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What Is Happening To All Our Children?

We all want the best for our children but how many of us are working towards that goal? We need to let children be our children for as long as we can. In today’s blog, I will point out 3 things I have noticed about Gen X, Gen Z, and lower. In a fast pace world, in my opinion, we should slow all the children down a bit. Show them that time is the only thing that is important. After You Read Please Talk To Your Children Even If They Are Adults It Is Never Too Late.

Why Are The children growing up so fast?

Are we giving them responsibility too early? Or is it something in the milk? Why is the parent in such a rush for their children to be independent so soon? The most famous commercial I remember growing up is “I Don’t Want to Grow Up I’m A Toys R Us Kid”. What happens to these children? Is someone at fault? Who is to blame? Parents with more than one child with busy work schedules have the oldest child watch the younger siblings. I now see plenty of small children walking to school alone in the morning. Parents are buying easy to prepare groceries, so they can make their own meals. The programs that the children are watching are no longer just cartoons. If they are, they are far advanced from the ones I grew up on. The ones I watched all had learning lessons in them. Example Fat Abert/ Captain Planet and a few shows like the Muppets and Sesame Street. Have you spoken to a toddler lately? They are not speaking rubbish cute baby jargon anymore. Now they can hold a regular adult conversation and understand you. The children today are using computers, teaching themselves how to navigate on the internet. They are more into fashion than playing outside. There are more children and young adults financially literate and stable than their own parents. So many teenagers own and operate legitimate and thriving self made businesses. Kids today are buying homes for their parents it used to be the other way around. I have witness children treat their parents like they are the kids. Giving them an allowance, the parents coming to them to ask how to do work on a computer like how to send an email. The parents are the ones checking in when they get home at night. We need to find a way to slow this down. Children should enjoy as much of their childhood as possible if not they will have plenty of regrets when they are older.

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Do Kids Play With Each Other Anymore?

When I was growing up children hung in groups of no less than ten five no more than 10. These kids would be together right after school and on the weekends. Now that I think about it, we usually were all broke. Today a child or parent would think that was a bad thing. If you look at it, it was the best benefit to being a child. The fact we did not have money we became very imaginative. We made up games and found a way to play for hours. If one child was lucky enough to have a game system, all the other children had to pile in his or her house to play it which meant playing together instead of online by themselves. In the wintertime when it got dark early, we all played games in the building we lived at. (Thanks for the projects ha-ha). Then became the teen years the groups divided into categories. The kids that played sports hung together, the ones that love music and art hung together. Then you had the ones that just like to stay in the house play games and watch movies all day. It did not matter which group you were in, when it snowed all the children ran outside to play in it. Today’s kids act like they are afraid of the snow. What happens to the snowball fights, making a snowman, snow angels, and tackle football? Man when I was growing up a pencil and paper provided hours of fun for a group of kids. I remember playing tic tac toe, hangman, fake battleship to name a few. Parents, please send your children out of the house today and tell them; do not come home without some friends.

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Do Kids Make Friend Or Are They Forced To Have Them?

I think in today's world children are pressured into choosing certain friends. Before your friendship was formed with anyone who lived close. You did not have anything in common besides, you guys or gals could come outside every day. In every group of boys, there was at least one tomboy hanging with them. One fat kid, one dirty (or stink) kid, one spoiled kid, and one kid that stayed getting in trouble. I remember my mother letting my brothers and I hang with anyone, but she did tell us to watch out some of them are just here to use us. I love that she let us learn the hard lessons on our own. Most of the ones she warned us about turned out to be just what she said. I do tell you this for a fact the bond we got with our friends cannot be broken until this day. I had friends that went to jail for over twenty years and came home and we still are close. We do not hang out anymore, but we keep in contact. I have friends that got hooked on drugs and basically homeless. When I see them, I still embrace them like when we were children. I even go as far as to make sure they are not hungry and give them some clothes. There was a time before we all grew up and had children ourselves, we were willing to take a bullet for one another. Today people judge the company you keep. If you live in a good area everyone expects you to hang with the people from there. You are looked down on for hanging with people from the hood, Maybe a place you grew up at and moved away from. If you come from a family with money you are not supposed to date anyone broke. We must be careful while rising these impressionable children. Today’s children are only making friends with anyone their guardians and role models are approved of. Not because these children vibe with your kids, only because you think your children are going to benefit from that friendship. The problem is these people do not know who your children's true friends are. Your children have to connect and make genuine friendships. If not, they will grow up in a world where they never feel like they fit in. Remember it is their friends not yours, so you do not have to like them for your children. Plus it never stops, If you live in an area that is mainly democratic and you happen to be a republican your neighbors will ostracize you. So let your children pick a friend without judgment. Meaning let them have free will to become who they were meant to be and be very supportive of their choices.

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