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The Snakes Left The Grass Now They Are on Your Couch

When I was growing up, the people that didn't like you or wanted you to fail were the ones that didn't hang with you. Somehow, Somewhere that has changed. You need to watch the ones in your circle. The closest ones to you will hurt you the most. The crazy thing is you see the signs and not protect yourself. Today's blog, we will learn how to spot a hater in your mist.


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Here are a few hints

Many people that hang around you can help you. Only a few will strive to do so. No one is exempt family, friends, even your spouse. We want to believe we are in a room for love and support. These people don't despise you. They just don't want anyone doing better than them in life not just you. You should never take it personally if they were around someone other people besides you they might be doing the same thing to them. The way to fix this learn body language and listen more carefully they will show their true self. This goes back to the crab in the barrel saying, they want you to come down instead of assisting you to get out. Next, surround yourself with people seeking to get out of the barrel. Meaning put yourself in a society where most of the people are doing more immeasurable things than you so that they can teach you how to improve yourself.


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Stay Clear Of People That Are Jealous Of You

Jealous people are the most poisonous type of people to have around. Their rage is so bad that they can't even hide the feeling they have towards you. The dilemma is when you are a kind-hearted person and only want to see the good in people, it will cloud your perception. They will break you down with their words. Try to get others to turn against you. Some will go as far to start rumors about you. Their whole intention is to stand in the way of your progression. The most damaging part is they will be around you all the time getting into your business to destroy you. Most of the time this doesn't make them elevate. it's just a form of hatred to keep you from progressing.

Be careful

Whenever you are building or trying to grow, be very attentive who you have around you. Everyone comprehends that the beginning of any project is the most delicate time. That goes for those who you allow around your family as well. If someone secretly wants to harm you, they will try to ruin the family unit too not just you. A chaotic family is the simplest way to get a person off their game. The person will infiltrate and turns your closest supporters against you. Divide and conquer is the mission for your haters. Your first line of defense is your ability to pick the right people to be around. Your second line of defense is the ability not to let distraction get in your way. Your third and most important line of defense is when you identify that someone hanging around you no longer has your best interest in hand-cut them loose fast.

For today's blog tell us if you ever realize someone close was secretly jealous of you. How did you handle it (if you did) what lesson did you learn from it? Do you have and steps in place to prevent others from doing the same to you? We would like to hear from you please leave a comment.

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Sep 26, 2019

Jealous people are everywhere, always lurking around the corner trying to get ya - just like a snake! And you are right - that's exactly what they are. Jealousy will creep into places you would never expect! When you are a girl in middle school you learn FAST about jealousy. Mostly anytime anyone does something mean towards someone else it's because they are insecure about something inside of them - and jealousy is just a natural byproduct of insecurity! It is very sad that people feel jealous when they could just realize all of the good things they have to offer. Tearing someone down is never the way to build yourself up, if you tear people down to try and…


Sep 25, 2019

sounds like it's time to get a new couch and move outtimtomove uot


Yosheka Bryant
Sep 23, 2019

Well said!


Sep 23, 2019

I need to pay attention to this issue


Sep 23, 2019

I have unfortunately realized some of those characteristics in my mom!

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