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Just Because I'm Smiling Doesn't Mean I'm Happy.

Often when we see the same person smiling, we automatically assume they are happy. This is not always the case, sometimes it is better to ask? How are you doing, or how are you feeling today. With a "You know I'm here if you need an ear." I lost a few friends due to suicide, and to me, they seem to be optimistic, happy, sociable people on the outside. I guess that is what is meant by don't judge a book by its cover. So in today's blog let us reach out and find a way to encourage people to become happy, not just pretending.

This goes back to what I asserted in a previous blog, ask for help! To hold things in is toxic. Everyone is preoccupied with their problems; we don't stop to think concerning others. How many friends you remember that has been in a relationship for years, you guys lose touch for a while when you see them again they are with someone new? The first thing you say is what happened to so and so you guys seemed so happy. Then most of us observe this happen someone claims to love where they live, as soon as they get a chance, they move. Lol if you were happy why move? Another big dilemma is children not comfortable with their schools, or being tormented while they are there. I never understood why teenagers just don't talk with their parents about changing schools. Plus the parents need to pay attention when the children are crying out for help. Parents, please stop telling your children to deal with things or give it time. They are coming to you because they feel they tried. So you wait until the point where they harm themselves or kill someone else and ask what happen? YOU DIDN'T HAPPEN that's what happened!

We have to do better as a society, instead of putting each other down start strengthening each other up. Pick up the phone just to say hi to someone you haven't conversed with in a while. Make a date with the people that you been pushing off because you been busy. You never know what a person is going through until you are looking at them face to face. People hide so many emotions when they are on a phone or behind the computer screen. When was the last time you called your mother, father, grandparents, and cousins just to say hi or even I love you? When was the last time you put everything on hold to spend time with your kids? Can you remember the last time you walked into your house turned your phone off cut the tv off and just talk with your wife or husband? When was the last you and your close friends got together and caught up on what everyone is doing? When was the last time you took a mental break from all the things going on in your life just to recoup? When you are working a whole year 40 plus hours a week for more than 5 years do you really think a 15 meditation break every day will help? Do you feel that a two-week vacation is all you need? Most people are not happy because they feel they are not where they want to be at this point in their lives. Without proper planning, you never will be. The only person that can make you happy is you. Yes, some people will come in your life from time to time and give you joy, but it is nowhere the same as being happy. I was told you can not change others only yourself. If you are in a situation and you are not happy you have the power to change that. It is ok to have bad days, plus there is nothing wrong with telling someone (the right people) how you are really feeling. I always say to myself "My life gets a reset every 24hrs" Yours can too.

Today's Call Of Action. Take an hour or two (make the time) And Write Down Five Things That Will Make You Happy, Then Write Five Things In Your Life Right Now That You Would Like To Change. Then Make List On How You Will Achieve The Five Things. Another List Of How You Will Get Rid Of The Other Five. Please if not for me then for yourself start working on that goal today not tomorrow. Make sure To Call Five people And Tell Them How You Feel About Them. You Might Have To Remove Five People Out Of Your Life And That's Ok It' A Start. Key Word Being Just START.

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