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Once Again The Winner Is Baby Steps

Losing Weight

Everyone thinks losing weight is some magical thing the happens overnight. You need to realize the weight that you gain took months and even years to accumulate. Just because you hit the gym for a few weeks that will not turn back the hands of time of ten or twenty years. It is so much pressure when someone wants to lose weight. Do not eat this, count the calories on that, drink this, make sure you exercise like that. I am here to tell you, losing weight does not need to be that extreme. The first suggestion you should consider is coming with the desired weight. Second, get you are a decent body scale and record your weight each day. All you must do is make small adjustment every single day, it will not happen in a day or week but in a few months, you will notice the change. Exercise for 5 to 10 minutes in the morning before you start your day. Increase your vegetable intake and decrease your starch. Each day tries to lessen the portion of your meal. Add more fiber to your diet so to keep your hunger at bay for longer periods between meals. There is a group of foods that assist in the burning of your weight during the times you are not mobile (moving around) this will help you reach your goal. In the video above there is some recommended food you eat.

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Building Wealth

For years like many others, I thought to gain either someone had to give it to you, or luck played a big part in it. The same way I thought to invest my money I need a lot of start-up cash. You cannot buy stocks without a minimum of a few thousand and I did not even know how to find a broker that will help me make smart investments. I remember back in late 2018 early 2019 I heard about Vanguard’s S&P 500. This is the top 500 companies in America. When I called Vanguard because I was ready to open the account, I was told the minimum to start was $3000 but after that, I can add on any amount I wanted to each week. After learning this I was a bit discouraged. So, for about a year I was telling everyone that wanted to listen, I found this investment company where I was going to work on building my wealth. The biggest dilemma I faced I was part of the rat race. I had just enough money to cover my bills and not much more. After I get the account open, I would have no problem sending $10, $20, or $50 a week. Since I never had $3000 at one time, I kept putting off opening the investment account. I did not realize I had two options I should try. One; find another way to start investing my money through another brokerage firm. Two; just save the same $10, $20, or $50 until I had enough to open the account. Then 2020 hit and the world turned upside down and completely stopped for about 6 months. I heard about Robinhood an investment firm, but I never took the time to find out what they did. So, I read up on them then watch few videos on their company and people’s reaction to dealing with them. For the most part, it seemed decent enough, so I gave them a shot. It took me 24hr to open the account then I funded my account with only $100. Then I brought my first stock. Who knew how easy it was to buy a stock? To be accurate I purchase 6 stocks ranging from $5 to $20. If you do not know what a stock is, it means you own a piece of that company the more shares you buy the more you own of that company. After I opened the account, I start reading more about investing in companies and how you earn your money. As far as I know, there are three ways to gain wealth from buying stock. One is the interest you get, two is capital gains when the stock price goes up, and three dividends when the company pays you a small amount of the profit for investing with them. I started with that $100 a year ago and now I have a few thousand in my account. All I do is take 10% of all the money I earn from work and invest it in the brokerage account before I pay a bill or spend a dime. Guest what I now have enough saved if I wanted to open that Vanguard S&P account. Even better is Robinhood has the same company now I own it and only needed $300 on Robinhood. The major takeaway is I did not need thousands of dollars to invest. What I needed was the will to do it and someday I invested as low as $2 or $3 dollars. This consistent amounts of these baby steps have me on my way to becoming wealthy.

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Learning A Different Language

Have you ever told yourself you can’t learns another language; it is too difficult? Why do you feel that way? You only cannot do something that you never really want to do. Let me tell you how easy it is to learn a second language. It is simple it is something most people do every day. What do you do on your way to work? What about when you are chilling at home, sometimes while cleaning? Some people do this while they are taking a shower, going to sleep, or even when they are having sex. If you said listening to music you are 100% correct. Let us start with why is it you know every song on the radio? The reason is every new hit song is played over and over on every popular station. You keep hearing the same things played for days, weeks, and months. After a while whether you like the song or not you are singing the hook if it is catchy. If you like the song after a while you will be singing along word for word. Now think back in your lifetime of listening to music did you ever heard a song that used another language? Even though you did not know what it meant you still sang it word for word right? Now tell me what is the difference? Instead of listening to the radio for 6 months put on the new language, you want to learn. If you want to get creative, make a playlist with some of your favorite songs and some language learning lessons. After a while watch how you start to pick up some words and phrases. This will work with any language you choose. Guest what you are the age you are now, and you are still learning new words in the English language did you ever think about that. When most people think about learning a different language for some reason, they feel you must learn it the first time you hear it. This is further from the truth take your time to learn a different word every day in one year you will know 365 words of a new language. That is more words than some Americans are using in the English language today. So, remember to take your time learning it, repeat it, say it out loud, and try to use it to communicate. Follow these simple steps and you will be speaking like you grew up in two or three different places. It all starts with starting and taking baby steps.

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Getting To Know Someone

This is a tricky one people have differences of opinions on how long it takes to get to know someone. You have the I have been with that person for over ten years I thought I knew him or her. Then there is the love, at first sight, it feels like I knew this person my whole life type of person. No matter which category you fall into it is better if you use baby steps when getting to know a person. It could be five years and you could still be learning something new about a person. I spent the day with a person I met over ten years ago. This day all we did was sit down and talked. Shared our views on life talked about how we raised our children. In our conversation, we even dabble about politics. What we both come to realize all that time knew each one another we never even known each other. By the end of our day, it was like we both met two new people. I now understand getting to know someone has to do with time and everything to do with asking questions. Yes, we talked over the years, but it was always mainly small talk. We never discussed our personal life; I doubt we even check how each other felt about something. I found out she loves to work but hates her job. She told me she loves to travel but never been out of the 50 states. She told me she feels her grown kids take advantage of her, but she has a problem telling them no. When I told her, I tell my kids no all the time she felt I was a mean person. She thought that my lifestyle of no longer wasting money on things I could do without was a sign of me being cheap. She also feels that as far as my company and me still taking financial losses I should not invest so much into my company. Maybe take some of that money and treat me to a good time. She feels people are the way they are. I am a strong believer people can change. She told me opposite people make the best in a relationship, I feel that a couple should share common interests and goals. I read and watch videos to learn all day she watches TV for the purpose of entertainment. She loves music and I am a movie head. We even vacation different she goes to party I am on vacation to relax. If her bills are paid, she does not mind being broke. I need to have money after all my bills are paid and more than enough to buy me anything, I feel I want at that moment, even if it a large purchase like a new car. Until that day I thought we were almost alike. We are still cool but as far as hanging together anytime soon maybe not. Just imagine if we would have taken the time to get to know each other back in the beginning when we first met, we probably would have not wasted so much time. So now I am suggesting when you getting to know someone. Slow down ask questions find out what a person’s likes and dislikes are. If you are in a relationship find out if you both want children before having sex unprotected. If you both want to be homeowners before you take out a 30-year mortgage together. Even something small like picking out a movie you guys both will like before going out on date night. Baby steps start with what is your favorite flavor ice cream and take it from there.

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