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Oh, How Quick We Are To Judge!

(Written By Ronald Guest)

With technology growing so strong and the internet seeing the amount of traffic it does daily; each phone having a camera; We live in what I like to refer to as the generation of “backseat drivers”. We all look at our phones from our couches in different situations, ideas, endeavors, etc. And, just; judge, judge, judge. “That’s not going to work”, “He should do it like this”, “I could’ve done that easy”, “All they had to do was.., blah, blah, blah. It’s amazing the number of experts you can find at home doing nothing.

We are so quick to pass judgment on others who are trying things that we have no idea about. Whether it’s starting a business and following a dream, winning on the t.v. show “survivor” or “naked and afraid”; a woman who's in a domestic violence relationship and why she doesn’t just leave, a father who doesn’t see his children as much as WE see fit. Not knowing the dynamics or challenges they are facing first hand. We are all guilty of it one time or another; myself included. Once identified, I have since tried to be mindful of this human characteristic and I urge you all to do the same. In this next paragraph, I’ll give you a description of something we’ve all seen and waved off as boring and simple, then give you a cool activity to try at home with each other and it’ll give you a little insight on how off the mark we are.

Okay, so I am a huge fan of baseball. A lot of people I know find it to be boring, so they wouldn’t watch it. Baseball happens to be the highest-paid sport. When we’re all together and discuss sports; I’ve often heard them say “They get paid too much, Football is harder; they don’t do anything” blah, blah, blah. Now, on the outside looking in; it can seem that way. Until you take the time out to understand what it is that you're looking at. I would like to explain it like this; and some of my sports fans will understand this completely: If you average 3 of 10 shots in the NBA or catch 3 of 10 passes in the NFL; you’re a pathetic player. If you hit 3 of 10 pitchers in MLB you are going to the Hall of Fame. That is because the chances of you hitting one of those pitches are so rare; but from your couch, it looks like nothing. That’s the point I’m trying to make.

Here’s some fun to try: The average fastball is 90mph, the pitcher's mound to home plate is 132 ft. We do a little cross multiplying to see how fast the ball gets to the batter.

90 mph = 132 feet per second

Here we solve:

132 feet 60 feet

-------- = -------

1 second x seconds

x = 60/132 = .4545454545... seconds

Now go to your stopwatch and see how many chances it takes you to stop on .45 seconds and u hit the ball perfectly. Early or late and you miss it. Then imagine the ball a little high or low, left or right, maybe a curve, not to mention the reaction time of swinging a baseball bat. Strike 3! YOU'RE OUT! Lol... Let’s not pass judgment so quickly until we know what we’re dealing with.

Bonus video

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Putt Toxey
Putt Toxey
Jun 25, 2020

@Alisa Harris thank you for sharing your opinion


Alisa Harris
Alisa Harris
Jun 25, 2020

I dont like any sports but to each its own.. maybe because i never took the time to watch. I didn't think i was judgmental but the people i dont trust is because of what ive experienced myself. Im guilty of how i judge fathers not seeing their children but im an equal opportunity judger (is that a word) i judge mother's the worse. But domestic abuse, i know it isn't easy to get out. It is so easy if your not going thru the situation to say why they dont get out. Im a working progress.

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