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Signs You Need More.

In today’s blog, we will discuss things we take for granted or better yet, things we wait until we need them before we act on it. For example, around the holiday time, everyone is putting in overtime at their job to make more money. Which is very counterproductive if you think about it? The holidays are when you are supposed to spend more time with your family. I am not going to talk about how long I can go on about getting more knowledge that may cost a lot of time and money if are not prepared. Most people think they are fine until that day comes and it will. I hope this will help you become aware of "signs you need more".


People have a difference of opinion about money if you ask a broke person money is not that important to them; so why are they working so hard for it? If you ask a wealthy person, they want so much of it they cannot spend it in three lifetimes it is never enough. The problem is most people will not actually sit down and figure out how much they really need. You tend to notice when you are standing in the store and realize you want more stuff and running low on cash. This is when the average person pulls out a credit card. A credit card for those that do not know is a loan from a bank instantly. You will have whatever you want, but now you owe some company the amount you spend sometimes plus interest. This also points out the fact that you do not have enough money in the first place. Yes, you might have a high-paying job and when you get paid you can pay the bill in full, so why didn’t you just wait a week? Especially if this happens more than often. If you are using credit or borrowing a few dollars just into payday, again a sign you do not have enough money. If an unexpected bill comes up and you need to take out a loan, yep you do not have enough money. Most people I know are living paycheck to paycheck if they have a lot of money in their retirement fund. Being able to see a good amount that they can't touch seems to make people feeling secure. What good is it to struggle for 30 to 40 years saving up all that money you cannot touch until you are 65 to only die a few years after you retire? You should find a balance save for your future and increase your income. Live for today and tomorrow so to speak. If you are in your late 30’ or 40’s and you want anything even a car you should be able to pay for it in full. If you don't have that much to the side in your checking or saving or at least a year of your bills time to fix that. Please work on yourself before you are standing in front of a store counter saying I thought I had enough.


Time is easy to tell if you do not have enough. If every time you go to sleep on your days off by the time you wake up, you feel like you are heading back to work. When you walk into your house and your newborn baby is now a teenager. When you start dreaming about all the things you wanted to do in life when you were younger and still did not get around to it yet. It is said time is your most valuable asset. That is the only thing you cannot replace. Do you remember saying “I’m going to start this project” then you look up and another year has gone by then you will say “This is the year I will do it”. That is a sure sign of you not having enough time. For every holiday you cannot be home for every milestone in your children’s lives that you missed out on, this means you do not have enough time. Time is the thing most humans take for granted. Everything is not a race your to-do basket will never be empty. So, the next time you put your family or your passion on hold for making some more money, remember money will always be there to be made when you need it. Be careful about everything you will miss out on; it might not ever happen again in your lifetime.


There are 7.8 billion people on our planet today. So, when a person tells me they do not have any friends or when they are in trouble and did not have anyone to call, what does that say about them? There is nothing wrong with having a small circle of friends. The problem is when you have this small group, and you can never reach them, or they are too busy when you need them it may be time to add more in. With all the people in the world today no one should ever feel lonely especially today. They have a group for everyone. For drug-addicted people, people that gamble too much, even people with out-of-control sexual habits. Social media was formed so people can reconnect with their past friends or make new friends across the globe without ever having to meet them in person. The online gamer has a bond that the average parent cannot understand. There is no shortage of friends. You can have a friend to laugh with one to cry with. One that you call when you going to need back up for a fight. You can call a friend to travel with you, a friend to come over and watch Netflix and chill. You have a friend you can call just for sex. The most common one is a friend for gossip and trash-talking. There are friends to help you shop friends to help you improve your life. There is a friend for just about anything you will ever need in your life. The best part is there is no limit to how many you can have. You can make a new friend every day of your life and never run out of people. So, the next time you find yourself going out alone or being by yourself for the holidays say to yourself I need to make some new friends.


I do not know when it happened or what happened. When I was growing up the adults was the ones teaching the youth. Today I am seeing more and more children assisting adults with everyday tasks. At first, it started with tech but now it seems like adults are more dependent on the children. The children are helping them with cooking, showing them how to assemble deliveries like a computer desk or mounting TVs on walls. I am showing people older than me how to invest in stocks and bonds. This been around before I was born so there is no reason, they do not know how to do it. It is not with just the elderly I see kids in their 20’s asking for people to help them fill out a job application. When you ask the people today what was the last good book they read or who is their favorite author they might reply I do not read much. Meaning not at all. That same person might tell you all the sports stats or the new cast members of this season love and hip hop. Well, today that equal to whoever is trending on Instagram. People are going to school only because they are being forced, and not to learn. If you are in grades k-12 and miss school too many times they will remove you from your parent’s custody. If you do not attend a trade school or finish college, you will not qualify for any of the high wage’s positions. It does not even matter what type of degree you have in some cases as long as you have a degree. The sign when you really should seek knowledge is everyone is discussing topics you have no clue about. If you ever traveled on a cruise you can meet people from all over the world. To have a conversation you will have to know more than what is going on in your neighborhood. You might want to learn a few things about the places you are going to visit. Some fun facts about ships in general. Be able to discuss current worldly events. Maybe even pick up a few greetings in different languages. The best part about gaining knowledge is that it comes from many sources, not just one place. Teachers, family, strangers, Television, newspaper, internet, books, and my favorite experiences just trying new things. The next time you hear something that catches your interest, or someone asks you about something you are not familiar with do not brush it off research it. The best part is you are never too old to learn.

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