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I Can't Make This Sh*t up (blog)

Updated: Jun 4, 2019

The talk you don't want to hear about but must know We touch on all subject matters from winning and losing, corporate office and the street, the wealthy and the poverty-stricken, successful people and falls plus failure, race discrimination to sexual discrimination. Our Blog is about the past, present, and future

We are going to address many topics

Our three biggest problems is absence just because you are not there does not mean you can't help fix the problem, ignorance just because you don't know all the facts about an issue you can always research to find the facts and accountability, yes you are part of the problem even though you are on the other side of the world to help even a post or blog like this can start the change needed. People just assume people will learn in time this is further from the truth. In order to do better, we must be shown, taught or want to do better. Change is never easy and most of the time it comes to a fight with growth you will outgrow who you are and who you choose to be around...

Truly Unbelievable Stories

Stay tuned to our weekly stories will inspire others to understand we all have days weeks that feel like we can't win but we find the strength to move on and concur whatever obstacles that would deter most into giving up and walking away. "I Can't Make This Sh*t up" are all true events with real people no matter how crazy they seem.

"Putt Toxey"

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