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Learn To Let Go!


Learning to let go is not as easy as people think, nor are people willing too. There is some very important reason we need to apply this in our lives. Although most people won't; do trust when I say this will improve your life tremendously.

1. Some Childhood Friendship

We all love hanging with our childhood friends; it is a bit nostalgic. In many ways, it reminds us of simple times. No responsibilities, just having fun without spending money. Your only mission in life is to make sure you are having the best time possible. Your only job was attending school for eight hours of the day. We use the rest of the time to hang with our friends. Which also happens to be when we the most limitations on things we were able to do. No ID, not older enough to go or do adult activities. So we usually hang on the block seven days a week. Between the ages of eight to fourteen, this is the best we could do unless our parents take us somewhere. Things like getting on a plane, going jet skiing, riding dirt bikes, or going to the best parties. I guess that is why we sat around and said to each "when we get older going to do everything." Fast forward ten plus years. I moved on, got a job, found an apartment brought a car, had some children, and I love to travel. 70% of my childhood friends still live at home. Either looking for work or always broke. They; still get dressed up every day and stand right on the block where we grew up. From time to, time they ask me to come out and hang with them maybe come to the cookout they are having outside. I'm not into doing what I did at 15 I stop that a whole lifetime ago. I will politely say, I will think about or I have something else I need to do. To me, they seem happy when I walk by but it would not keep my interest anymore, so I moved on and found a new group of friends that are into the same things I am into.

2. Children

As a parent, it is our nature to watch over and protect our children at any age. If you take a look at birds, they love their babies as well. By instinct, at a certain age, they will push the babies out of the nest. This a necessary for their survival. If they wait too long, the young bird won't have the skills needed to live on their own. The same will happen to your child if you don't teach them independence. Better yet, let them acquire it at an early age. It starts when they are teenagers, and you won't let them go to sleep away camp. How about when they become a young adult, and you want them to go college close to home? All because you don't want them to move on a dorm. I know some people in their 30s' still asking their parents for financial help. Women with more than one child asking for their mother to help watch or support their children. A few still live in the same house in the same room they grew up in with all their children. Men in their 30' and 40' have all their important documents at their parent's house. (Birth certificate, Social security card, etc). They don't know how to cook, clean, or have life insurance (unless they are still under their parent's policy). The best thing to do is give them space, let them make mistakes. The more mistakes they make when they are young, the least likely they are to make them when they are on their own.

3. Toxic Relationship

The problem with most toxic relationships is by the time you notice you are in one, the damage has already been done. Most of them start with minor incidents. Without addressing the issues they will brew into something irreversible. A toxic relationship is way past disrespectful. It is when one party is very selfish. Their sole purpose is to take and drain all they can from the other person. It usually consists of mental, verbal, and physical abuse. Once this relationship is formed there is little chance of repairing it. Let me say this, fighting to stay in a good relationship is definitely worth it, but you will need to know when TO LET GO.

4. Of Some Dreams And Aspirations

As children, we were told to chase our dreams. Never give up on our dreams and make sure to dream big. This is not always the best advice. At times it will be better to let go of your dreams and start a new one. Maybe not start a new one just some things in your life in order and then take another shot at it later. Trust me; I want everyone to have all their dreams come true. In real life, this is not always the case. The problem lies in when people don't make a plan on how to get their dream. Or not willing to give 100% to bring that dream to life. Yes, it is your dream, but it won't just fall in your lap. Some dreams cause you to miss meals others could make you homeless. Only you know how much you endure. You know if the risk-reward balance is worth it. There is nothing wrong with letting go, it doesn't mean you are a failure or a quitter. Before you quit your dreams make a series of small plans with deadline dates. If you are not hitting your deadline (or even close to them) then that might be the time TO LET GO.

5. Your Pass

Your past is; so five minutes ago. If you are not thinking about what you did last weekend, why would you focus on what happened last year? You can't have a future if you; are stuck in the past. Many people I speak with are always telling me how so one wronged them years ago. The person might owe them money, said something about them, or even got into a physical altercation with them. What most people fail to do in life is to take accountability for their role in this. You are never supposed to loan money need. The reason they are borrowing is that they are not good with money in the first place. Plus, they didn't rob or steal it from you; you gave it to them. How many times did you sit down and might have spoken about someone you care about? Do you think the other person would appreciate what you have to say behind their back? When you do it you feel it is harmless; when it was, done to you, it was the worst violation ever done to you from someone you trusted. It is the same thing. Last time I checked, it takes two to engage in a fight. Usually; brought on by miscommunication, a misunderstanding, or a brief moment of anger.

People hold on to how their parents raised them, a father not being there. Not; having friends or people bulling them as a child. These are things that can make you feel bad, but is it really something you should be dealing with in your 30's and 40's? Ten or twenty years have gone by you met so many new people by this time. Depending on who you are, you might have had a few mentors in your life. Great teachers maybe a close friend. All of these people could be part of the mending process. I hate to say this but a great mentor could do more for your life than your parents. Again it is all about letting the right people in your life and letting the bad memories go.

About six years ago I had a turning point in my life. I had a book with everyone who owed me money name on it. I threw the book away and said it a brand new start no one owes me anymore. I called most of the people I felt I had fallen out with. No matter who was the blame I did the apologizing. I started greeting more people every day whether I knew them or not. I learn to offer my help without looking for anything in return. In those short years, my life has become more fulfilling. All my relationships are better, my business is better, my outlook on life it 10 times better. I no longer feel like a victim or something in life is holding me back. My life is my life and no one has control over it but me. So when I say to let go that means everything that does not improve your life. Your past is the past, your future is not here yet, and your present is your gift. Make sure to open it and appreciate what it has to offer.

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alisa harris
Sep 05, 2020

I lent out a huge amount of money but life is too short to stress that money anymore. I would probably lend it out again but not such a huge amount. I messed up a friendship over money and thats the price im playing now. Mentors are great because they are on the outside looking in and can get a better picture of the situation. I've had people hold on to how their parents treat them rule their whole adulthood. While u busy throwing away books of people that owe you, you can add me to the list. No? Ok. But our present is definitely a gift.. so im going to open that shit up.


alisa harris
Sep 05, 2020

Its funny because I kind of wish I still had friends from childhood. But im content with the ones I met as I got older. Both my sons can cook. They sure didn't learn that from me. Lol. They are so different its funny. One will buy a new outfit to go to every party but he takes care of his apartment but he does have his birth certificate at my place. But the other just wears what he has. He is a total slob.not my problem anymore. He don't live with me. I actually do live in the same place I grew up in with my mom and my sisters.. later down the line came my sons. Everyone mo…

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