we all had hobbies imagine if you would have took one of those hobbies to the next level? Half of these businesses that are successful out here was once a hobby of someone 20 or 30 years ago. How many times you said to yourself I thought about that, I could have did that; that could have been me. I have a blog coming out in a few weeks talking about the difference in quitting and let him go. You do not want to be a quitter, but you need to know when to let go. As I stated before the only person that could make you quit is you. That means the only person that can let you down is you. So, when I feel like quitting, I know that I am close to having a breakthrough. At this point I am almost where I need to be, so it is time to kick into full gear and get this done. If you do not believe me, I wrote over a hundred blogs when I wanted to stop after the second month. You will see when I write my next 100 blogs, I believe in everything I do even when I do not see the reward at the end.

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No One Is Going to Believe It Is Possible, Not Even You.

When you are building something, starting anything, or doing something different no one's will believe in you. What is even worse you might not 100% believe in yourself. Just because anything that has not been done before does not mean you cannot be the first one to do it. One of my favorite rappers Jay-Z has a line that he says in one of his verses difficult takes a day impossible takes a week. For many of us impossible never happens because we never even try. You think Jeff Bezos imagined Amazon was going to be this big, you think Steve Jobs thought that apple was going to take over like it did. These people started with an idea a dream that no one understood, I bet they never knew it would change the world. The things you can accomplish just by getting out of your own way is immeasurable. The limitations are only the ones that you place on yourself. In the beginning you might think half the things you do is not possible, if you do not believe it is possible what do you think the people around you going to think when you try to explain it? There is a big world out here with millions and billions of people in it. There is so much more innovation that needs to be done, there is so many more inventions that need to be made and who is going to do it? Why not you, what makes you different from any other person that changed the world? Just because you do not see the whole thing playing out in your head does not mean that it's not going to happen just because your ideas haven't been fully thought out yet doesn't mean it's not going to come to fruition. So today we not going to think about regular we are going to only focus on impossible tasks to make them possible.

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Today's call of action. What have you been planning to do? What is stopping you from starting? Will you start after reading this blog?

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