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We Might Look The Same, We Might Sound The Same, But We Don't Speak The Same Langange.


When we talk about money, you tell me much is in your bank account and how much you make at your job. I, on the other hand, will tell you what is in my portfolio and how much I'm worth. The average person focuses on what is in their bank account or how many material things they own. Which is considered the 80%, whereas I fall in the 20% category? We in the 20% worry more about owning assets. We rather buy something that earns us more money; to purchase the things we really want in life. While 80% of the population survives on one stream of income, the 20% assets are multiple streams. Would you rather have a salary of $200,000 a year which breaks down to $3846 a week, or $200,000 in assets paying you $1000.00 a week? Most will say the salary but with the $1000. a week you still make $50,000 a year without going to work. Now which one sounds more delightful?


When you hear the word family, you think about the same bloodline. The people that are related to you, mother, father, brother, sister, cousin, grandparents, aunts, and uncles are your family. My family is the people that I formed a bond with over the years. The people that have shown me they have my best interest at hand. I might have met them at school or work. I would like to include childhood friends but normally you guys grow apart. Back to my point, most people will do anything for their relatives no matter how their relationship is. I will only lay my life on the line for people I consider my family. While we are on this subject I have so many blood relatives I have not seen or spoken with in over ten years. My best friend has a daughter name Thaijae and if anything happens to Tylena I would take her in and raise her as my own. I have over 15 nieces and nephews and if something happens to my brothers I would look in on their children and try to make sure to find a good place to live but I wouldn't take them in. Not because I don't love them, I don't really know them I have not been in their lives. This was my brother's choice not keeping the bond throughout the years. Blood is thicker than water but family is stronger than both.


Asking you a relationship is about looks and sex. Asking me a relationship is about long term commitment and loyalty. To you, a relationship is being a couple. To me, a relationship is similar to a business contract. You both go in with terms you can live with. If over time things change you either sit down and renegotiate or walk away where both parties still come out on top. Whereas you feel let's just have fun until it runs out. No matter if either person gets hurt or disrespected. To me just staying in watching t.v, performing sexual acts, or having a child still don't classify as a relationship. A healthy relationship should consist of spending time together, traveling with one another, sharing some of the same interests, and working as a team to achieve a life long goal. Plus having great sex and fulfilling each other certain fantasy. A relationship takes a lot of work but anything worth having is deserving.


When you say you are going to work, that usually means making money. When I tell people I'm working, that usually means to better myself. For the past 10 years working was never about money. Did I get paid; absolutely but it wasn't my motivation. When you work for a salary or any price that is what you telling the person paying you that is what you are worth. When you are working and people notice how well of a job could do, now you can make your price. When you choose to work on yourself learning, reading developing new skills you will never have an income cap. The sad thing is we are trained in order to make more money you have to go to school and get more degrees. In my opinion, schools won't raise your salary your knowledge will. As you know you can obtain knowledge without going into debt (aka school). Find out what the word work means to you and make it count. Or should I say get to WORK!


There are two kinds of dreams. Daydreams and the most common when you are sleeping. Both deliver you to a place you will rather be or evade at all costs. When you dream, you tell your friends how incredible your life could be. When I dream I start working on a plan of action to make it come true. You wake up and say to yourself that it would have been great to live like that. I'm saying now what will it take to make my life as remarkable as my dream? A dream is nothing more than an extension of the life you wish you have. The only thing missing from your dream state; is the process it would take to make it feasible. There is a saying, " If you can dream it you can achieve it." When you are young, you are told; you can be anything you want to be. At what age do people start telling you to stop being a dreamer? The most regretful part is you listen. The only people that will tell you something like that are those that failed themselves. So to sum it up dreams are a sense of where you see yourself so go for it. Make sure to dream big and dream all the time.

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14 de set. de 2020

Serious article here brother. Very valid points. You can lead to the water but can’t make em’ drink.

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