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Time Vs. Money

(Written by Ronald Guest)

There is an age-old phrase made famous by one of America’s founding fathers; Benjamin Franklin. I’m sure we are all familiar with it. The saying goes like this "remember that time is money". I’m sure we all understand the words; but, do we really understand the meaning and concept of this quote. Personally, I feel this phrase is accurate (to an extent, I will elaborate later in the passage) and speaks to the genius that Franklin was. It can be perceived many ways; so I thought I’d spend a little time in this article on a few of the different ways this can be viewed.

When speaking of money, we are talking about a commodity that is necessary in order to sustain a certain level of comfort in our existence in the world today. Now when speaking of time, this is an irredeemable resource. Time is permanent. Whenever you are reading this article; it will never be last Wednesday ever again. So to touch on my elaboration from paragraph one, I’d like to argue that time, in fact, is more important than money due to the fact that it can never be recovered.

A dear friend of mine named “Muff” taught me something years ago in a conversation and it Is still some of the best information I’ve ever received. He said, “Ronald, money is only important when you need it”. That was brilliant to me. Honestly, Do you really pay attention to the cents when a paycheck says $2,634.31? Now, have you ever been at the register; your item cost $3.18 but you only have $3.10 in cash and the minimum on card purchases is $10? And the clerk is being a jerk. Lol.. Or better yet, dealing with a vending machine. Nothing matters but the asking price. Is a million dollars still as important, when you or a dying loved one needs a 3 million dollar life-saving surgery?

A job rents our time in exchange for money. Whatever you feel your time is worth, the job pays, and in turn, you show up and perform the task. You may think the boss means if you waste time, he loses money. That could be true. However, I think it means If I can preserve time, I’ll have more time for other endeavors. If I buy someone else’s time, it leaves me open for more profitable opportunities. Let's think about the combination which I see a lot of my peers take part in. That is wasting both; Time and money frivolously. I see several of my counterparts doing this at an alarming rate.

In the past, I’ve done this as well. Nevertheless, at some point, you have to take accountability in poor decision making. In recent weeks, the creator of this blog, my good friend “Putt” and I were discussing how during a pandemic with extra income from unemployment we witnessed people literally wasting both time and money on unnecessary barbecues, liquor, weed, and fireworks. Literally just burning and blowing their money up as loud sounds and pretty colors in the sky. Unbelievable. Then will argue you down and say “The 4th of July isn’t for us black people, we weren't even free”. Let me be frank when I say this... Well, nigga act like it! Prioritize both your time and money. Be deliberate and calculated with your spending, as well as your time. Misusing one will cost you the other. Misusing both and you are destined for failure

Please leave a comment and tell me if you feel your time or your money is more important.

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1 Comment

Alisa Harris
Alisa Harris
Jul 16, 2020

When i think of time lost, i think when people say they going to catch up on sleep they lost. Its gone, you can not get that time again.I know i definitely dont pay any mind to a check down to the cents. My thinking as to why the cashier dont let people go without paying the few cents is because they will end up paying that at the end of the night when their register is short. If they let everybody do that, what happens then? But I've been i a grocery store and they say its ok. But i totally get what your saying.vending machines are the worse. I had to read the job situation a few …

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