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People Need To Hold Themselves Accountable And Stop Blaming Others.


  1. the fact or condition of being accountable; responsibility.

When Borrowing Anything From Others

When you borrow something, be grateful. The person put some trust that you will return their property in its original condition. Or be willing to replace it if anything happens to it. As for money, most people, when they lend it out usually, have a day they want or need it returned. Sometimes requesting a little interest ( a fee for borrowing money.) Everything is ok when you lend it out now when it is time to return it that's when the problems begin. 70% of the time people are irresponsible with their own personal effects. What makes you think they will keep your items safe and secured?

Here are a few signs you should avoid lending anything to these people.

1. They are behind on important; bills like rent but get paid a great salary.

2. They are always out shopping or ordering things online and never have any money.

3. If a person has bad credit with all the major credit bureau, what makes you think they will do right by you?

A bonus tip If a person needs a co-signer stay clear of them it is not good. If that person with bad credit is not on the hook if they miss payments. The company will go after the co-signer and leave you to go after your friend or family member. If the person that you co-signed for already have what they wanted and you are stuck with the bill it is a win-win for them.

They Always Getting Into Confrontations

When a person always gets into confrontation and, it is 100% the other person's fault. Maybe this person always ends up getting fired from their jobs. Every time you guys speak, there is drama happening in their lives. Always Something about someone else hating on them and how they did them wrong. It could be as simple as someone telling them no, they can't give or help this person. A sure sign is when every time this person goes out with a group of friends, they end up getting into an argument with a friend or stranger. Yep, you guessed it; the other person started it. This person blames everyone, if their child is failing in school it's the teacher's fault. If someone gets a promotion at the job instead of them it because the owner/ manager hates them; not that they weren't qualified for the position. These types of people are perfect and never do anything wrong. I suggest you stay clear of them before you end up on the wrong side of their what you did to me, list.

They Keep Blaming Others For Their Failed Success

When a person starts a business or company and, they feel no one is showing them support. They are mad when their friends and family don't buy their merchandise. They want them to show up to all their play, shows, and games. To this group of individuals, They expect as soon as the grand open happens, everyone should be there and every day. If they own a restaurant, the people they know should eat all their meals there no matter what type of food they cook. When even the owners step out and eat other places from time to time. These owners think that they are doing every right. So if why is their business declining? Maybe it's the products; it could be horrible customer service. Sometimes the service is overpriced or too slow. The person that won't take any accountability will think the business is perfect. If people won't come into the shop, it has to be something or someone blocking the business. Maybe the government wants them to fail. The bad elements in the neighborhood are driving people away. If the business is having issues they feel the customers should overlook it because it is a new company. All new businesses make mistakes right? YES, mistakes happen but they should never be repeated. The worst part is if you bring these issues to the owner they will think you are jealous. Not one time looking into how to expand the business. Instead how to guilt people into supporting the business. Then when you think about it how many people do you think these types of people go out of their way to support others? Probably not too many. Hopefully, some of these owners will read this blog and change the way they conduct their business. Then I will go in and support them, from one business owner to another

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