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Losing Is More Important Than Winning

No one enjoys losing. It can be such a deflating feeling to know that a goal hasn’t been reached; or that you were defeated by something or someone. These moments can be pivotal to the development of your character. This may sound crazy but; losing is necessary. It is one of the key components in winning. In this article, I want to express the importance of losing and how it can be used as a tool to navigate into winning.

Winning breeds contentment in most people; a certain level of confidence comes with each victory. The satisfaction and glory associated with prevailing can make one feel so accomplished at times that you lose sight of your normality. If not perceived correctly this can be harmful. It is possible to lose your drive or sight of your purpose when you are never faced with adversity.

Losing is a discouraging feeling. However, there is more to gain in defeat than there will ever be in winning. In these humbling experiences, the first and most important thing to do is learn. Learning from a mistake or finding out where you went wrong is a lesson that can last a lifetime. It can be passed along for centuries ensuring that others you’ve shared this information with don’t fall short on an error that you made. Being a sore loser is one of the ugliest things a person can be. So high on the list of losing should be accepted. You will not win or be successful at everything you set your sights on. When you can accept this; you will gain audacity. Employing the first two rules of; Learning and accepting brings me to the third rule; which is understanding. To understand why you failed or lost something, someone etc. is probably the sure shot way to never do it again.

Enough failure grants you “tough skin”. It is also known to induce creativity, Finding alternate routes to victory or your goals forces you to expose new capabilities or seek new resources for a solution. This itself is powerful. You now have to step outside of your comfort zone to obtain what is required for you to be successful. With this mindset and approach to losing, failing, or falling short; I can assure you that you will be successful more times than not. And, the times you aren’t on the winning end of a situation, you will still gain and be gracious in defeat.

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Putt Toxey
Putt Toxey
Jun 22, 2020

@Zakia Chapman rocks


Jun 21, 2020

Thank you so much. I am glad you could take something from it @Zakia


Zakia Chapman
Jun 17, 2020

I swear this blog is ALWAYS on the same wavelength as me. I Definitely needed this word today. I have a habit of getting discouraged and running when something doesn’t go the way I planned for it to be. Not anymore, going to use my L’s as lessons.

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