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The New Beginning

In the journey to be great, you must make some sacrifices. Depending on where you trying to go or what thing you want to accomplish it may vary. I have been writing this blog for the last two years it has been great. Now I felt it was time to explore another venture hoping it will get me to the next level of my dream. My dream if you did not know is to entertain as well as teach people. I want people to know where I started and show my struggles to becoming extraordinarily successful. Never leave out the pitstop and setbacks along the way. The plan is to lay out a blueprint for all the people that feel like quitting at anything they want; I am here to say things will get better. I will continue to blog but today I started the podcast so we will be taken off a week or two. The show we are working on today will be like the blog but now we will provide a visual. When we come back rest assure, we going to touch on a whole bunch of new topics that everybody been enjoying over the last two years. I want to thank everybody again for their support. With that being said be on the lookout for the podcast's first episode being released on June 1st name “Only time Ken Tale” hosted by Kenny. The show will be posted on our YouTube channel @ whattodoent. We have some great guests that will make you laugh, cry, angry and happy but keep in mind they will always be interesting to watch. Make sure to subscribe so you will know when the weekly show is posted.

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