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Time For Change

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Change The Way You Make Money.

For most people, giving up more of their time is them making more money. Have you ever been around a person with two or three jobs that were a millionaire? Keep in mind I did not say two or three side hustles or two or three companies. People working longer hours is usually a sign of a person digging themselves out of a hole, or they are trying to make a large purchase that they cannot afford. The problem with this is as soon as they catch up on the bills or buy what they want they cut back on the hours until they end up falling right back in the hole. Here is a quick remedy, start to live below your means. Learn to budget the money you make, and get rid of unnecessary expenses. No one needs all the streaming platforms Hulu Amazon Netflix. Nor do not need that fastest most expensive phone plan. Plus, the biggest no, no is living in a house with a bunch of rooms and a few bathrooms when you live by yourself or just one other person. Bottom line the money you do have now make it work for you instead of you generating more just to waste. Investing is the greatest invention ever made too bad so many people never even test the waters to see how well it can make their lives. learn then earn and invest is the three keys to becoming better with your money.

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Make Your Money Work For You

Change How You Communicate.

We often have long drawn-out conversations and at the end of it all not one side understood the point other was trying to make. Most people have a rebuttal ready before the other person can finish their sentence. To communicate is to share information news or ideas if the other person is not willing to learn anything new, then they are just hearing and certainly not listening to you. Try this experiment the next time someone tries to communicate with you clear your mind focus on what the person is saying taking all the information before you even begin to speak. It is said a good listener wait a few seconds after the other person finished talking, this way you will not pressure the other person into speaking faster and or interrupting them. When this takes place, it became more like a game show of who can answer the questions fastest. Certainly, this way no one would end up understanding what is being said. You ever saw the game show which the first person who hits the buzzer can answer the question? One contested always hits the buzzer before the question is fully being asked so they get the answers wrong. That is the same as having a conversation with most people today. If you do not want to come off rude or insensitive just slow it down and pay attention to what the person who is trying to say to you. Make sure you ask for the same respect. Many people do not recognize they are even doing it. Something I have learned to use at the end of my conversation; I asked the person “So what did you hear”. Nine times out of ten it is never what I was saying to them. Food for thought the next time you speak with anyone make sure you are communicating and not just talking.

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How To Communicate Effectively

Change The Way People Treat You.

People only treat you the way you allow them to. When you first meet someone, they usually give you the utmost respect as time goes on people tend to get comfortable, slowly testing you, then show you less and less respect unless you address it early. The way I set my bar on how I want people to treat me is simple. I treat everyone the way I would want to be treated and I always give people the same respect they show me. I demand respect, if you cannot abide on how, I feel you should treat me, there is no reason, we should be dealing with each other or communicating. Keep in mind if someone feels it is ok to disrespect you, take a step back and look for the point when things could have gone wrong and address it, instead of hoping it will correct itself down the road. Remember a closed mouth never get fed so if it is something they do that you do not like, mention it, not out of anger but out of just a sign of respect. If it continues to happen and you allow it then they are no longer the blame you are.

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Train Other People To Respect You

Change The Way You Live.

If you are extremely happy with your life, your friends, your job, your family, and your looks, then you need to stay the course. If you want to improve on any aspect of your life, get to it. Changing the way, you live could mean stop living check to check, not being scared to go to the doctor because something might be wrong (not eating healthy or lack of exercise). It could even mean you have a high income but are no longer happy with the work you do, then it is time to change. It could mean no longer talking about people behind their backs, or jealous of others who have more than you. I said improve because most people that want change is looking to better their situation. The best thing about changing the way you live; is you decide how much change you want to do. You have the power to control everything you choose to do in life. People spent years in jail and still came home to do great things like Nelson Mandela. If you been shy all your life you can decide to come out of your shell. If you used to come home watching tv, you can decide to come and read more. You might be eating the same ten dishes all your life now it might be time to cook or go out to eat different kinds of meals. You been listening to rap/ rock your whole life; try listening to classical / jazz music it might have a big effect on you. Here is the big take away about change you can try new things if you are not happy you can always go back to doing what you are used too.

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Change The Way You Live

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