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It's In Some People's Nature To Hate.

(Written By Ronald Guest)

When I was younger I wasn't sure what a hater was. Hater in my estimation means; someone is mad when another person has something another person wants or feels that person doesn't deserve what he or she has. I heard the term everywhere I went and used to describe on every tv and radio station I tuned into. I thought it was a word that became popular over time due to its trendiness within the Hip Hop community. (‘cuz he got a P.h.d, playa hatin’ degree) Hearing so many different artists use it frequently; I guess I never looked at the word in-depth. Some times when a word is used to often it can take power from the word; i.e, Nigger, bro, love, etc. However, as I have gotten older and started my family and career I’ve noticed that haters actually exist. I can personally say a few of my close family and friends started hating on me. As much as we want to shine the light on the good that resides inside of every individual, we must also remember that to every “Yin”, there is a “Yang”. The world is based upon balance; so for every positive, there is a negative.

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I happen to be the kind of person who genuinely likes to see other people do good in life. The number one reason for that would be that it inspires me. The second reason for this is that it helps me strive to become a better version of myself. I believe that if one man can do it; then another man/ woman can do it. At times I like to use other people’s successes and accomplishments like a gauge. Rationally thinking; if I feel this way, then there must be people in the world who are the opposite of this? Although I know we are all different, it acts as a level of standard for me in some scenarios. Lastly, it makes me feel good to see people celebrating their success. What's the saying “smiling is contagious”. When everyone is smiling; it’s kind of hard to be upset. I guess some of the reasoning to hating may be due to a person being selfish envious, or just plain lazy. I have to be honest with y’all sometimes the reasons can be none at all. Of course, it can be taught, developed, and reactive. However; I’m almost certain that it can be embedded or hereditary like anything else, it can be naturalized.

The same way I enjoy seeing people do good, there are a group of people who enjoy seeing others do bad. This is pure logic. Understanding this thought pattern, I have developed some ways to deal with people who I feel carry hatred or malice towards me or others.

A sure-fire way to deal with them is to NOT deal with them, Lol. That one works every time. It’s hard to be affected by someone that you don’t deal with or check in on. They may continue to speak about you or try ways to disrupt your lifestyle etc., You’ll never know. So who cares. Another preventative measure I take is to limit their information regarding you. The less they have to work with, the harder their job becomes. Some may say this is “dimming your light” for their sake, but I don’t see it that way.

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We all like to shine or be “flashy” for lack of a better term. However, there is a time and place for everything. Someone who doesn’t like you will not like you no matter how good or bad you're doing. So what is reality and what APPEARS to be reality are extremely different. For you to carry $100 and appear to have $10 doesn’t change the fact that you have $100. To show your hand only invites envy, And that can be a very dangerous emotion. We can touch on that one another time. I hope some of the information I’ve shared can help some of our readers. Until next time, Don’t hate, congratulate and maybe you can participate. Chuuuuch!

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Doc Mar-q Minus
Doc Mar-q Minus
Jul 03, 2020

very true


Alisa Harris
Alisa Harris
Jul 02, 2020

People are going to hate if your doing good and when your doing bad. For instance you know a guy who sells drugs and winds up going to jail and the streets are saying oh he was doing to much. Down the road this guy comes home and those same guys u use to hang with are still out there but you moved on and doing real good. They mad because your doing better. Then there's you.. you dont keep the knowledge you know to yourself. You spread the love, you ask other's to join u and people always have excuses why they cant. But the second they see the benefits oh he think he better than me. Maybe i…

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