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It's ok to make a million mistakes, It's not ok to make the same mistake twice.

Everyone makes mistakes men, women, parents, teachers, doctors, employees, bosses, millionaires, middle class, lower class, homeless, actors, lawyers, athletes, no matter the race or religion everyone makes mistakes. It could be as small as cracking your phone screen to picking the wrong person to marry. This is not about the mistakes we made or will make,this is about moving on after they are made and not repeating them again. More importantly not being scared to take a chance.

I want to address an important issue today, not just dealing with just your business but, with your personal life as well. It is so much pressure on people not to make mistakes or get embarrassed. I'm here to tell you there is nothing wrong with making mistakes. Mistakes are the main lesson for learning in life. Yes, some mistakes can be bad for you. Those usually are the ones that you don't learn from or when you hurt someone you care about. Some people are so frightened to make them they won't even attempt to try in the first place. In my opinion, not trying is the only mistake you can't risk. Let's look at why mistakes are not as bad as they seem.


Every successful you heard of failed numerous times before becoming who they are today. From Steve Jobs to Mother Theresa at one time another, failed and made mistakes. I know you would like to believe Obama never made any mistakes. Every song Micheal Jackson wrote or every beat Dr. Dre produced was not all hits. Reggie Jackson stuck out 2600 times in his career but all you heard about is his home runs. Thomas Edison conducted 1000 failed attempts before the light bulb. You would think I was lying about how many famous people were homeless before they became rich. How many acting jobs passed over Denzel Washington before he got his big break. Denzel's favorite quote is you have to fail forward. He goes on to say "You will fail at something, you will suck at something, you will lose but, you have to keep trying.


Frederick W. Smith owner of FED-EX was down to his last $5000.00 then he when to Vegas and won enough money to get his company up and running. This is his story. Click on the link below.


This next video is about learning from your mistakes from famous people that made a ton of them

Here Is My Story

There was a time not too long ago that I made the mistake of lending friends and family money. Plus on top of that, I made a bunch of bad investments. I was too busy helping everyone else I didn't mind, my own business. I said mistake because I never made sure the loans were sound. Me loaning money out was a huge liability. My asset column used to be less than my monthly obligations. My next mistake was thinking, I knew everything about my business, when in fact I didn't know enough. Last two years, I went for training and seminars. My biggest mistake was I never paid myself first. I always paid for everything before me. My bills, credit cards, loans, and the children all came first. I am happy to say I fixed all of those things in my life. My life has improved by about 60% because of the adjustments. I am still making mistakes, so I'm still learning. Keep in mind they are all new mistakes none of the ones I made yesterday.


Today's call of action I want you to tell me about a mistake you feel you made that was so bad you stop trying to continue something you were once excited about. Or something that you are currently doing and ready to give up because you feel you can't get it the way you need it to be. anything family, friends, job, business a hobby no matter what.

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